June 25, 2013

Walk Through “To Have & To BHLDN”

Good morning & Happy Wednesday!

Today we are so excited to get to share some images from our “To Have & To BHLDN” Anthropologie-inspired, Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop that we put on earlier this month at our home in CT. Of all the things we get to do with our business, I feel like the chance to get to be a teacher and help lift up the next generation of photographers is one of the most humbling. And… one of the greatest honors.

For me, it is right up there with documenting someone on their wedding day and the start of a new life together. Because if we can help someone at the start of their business, if we can make that path just a little easier, then we can help them build that life as well. To make not just a living but a LIFE doing this thing that they love. And we can help make sure that all the couples they photograph have someone great to tell their story too. And that they might be able to help out another up and coming photographer when the time comes. And the ripple effects just go on.

We’ve taken a lot of heat over the past couple of years for helping out new photographers with things like the Pancake Sessions & workshops like Walk Through and What’s Next. The argument goes something like they should have to figure out for themselves the hard way. And the market would be a whole lot less flooded if some of them would just fail already. But I think when the craft stops being taught and passed on from one photographer to another….that’s when all of us fail.

Because the thing is, we ALL had teachers. None of us were born knowing f-stops and shutter speeds. Justin had teachers in both high school & RIT who took an interest in him and saw the talent that he had. And then in turn, I in him had a phenomenal teacher. Why wouldn’t we pay that forward?

I think when you really, truly fall in love with photography you can’t help but want to teach it. Because you just want other people to fall in love with it too.

So as for us, we will continue teach on. And do everything in our power to help new photographers.

Because like my pal Will.I.Am said it best: “Who-who cares what the haters think.”

And because someone did that for us.

Enjoy the pictures friends!

  1. Tiffany Farley

    Stunning! Alicia you look gorgeous! :)

  2. ashley barnett

    Alicia looks amazing!!! Love the whole vibe of this one! :)

  3. Wendy Riley

    You all are so talented and gracious with your wisdom. In my opinion, only the truly gifted and smartest people pay it forward. You all are confident enough in your ability and craft to share… Bravo!!!!

  4. Stephanie Rita

    how lovely! love the theme, and those details are so pretty!

  5. Rob Dennis

    I am just starting out and I am soaking in every post on your site. Thank you for your willingness to share. I love photography, it really has saved my life. I am willing to learn the hard way, if need be, but you guys are helping me out so much. People tend to forget that they were a newbie at one time. Keep up the good work. I hope that I will be taking a seminar with you guys soon.

  6. Christy Tyler

    BEAUTIFUL SHOTS, and I agree! When you really truly love photography – you can’t help but want to share that love & pass it on to others!! Keep on keeping on! ;)

  7. Katie

    Well good morning, truth bomb. Unfortunately, this is so not industry-specific…I am not even a photographer and I deal with the same attitudes on a daily basis. If the truth be known, those folks are really only hurting themselves. I live in a state where the photographer market is fairly saturated, but the photographers who love and lift each other up seem to have better businesses AND seem much happier as overall people than those who cannot get past their own issues. Photography is not my job, but it IS as you so eloquently put it "this thing that I LOVE" and I can’t tell you how your pancake sessions have helped me conquer some of the things I have struggled with to improve my images. If I had the money, I would be at the lighting intensive in a heartbeat even though I have no way of ever justifying it would pay for itself since I don’t own my own business. And at the end of the day, don’t we all just have to go with our gut? The world would be a much happier place if people just stopped to listen to their intuition.

  8. Stephanie Stewart

    So beautiful! Lovely light, gorgeous details, and love the flowers!

  9. Angelsea Urban

    WOW! Love these pictures. Alicia you are beautiful as always! This post makes me reminisce about my own experience with Walk through a Wedding many moons ago. You BOTH were phenomenal teachers and my business (and life) would not look like it does without implementing some of the core things I learned from you guys. My whole approach to photographing weddings changed after that experience. And I thank you for it!

  10. Nicole

    I graduated from RIT and I feel so good to see someone else who came from RIT just boomed and be successful. I love these pictures! The vibes and the colors! Oh My! :)

  11. Emilia Jane

    Gah! Alicia! J&M! So much beautiful :-D

  12. Emilia Jane

    Gah! Alicia! J&M! So much beautiful :-D

  13. Emily

    Beautiful, as always :) I hope I can attend one of your workshops someday! And I just want to say that as a starting out photographer, it means so much to me that you are willing and happy to share your knowledge. I hope one day I can pay it forward :)

  14. Carissa

    GORGEOUS. the couple, the photos, the whole styled shoot. aaaand i love what you said mary :) you guys are seriously the best!

