July 14, 2010

We Love &J2!!!

Pssssssssst. Come closer.

No, closer. Seriously, lean in to your screen right now. But play it cool. Nothin to see here, nothin to see.

I have a little secret for you guys. Exactly one year ago today, Miss Julia gave up her cushy corporate gig to come work full time for a little start up company known as Justin & Mary. That’s it. Just Justin & Mary. No last name. Kind of like Madonna.

One year ago today she walked into our two bedroom apartment studio/swingin’ newlywed pad with her polka dot skirt and the cute shoes with the bow on them. She sat down at a computer at our dining room table and we filled out some paperwork to make it all official. W4’s and social security numbers and complex questions with subparts a-f, and to be honest with you none of us really knew what we were doing.

Or what we might be getting ourselves into.

But a year later, Julia is as much a part of this business as Justin and I are. So much so, that we started getting emails that read “Justin & Mary (…and Julia too).”

And just like that, &J2 was born (get it, and Julia too= &J2. I came up with that one And I’m pretty proud of it. We’re getting t-shirts made).

Well since today is a pretty special day for a very special person, we wanted to do something extra….well….special.

And here’s where the secret part comes in. Lean in just a little closer now.

We have sent Julia out of the studio to go make a “Starbucks run,” while unbeknownst to her we have been setting up the surprise. We had two bunches of yellow balloons blown up (yellow because her wedding shoes were yellow. And it is fabulous) and we have tied them to her desk. We hijacked her desktop with a picture of us (because really, is there any better gift?) a “We {heart} &J2” sign, and a little Anthropologie goodness just to make sure she knows we love her! :)

So there you go, but don’t tell anybody. It’s just between us, ok?

But in the mean time, be sure to drop Julia a line to tell her how much YOU love her too! Y’know, so we can make sure she turns every shade of red in the Benjamin Moore palette.

  1. Angelica


  2. Angelica

    And congratulation Julia!

  3. mike larson

    Congrats! I love they way you celebrate team unity, and how valuable your team is. You guys rock.

  4. meredith huntley

    awesome awesome awesome. congrats j2

  5. Deb Whitaker

    Awww…how sweet! Happy Anniversary Miss J<3

  6. Stephanie

    Awww! Congrats J2 :D

  7. Jil

    aw, this brought tears to my eyes!! you guys are such a great team and julia is the best!! i was so excited when she was there to photograph our wedding too (remember… maybe a little too excited?). congrats and happy anniversary!!

  8. Leanne

    Aw, Happy day, &J2! and..


    Now, how ’bout that latte? ;)

  9. jennie Fresa

    Weeeeeee!! Yay Julia!!

  10. Ravyn

    Happy Anniversary with J&M, Julia!!

  11. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    That is too cute! Such a great story, and we are so glad there’s an &J2 to celebrate! : )

  12. Alison Green

    Happy Anniversary JuliA!!!!! We <3 &J2!!!!!

  13. Marcie

    That is SO nice! Congrats J2

  14. Michelle

    Happy Anniversary Julia! Wishing many more to come! :)

  15. Judie

    Happy Anniversary Julia!!!

  16. Lara Kimmerer

    What a year! Not only did you escape Corporatedom, but you traveled the country…and have met so many people. You have a pretty fabulous job! Congratulations!

  17. maggieb

    you never cease to amaze!!!…this is the sweetest thing ever…I know she must have totally blown away…she is one very lucky and happy girl!

  18. Lydia

    Julia, I so want to meet you someday! I love coming to Justin & Mary’s blog each day and reading your posts!

  19. joan.solitario

    congratulations julia on your first year with J&M! :D

  20. Cathy M

    Congrats &J2! So sweet!! Love those yellow balloons! :)

  21. Caitlin

    I’ve loved coming to know your voice on here over the past few months! Happy anniversary!

  22. Deborah Zoe

    congrats and happy anniversary! you deserve a big celebration for all you do:) I hope you had a great time celebrating with Justin and Mary!

  23. Cathy Crawley

    You guys are such great bosses! How lucky is Julia! Seeing your bunting has reminded me that I have to go and sew 60 of those puppies for a party…….bye……

  24. bobbie

    Julia~you are special! <3 you!

  25. Nancy

    Happy b-day Julia! You have the coolest bosses ever-ever!!!!!!!

  26. Nancy

    Happy b-day Julia! You have the coolest bosses ever-ever!!!!!!!

  27. Julia

    Thank you everyone for the love!! :) J&M, I love you guys! Despite my best efforts to hide it, I’m pretty sure, I turned a nice bright shade of Benjamin Moore "neon red" when I walked in yesterday. You guys are THE BEST!! :) :)

  28. Stef

    Happy Anniversary, Julia! :) :)

  29. Meredith

    So, so cute! Happy &J2 anniversary! yay!

  30. Nichole

    That’s really awesome (and sweet). We look forward to meeting "J2" :)

    Happy Anniversary (+1 day)!

  31. Jacob Bergmeier

    Yay! You guys are so nice and I know anyone would appreciate the love you guys show them – especially someone who works with you on a daily basis. Congrats to you all!

  32. Kristin

    Julia rocks the house! How awesome are one year milestones?? congrats to you 3!

  33. fEuza

    I love J2 and really wanted to see what was in the anthropologie bag :-)

  34. Tira J

    Happy Birthday Julia.

  35. Ray

    Awww, you two are the sweetest. And Julia, you rock! Happy "1 year" (and beyond) with J&M! ;o)

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