May 9, 2016

We Must, We Must, We Must.

A few days ago, I wrote these words to some friends. I said, “I feel like my current health/weight situation is the TYPICAL entrepreneurial struggle to a T! We sit in front of our computers for hours, take care of everyone else, lead crazy busy & hectic lives, travel way too much, eat (without paying attention to what) between emails & blog posts, and put working out as a “luxury” left to the very bottom of the list (I.e. we never get to it!) In this really weird way, I realized recently that spending all this time behind the camera & being unobtrusive & focusing on other people all the time and telling their stories has somehow made me stop focusing on myself. Almost like “it’s not supposed to be about you” so who are you to put taking care of yourself as a priority?” Does that sound familiar to ANY one else out there, or is it just me??

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I think whether you are a business owner in the business of service or a mom (i.e. the ultimate business of serving others), it can be so easy to start to feel like taking good care of yourself is a splurge, a non-necessary, an optional. And then your body starts to hurt, and you’re tired all the time, and the weight climbs, and you’re stressed, and you stop recognizing yourself and your life. And it feels like…how did we get here??

So a couple weeks ago, we decided it had to STOP. And we’ve been making a ton of changes that include food & what we’re putting into our bodies, sleep, working out, taking our vitamins (gummy ones like we’re 5!), turning off work, living more, glorifying busy less & realizing we are MORE than just our jobs. Because if we tell everyone else’s story but fail to live our own, then we have not succeeded. So there it is. It’s just the beginning, but I want to share those small starts with you guys. And just know that if you find yourself reading these words & feel like they are for you too, then we can cheer each other on! Because in the words of my dear friend Hannah Brencheras painful as it is to begin, we must, we must, we must!” Just know that wherever you are today, you’ve got this!

And I’m cheering for you!

  1. Tiffany Bolk

    Yay!!!! I keep trying to get into a workout routine and it is such a struggle! I have a video I do at home, so I don’t even have to go to a gym and I still struggle. Any suggestions? :)

  2. Chris Young

    Good for you!! I’m pregnant and a mom of two already and I squeeze in crossfit every morning M-F at 6am. Kids are still sleeping and it’s ‘me’ time. Find something that works for you, spin, bodypump, crossfit, running, whatever and just enjoy!!

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