March 29, 2011

Walk Through NYC: The Paper

Ok, so maybe it’s all those Law & Order episodes I’ve watched throughout the years with Brisco & Green. Maybe it’s listening to way too much Jay-Z. Maybe it’s just the fact that we’re about to hop in the car and make our way 95 South for the next stop for Spread the Love 2011 (aka The Just Getting Started Tour!!).

But whatever it is, I am in a Neeeeew York state of mind.

And I just couldn’t resist sharing one more sneak peek into Thursday’s Walk Through with you guys. Mostly because Jim & Ravyn Stadick, who helped out with the paper in both Charlotte & NYC, are totally rockin our world with this one! i can’t wait to show you the entire paper suite they’ve created for our Newsies & Knickerbockers!

But until then we’re off to New York. Because y’know, if we can make it there… we can make it anywhere.
Dun Duhn

  1. Julia

    Jim + Ravyn are THE BEST!!! :) Love, love, love the paper suite for New York!!

  2. Jim & Ravyn

    We have had so much fun so far!! Thanks for the kind words. We can’t wait to see it all come together.

  3. jackie g. photog

    love the "Sway" lyrics in the fine print! :)

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