March 20, 2011

Walk Through New York: The Bride

From Julia

She is a gorgeous society girl of the 1930s- dripping with elegance and class. There are strands of pearls draped around her neck, a diamond encrusted brooch glittering on her hip, and her pin tuck curls are shyly tucked behind one ear. She has everything a girl could want. Including the man she is hopelessly in love with, the man she was never supposed to love. Yes, just like Kate and Leo in Titanic :), this match is not exactly conventional- but it works. They work. And together, they are going to take New York by storm!

Meet our New York Bride:

  1. Kristyn Kimball

    I’m literally just sitting here grinning like an idiot! I can not even begin to explain how much I am looking forward to this. Julia’s description makes it over the top fantastic! :) Thanks for all of the hard work y’all are putting in to bring this whole thing together. I am SO SO SO looking forward to everything!

  2. Katie Jane

    I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  3. lissa

    gorgeous. you make me want to get married again. ;)

  4. Kristin Nicole

    I am such a sucker for pearls! Love it

  5. maggieb


  6. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    julia, check out or to find something that’s way cooler (and less overused) than Zapfino as a font!!!!!!!

  7. MM

    @Karen: Yea, because I can’t IMAGINE what Julia has been doing that she’s been too busy to download random fonts from!! :)

  8. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    MM, this will bring it to the next level, it takes 2 seconds.

  9. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Ok M, I sifted through and messaged &J2 some so she won’t have to expend time on it. :)

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