June 23, 2010

We want YOU…to Help Us Out!

Ok, so first we’ll start with a (hopefully) helpful hint for you guys: we keep a blogging calendar.

As a rule, we try to post twice a day every day Monday through Friday and once on Sunday. And that’s a lot of posts to think up, write and keep track of every month! So we map it all out. At the end of every month, we look forward to the next month and actually schedule out all our upcoming posts in iCal. That way, when it comes time to post we don’t waste a ton of time staring at the cursor trying to think of what to write about. It also helps us to keep things in the same theme for certain days (like fear yesterday) and work on them in advance if we need to. And with posts like the DIY posts, we can shoot several of those at once and space them out over a couple of days. It has made getting into the blogging routine SO much more manageable!

So now that we’ve put our help out there :), we’re asking for yours in return. We are about to hunker down and plan out our July calendar and want to know….what kinds of posts would YOU like to see more of? Don’t worry at all about pictures posts (weddings, engagements, etc) because trust me we have a TON of those coming your way (next up are Stacey & Charles!) But besides those, what kinds of posts do you guys most enjoy? And while we’re at it, what are the posts that are most likely to get you to join in the conversation? Because really, this blog is nothing without you guys & we would LOVE to hear from more of you who are still hanging out in the shadows of our stat counter! :) :) Yea, we know you’re there! :P

So go on….dish!

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  1. Chelsea McGowan

    Hey, I have a blogging calendar, too!! It’s one of the things I started doing after we talked to y’all at Spread the Love, about focusing on what makes us different from our competition. Our blogging, and the personality we put into it, is a huge part of why we’re successful. And a calendar helps me keep track of it all! I’m trying to get better about personal posts… it still feels a little strange. But I’m getting there!

    As for what we’d like to see more of, I know we ALWAYS talk about your pancake posts. Maybe a post about any sort of pre-visualization you do for portraits? Behind the scenes of your workflow? The possibilities are endless!
    Thanks J&M. We love you!

  2. MM

    @Chelsea: I am SO proud of how you guys are rocking it out! You’re so right….you’re success comes every bit down to how awesome you two are. We love you both!

  3. Julie

    I love the Pancake Sessions! Love Love Love them!!!

    I also love hearing from Julia!

  4. Dawn Beirnes

    Man would I love post every now and then on getting starting into photography…kind of a step-by-step process as much as you can. Ok, that might be WAY too broad, but camera techniques would be awesome too! Oh whatever…..you guys are so cool, you could post anything and it would be rockin’!

  5. Heather James

    I love your home renovation posts as my husband and I are considering buying a reno home. I’d also love to see tips/tricks workflow and time management!

  6. Joe+Kathrina

    You guys are intense and I love it! :) Okay this isn’t going to help much but we love all your posts. Personal, weddings, sessions, photography tips. Keep em coming!!

  7. Nichole

    A blogging calendar… great idea!

    I love the DIY posts.

  8. Katie

    I love everything you post! But would love to know your advice for doing black and white converstions!! :)

  9. Lindsi Luffman

    I would love to see more DIY photo themed projects. I LOVED the lemonade one! It also gave a friend of mine (bride to be in Sept) ideas for her wedding!

  10. Jessica Fike

    I love the "here’s how we do it" posts. With so many photographers and so many different ways of running a business, editing, marketing, etc. out there, it’s nice to hear from the pros that inspire me most! Your tips, tricks and ways of doing things are so very helpful!

  11. TracyWB

    I love to read everything! But that probably doesn’t help you too much… I too would love more tips on your workflow and advice for getting a photography business started.

  12. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    ALBUMS + ALBUM DESIGNS!!!!! C’mon … don’t be a holdout!!!! Let’s see the finished products/design! :)

  13. Britani

    Did you ever announce the winner to this contest http://www.justinmarantz.com/index.cfm?postID=585 ?
    I have really enjoyed the DIYs I am a very crafty person and I have got a lot of inspiration from you!

  14. Christa

    Love pancake sessions, love the DIY posts, personal.
    OH and I want a Justin post, he’s like silent Bob!! LOL :)

  15. Leandra

    We are nowhere near the purchase of our first home, but I LOVE hearing about all the work you’re doing on yours! I kind of love interior design blogs, and your before-and-afters are just as inspiring.

    Also, any post about dates and romance and love are a winner in my book. :)

  16. MM

    @Karen: Awesome! We did actually just post one from our first Leather Craftsman not too long ago. We’ll def post more!

  17. MM

    @Britani: We did!! It was Joan Solitario!!!

  18. Justin

    @Christa: LOL! Silent Bob! That’s awesome!

  19. Katie Jane Parker

    I love your DIY posts. Also maybe some marketing would be good… or workflow.

  20. Radelle

    Love the heres how we do it posts & following your office & house stuff!

  21. Tira J

    Love my iCal!! I plan out a lot of my blog posts too. I can only think of one thing you should blog about. Actually, someone….COOPER!!!

  22. Lydia

    I really dig the DIY, pankcake, personal, interior design posts! Though really, I love to read anything you all write! My goal is to someday have the ability to capture life and translate it into words like you!

