March 16, 2012

We Didn’t Have a Clue

This week our friends Liz & Ryan are in town for a little Dream BIG retreat that we’re putting on for ourselves. Where we’ve basically been sitting around and saying big dreams. Out loud. For someone else to hear. We’ve been using each other as sounding boards, setting deadlines for one another, and just in general bringing ourselves to task to actually do something about these things that we say we want to do.

Somehow, and I still have no idea how, around 10pm last night the four of us found ourselves going through our old blog. Page by page, post by embarrassing post. I’m going to be really honest with you here…..ready? By the end of it, I felt slightly sick. Like a pit was forming in the bottom of my stomach as I realized, Oh God, we didn’t have a clue. And being the If….then kind of a philosophy girl that I am, the next logical conclusion was “If we thought we had a clue back then and we didn’t….then maybe we still don’t now. Maybe we’re still doing everything wrong.” It didn’t sit well with me. And I went to bed last night in kind of a funk.

This morning I got back up early, went into my office and went through the old blog again. Page by page, post by embarrassing post. And I allowed myself to smile. To laugh. To enjoy these wide-eyed, hopeful, brand new versions of ourselves. The ones who were just setting out on a dream. And I realized, I was thankful that we didn’t have a clue back then. That we didn’t have a clue how hard it would be. Or how long it would take. How long it’s still taking. We didn’t have a clue that we might just fail. That we might stand up in front of a room of people and fall on our face. Or that it would take years for people to suddenly feel like it happened overnight for us. For them to think that it came easy. Going into it, we didn’t have a clue about the ninety hour weeks or how many times we would be knocked to our knees. Where the only thing left was praying. And I’m grateful for that. Because if we had, maybe we never would have set out to chase these dreams in the first place.

So as we sit here today with good friends dreaming big dreams, I’m grateful that we still don’t really have a clue.

Indeed, it may be the best thing that ever happened to us.

So today on Friday, and to send you off into your weekend right….I put together a little trip down memory lane for you. To assure you that if we can make a go of it, anyone can. Things like….

That time we started a business with love….and then called it Imagine Imaging (aka Images Imaging, Imaging Imaging, and my personal fave Imagine Imagining).

That time when we started with nothing, but knew we had to find a way to build from there. So we stayed up all night to go from this….

….to this.

That time when we thought standing on things and rolling around on the ground would make us rockstar photographers.

That time we spoke for the very first time….and no one showed up.

That time we spoke and some people actually did.

That time we got to go to a wedding…..our own.

That time we showed how much we loved Halloween….

….and WVU….

….and date nights….

….and date days.

And, uhhh hats. That time we wore hats.

And finally, that time when we introduced video. Y’know… to solidify our brand.

Happy Friday y’all!

  1. Tiffany Farley

    This was just plain awesome.

  2. Nancy Mitchell

    This is so sweet J&M! This is who you are, own it! Whether or not you knew what you were doing back then, you were just being YOU! And for that I LOVE you guys! xoxo~nance

  3. Lucas

    It’s always nice to look back and see how far we’ve come – no mater how embarrassing :) Feel blessed for how far you’ve come and excited for what’s next.

  4. Abby Grace

    That time I told my dad my biggest dream and he scoffed? Looking back on that sort of thing can sometimes embarrass, but it’s always healthy to have reminders of where we came from and how far we still have to go. I’m so thankful for you two!

  5. Haley Kruse

    This gives me so much hope. Thank You!

  6. Kate Preftakes

    LOVE this!

  7. Elizabeth and Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography

    YES!!!! Yes, yes! This is what it is all about! <3

  8. Christy

    Awww – I love this!!! You’re making me want to go through old pics of James and I now! <3

  9. Sandra Fazzino

    All of your dreams are true. They’re coming true now, & in most ways, you’re already here living in your dream. I’m rarely ever satisfied, instead only increasingly motivated with every twist & turn. Looking forward to continue witnessing your dreams unfold. Alleluia!

  10. Deborah Zoe

    You guys are adorable:)!! you just won my heart with that singing in the rain video… love it haha:)!

  11. Joe Don

    I love the way approach life. Not afraid to remember your mistakes but you also don’t let them stop your stronger future.

  12. Sophie

    You guys are too cute!! Love the trip down memory lane, and all the giggles that go along with the good times…

  13. ashley barnett

    Thank you for making me smile on a day when I truly feel like I’m doing it ALL wrong. I can’t wait to reflect back and know that it was all moving me towards the place I’m meant to be.

  14. Kandise

    I died at the Halloween pic. DIED. <3

  15. Kari Jeanne

    Love this :)

  16. Marcie

    so00 great & so important!!! Yeah I kinda wish I could find my first website it had only four images and a bright orange background! Thanks for sharing these!!!

  17. Emilia Jane

    I’m so happy you all are doing this for yourselves! So much fun to spend time with friends and challenge each other!! XXOO

  18. Jessica

    I love this and especially needed it when I am trying to dream up what my business is about and how to go about getting there!

  19. caitlin elizabeth

    that time when i am embarrassed by current posts… it’s all part of the process :) i hope – because lord knows if there is someone who can get it right as soon as they hit the ground, where would hope for rest of us be?!

  20. Bethany Ann

    Thank you for being real and showing all of us that a successful business DOESN’T happen overnight. Sometimes we all get caught up thinking that it does, that we don’t look at reality. :) Have a fabulous weekend!

  21. Christa

    I still feel like that blog that doesn’t have a clue, but it’s all good if I end up as fabulous as you two are now. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Heidi

    So Awesome!!! I loved it all!

  23. Kristen Schueler

    I love how similar your current logo is to the "Imagine Imaging" logo. Shows you were really solid about your vision from the start!

  24. Lacy

    Ahhh This makes me miss you guys so much! And you are so cute! That last video! ha! I die! :D

  25. Kim

    Sooo inspiring to a newbie like me! :)

  26. sharon elizabeth

    I just love this post!!!!! =)

  27. Tira J

    Love this post. And I do remember your old blog….that’s how I found you. That one time when that guy named DJ used to shoot weddings..ha ha! Here’s to continually dreaming big!!!! xoxo

  28. Josh & Kylie

    Awesome post guys!

  29. Elizabeth

    love the last video — dancing in the rain always makes everything feel better….

  30. liz

    I see a lot of big dreams & a lot of hard work, but mostly… I see love.

  31. Lisa Cour

    There is much comfort and hope in knowing we are all on similar journeys…that few get to take the "shortcut" but there is good company in the trenches, doing the hard things…at midnight. :)

    Sometimes I also feel shame in looking back but it makes me feel better that I’ve always (well, you…usually) felt like I was doing my best. And really, what else can I do while I wait for time and experience and maturity to kick in.

    Great Post!

  32. Ashley Goodwin

    Awwww. What a great timeline of your business and your relationship! It’s refreshing to see people who embrace the START and are humble when they’ve come a long ways. Yall are awesome and deserve it all. xo

  33. Sheri Harbec

    LOL, I used to have that same couch!

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