April 5, 2011

Walk Through Orange County: Introducing “Stars Go Blue”

We’ve been getting the question a lot lately, how do you guys come up with these themes? what’s that process look like?

And well….it goes a little something like this.

First, I imagine the city that we’re going to be in and somehow I just get this vibe that hits me. This little dose of inspiration takes form in the back corners of my brain and although I may not be able to pinpoint it exactly yet, I at least know what it should feel like. And then I take it to Julia.

I say to her super helpful things :) like colors, song lyrics, scenes from movies, descriptive words, general vibes, specific details. And I kind of do all of this while channeling my inner Miss Cleo.

I see……yellow. Fields of yellow. And ribbons blowing in the breeze. She grew up wild, she grew up free. Straw hats and suspenders and slow gin fizz champagne. And there will be jars of honey and real stirrers as the place cards. And life…life will be good

And somehow Julia takes all of that incoherent rambling and turns it into something workable. Something that pulls together everything I was feeling and more. So much more. Because she gets me. She really, really gets me. And then she goes beyond me, and takes it to the next level. Because that’s what Julia does.

Orange County was no exception.

I went to Julia with talk of blue doors and olive bars and roof tops and martinis. And she came back to me with a design board that summed up everything I was envisioning without even knowing it, and so much more. And when I asked her to give me a name that would bring it all together, she did it again.

Because that’s what Julia does.

So without further ado, I proudly introduce to you our latest Walk Through a Wedding theme….”Stars Go Blue.”

  1. Nicole B

    Omgoshh!!! I love it!

  2. katie yuen

    better keep all those vases from newsies and knickerbockers! it looks soooo great. i love all the frames!

  3. Katie Jane

    Is Julia perhaps a Ryan Adams fan? Love the name. :-)

  4. Julia

    @Katie Jane LOVE him! :)

  5. Lydia

    Another amazing theme!

  6. kat


  7. imthiaz houseman

    Oh… its going to look AMAZING! Can’t wait to see it all come together. :)

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