  15. Karen Gerace Sockel

    Thank you! Most photographers won’t share their knowledge, so I really appreciate your Pancake sessions. When wedding guests ask us about their camera and why we are turning our flash a certain way or changing camera settings, we take the time to answer their questions. It is common courtesy and the person knows how much we enjoy it and it gets them excited about taking their own photos. And a happy wedding guest makes for happy wedding photos! And, as always, your photos are amazing!

  16. Sandra Fazzino

    Oh, I would recognize that Jenny Packham dress anywhere! Beautiful. I must be the most naive person on the planet. Who does such a thing?! I am surprised to learn that you’ve been criticized for the Pancake Sessions and workshops that you offer. I was recently highly criticized on a reSTARt FB forum for "blowing out my highlights" and back lighting and accused of not understanding proper exposure. Having survived (and I use that word with every intention) four years at RIT with professors like Allen Vogel, Howard Levant and Gunther Cartwright amongst many others, not to mention my fellow students, I’m happy to say I developed a thick skin and know exactly who I am as a photographer, my strengths and my weaknesses. You both work tirelessly to put forth what you love and I, for one, appreciate you for it very much. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you give our profession and for knowing exactly who you are and not apologizing to anyone for it.

  17. Shalese Danielle

    I just want to thank you both for taking the heat and doing what you believe in. I took photography courses at a university, minored in photography actually, and learned very little. I have learned infinitely more from working with photographers, learning from them, working hard, and researching and reading the hell out blogs like yours & Katelyn James and Jasmine Star, etc. I know there’s always more to learn, but I plan to pay it forward someday to photographers who are as hungry to learn as I am right now. So thank you for sharing and taking the heat.

  18. Rosa

    Those criticizing you is a clear reflection of their probably dying business. It might just come to show that now there are more and more awesome photographers like you both that are emerging and that are being WELL taught. Keep doing what you do and THANK YOU for sharing what you know :)

  19. Faye Bernoulli

    I am EXTREMELY thankful for you and Justin, not only for your wealth of knowledge, but for the fact that you so openly and willingly share with everyone out there. Your live chat, Pancake Sessions, and WTAW definitely helped me. Cheers to the ones who are confident enough to share the knowledge!

  20. Jeremy Jackson

    Love this…so incredibly beautiful! And I really do appreciate how much you guys do to share your knowledge and your love of storytelling through photos with the world. Let the haters hate, but do what you love regardless!

  21. Melinda Green

    I felt so fortunate to have had the chance to be a part of such an amazing experience. It seems almost demeaning to call it a workshop…it was so much more than that. It was something to be experienced. I am truly grateful that both of you spoke to us with such authentic passion and a true interest in us. Like I said before..you have taught this workshop many, many times, and it felt to us like your first one. Like it meant that much to you and we have a deep appreciation for that. Thank you for teaching me so much more than just using my speed lite outside. You encourages us to do whatever we can to become better photographers and kinder souls. I "cant help myself" but to tell everyone to run not walk to anything J&M that you can!! Xoxoxo

  22. Jade

    OMG LOVE these images… I so am going to your workshop next time you are back in AUS… not sure how i missed the last one :(
    Mmmm im sorry you have taken alot of heat, i think photographers that say those things are back in the old!! Surely raising the standard of the industry is a good thing.. Or are they worried about the competition and not willing to grow them selves… I say keep it up, and keep your head help high :) xx

  23. Leon Bailey

    Absolutely stunning and break taking. Wonderful work! Keep it up! :)

  24. Mia Bjerring

    Such incredibly gorgeous photos! I wish i could some day attend one of your amazing workshops! And I love how giving and kind you guys are! Loved every word you wrote in this post about helping out new photographers instead of putting them down. I wish everyone was of the mind set instead of wanting to see them fail.

  25. wedding photographer cornwall

    Oh man how I love your work – seriously breathtaking!!

  26. Commercial Photographer CT

    Really beautiful work!


    I do not even know how I stopped up right here, but I assumed
    this put up used to be great. I don’t realize who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous
    blogger when you aren’t already. Cheers!

  28. Paul Keppel

    Beautiful photos, love the soft light in the portrait session

  29. Steven Duncan

    beautifully green background, I always love those green creepers running up the trees, makes for a wonderful setting!

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