  23. Ravyn

    I would love to see some more updates about your new house … also, I would never get mad if you wanted to share a few more pancake sessions! Those are always fun :o)

  24. MM

    Awesome, keep em coming! I see a lot of requests for Pancake Sessions….anything in particular you’d like to see a PS about??

  25. ashley

    would love to see like a mini teaching series of how you do this or that or what your fav gear is!

  26. Tara

    Ooo more pancake sessions! I also love to hear about your house reno actually. Its so great that you guys got this great house would love to see how you are transforming it into your own home.

  27. Kristin M.

    We agree on Justin posts!! Not that M & J2 aren’t amazing, but let’s hear silent Bob’s side of the story ;) Also, other than picture posts, I love the everyday/work-life balance posts too.. so maybe Justin blogging about everyday life? hehe

  28. jessica

    I’d love to see a Pancake Session about autofocus vs. manual focus. And if you use single, continuous or tell the camera where to focus by using the selection points in the viewfinder!

  29. Katie

    I like hearing about what inspires you and keeps you thinking creatively–the design boards and design board challenges are refreshing and unique.

    I’d also love to hear more about your interactions with clients–emotional reactions after seeing their pictures, things you learned about them that you wouldn’t have expected from the shoots, etc.

  30. joan.solitario

    i love the DIY posts :)

  31. Jil

    i also love the DIY posts and glimpses into your approach to running your business. as a J&M bride its always neat to read a post and think "oh, thats how they do that" (blog calendar is case in point). also, also… the posts about your daily lives and what you have going on… i think your clients love you EVEN MORE because you show us who you are as people. and since you guys are the best, its impossible not to love you!!

  32. tiffany zajas

    I’m always impressed by how much you guys post…and the quality of your posts! I need to follow your example and create a blogging calendar.

    I always love your Pancake Sessions! Being in my first full year of business, your pancake sessions have really been helpful.

    I also love when you share your favorite things. Those are always fun too! :)

  33. Shannon

    More home DIY stuff :)

  34. Stacey

    Love the DIY blogs!

  35. Chris Young

    House pictures! I love love your style and even used your inspiration boards you received and showed my decorator to use :)

    Maybe insights on interacting with your clients during sessions to get unique poses and shots?

  36. Jess

    Well I have been hanging in the shadows for quite some time :) I love your posts and all the photography you guys share.

    I would love to know more about the behind the scenes. Like taking pictures of something you guys cook and than showing how you came to make the picture look so incredible :) I am just fascinated by what an incredible eye you guys have.

  37. Rupa

    The pancake sessions are wonderful and so informative — more please, with some warm syrup on top!! : )

  38. Valerie

    I’d love to know more about lighting and post processing. Posing, too. That behind-the-scenes stuff that makes your images stand out so much.

  39. Christa

    @Justin…no seriously I’m starting to think it’s part of your branding. Mary does all the talking and you just nod and smile :) And yes I’m hilarious…I try, I try!! I need to figure out how to be funny on my own blog now?!?! Hmm…
    @ Mary…pancake session suggestion – reception lighting!!

  40. Peggy

    Love the pancake sessions and DIY posts. I’d love to hear more about more tips & tricks related to the business, but not photography specifically (e.g. blog calendar, packaging, collateral, filing system, how you prep for a shoot, etc.)

  41. Belinda

    I love the posts about your home reno’s and posts about how to take better photos – lighting, posing, locations (do you scope out beforehand or wing it on the day?). Keep up the fantastic work guys, and don’t forget to make some time for yourselves too!!

  42. Jil

    i have to add one more thing! mary gave a tip regarding b/w photos a little while ago… choosing images with a true black and a true white so you get a great spectrum of gray (paraphrased), and it really helped me take my b/w’s to the next level. so hints like that are always welcome. and THANKS MARY! :o)

  43. Melinda

    I love reading about family. Anything about when you were younger or getting together and spending time with loved ones. You’re writing is amazing! It’s part of my morning routine and I look forward to it everyday.

  44. Samantha Harkins

    You can NEVER go wrong with Cooper in the blog. :)

  45. Tess

    What about some posts of yoga poses and dance shoots?!

  46. Guy (creative365)

    Ok.. I have to admit that I enjoy most of your posts, so keep that coming. BUT .. As what seems like one of the few male blog stalkers, I would also enjoy some posts where Justin could share some of his vision about planning a session or his personal projects (photographic or otherwise) and behind the scenes type posts. I understand that you wouldn’t want to share your secrets and I understand all to well that your target audience is the decision making female, but there are men in this world that enjoy all things artistic too. Actually anything from Justin’s perspective would be appreciated. LOL Not that I don’t enjoy all of the great posts about your taste in design (superb), contests etc. I just thought it would be nice to see a male perspective on a few of these notes. Peace! Thanks to you both for the inspiration and entertainment.

  47. Lauryn

    Cooper!!! I love seeing pictures of him. Please post more! And its always nice to see what goes on behind the scenes of ya’lls life :-) Like your remodling and a story about you guys. But other than that everything is awesome.

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