October 1, 2015

We Have a FREE BONUS for you!!


We did a webinar yesterday about marketing.

But for us “marketing” has never been about Instagram followers or the number of Facebook likes or even just about making more money. It’s about getting your hands dirty in the pursuit of a dream you can’t go a day without thinking about. It’s about getting people up off their faces, up off the ground, reaching a hand back, and saying here I found a shorter way. Because what we know is that the world needs more people who have come fully alive and less people who feel like their bookings for next year are somehow a yard stick for how deserving they are to chase a dream. So yea, we did a webinar yesterday about THAT!

We are SO thankful to The Academy & Showit for putting this on and to EVERYONE (nearly 1000 people!!!) who signed up to watch it!! For those of you who missed it, I am also so HAPPY to tell you that there is a FREE replay up for the next few days and that when you watch you will also get access to our BONUS free ebook all about how to get more bookings by the end of the year that we included! But you can only get it if you watch! So definitely head over HERE in the next day or two to grab the replay & the bonus!!

Finally, one other thing that we did during the webinar that I did want to share here with all of you guys too was a special we did for our marketing ebook The Guide!! Basically we said that anyone who signs up for either our J&M Lighting Guide or our Art of Authentic Posing course TODAY ONLY is going to ALSO get our marketing ebook The Guide for free ($150 value!) AND you can also use the code “JM50” to get another $50 off your order…so that’s $200 in savings when you sign up today! Head on over to the J&M Store to get on the deal!


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