April 28, 2016

We Got A Puppy: Meet Atticus Finch!!


Oh what a FUN day this is!! That’s because yesterday we drove up and picked up our brand new PUPPY!!! :) :) Meet: Atticus Finch Marantz (#attaboyatticusfinch) It’s all kind of a crazy story really! We had been wanting a second puppy for a LONG time, and we had officially given our deposit to the breeder a few months back. But we had been planning/thinking that our litter wouldn’t be ready until the Summer. Well three days ago we got an email from our breeder, and she said she had been planning on keeping this puppy out of the Spring litter for herself… but she just couldn’t shake the feeling that he was for US! So she called to see if the timing would even be right…and it was on the very day that we had been talking about was the beginning of so much space & MARGIN in our calendar because we’re going to be mostly home for the next several months! Ahhhh I would say God definitely had a plan there! The perfect plan. And it’s just such a crazy amazing reminder of how FAST He works when he’s ready to make a long held prayer & dream come true, and how quickly things can happen!

And maybe the craziest part of all, is that it happened nearly the exact same way when we got Cooper! We thought we were going to be on a waitlist for six months, the breeder had held him back as the “pick male” of the litter to breed him & compete him as a show dog, and then let’s just say that they realized he only had one of something he was supposed to have two of :) So the day she decided to sell him was the day we emailed, and nearly 11 years later he has been one of the greatest JOYS of our life and the BEST things that ever happened to us! So I’m taking all of that to say, we think this was MEANT to be and we can’t wait to see how that joy doubles (triples, quadruples!) now that we’re a little family of four! :) :)

So here’s a quick picture we snapped last night when we got home! And you can expect a LOT more to come after the weekend as we all settle in together!

Oh my heart! What a HAPPY day!




  1. Loren

    Oh my goodness!! Looks like the two are already best friends! Atticus is going to bring the puppy out of Coop! Enjoy that puppy breath! It doesn’t last nearly long enough!

  2. Tori

    I cannot WAIT to meet him!!!

  3. Irena

    He is beyond adorable and a tiny little fluffs. I just want to squeeze him and love him and pet him and hold him until he can’t stand it!

  4. Shannon Sorensen

    I am legit gushing over all your cute snaps. He is such a little fluffernutter! Enjoy all those puppy snuggles! I bet Cooper’s loving having a little buddy. <3

  5. Jil

    So happy for you guys!! He’s adorable! <3

  6. Brooke

    So so sweet!! And I LOVE the name!! Congrats!

  7. Becky Maynard

    Hey guys!! Would you be able to share your breeders contact info? My husband and I are from Clinton CT and are looking for a golden breeder. (My email is contact.ramzie@gmail.com) Congrats on your new fluffy friend!! He is super cute:)

  8. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    There is nothing sweeter than a puppy face! So happy for your family. We miss our Cody Bear so much. Goldens are just such loves <3

  9. Alice

    Congratulations… it goes without saying that he is adorable! I can’t quite wrap my head around that Cooper is 11 years old already. #love

  10. Karena Dixon

    So darling! Love those shots of the two of them sleeping.

  11. Ali

    Stop it with the cuteness overload. I just can’t take it! I need some puppy love in my life!

  12. Ana

    GORGEOUS shots! Lovely feel to them and they look so happy!

  13. Beth Patterson

    He’s so adorable and looks like the perfect buddy for Cooper!

  14. Katie Yuen

    Melt! My goodness a baby golden puppy has been my dream FOREVER and I am so happy for your family!!!!! So much love!

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