July 27, 2011

Weather. Man.

If Justin were going to be anything else in this world, make no mistake about it he would be a weather man.

No wait, scratch that. Not just a weather man…..he would be the weather MAN.

I mean, I’m not talking Al Roker here. I’m talking Bill Paxton circa 1996 in Twister. Hanging out with Helen Hunt. Wearing white tank tops and red bandanas. Saying things like, I gotta go Julia, we got COWS!

He’s already a legend in his own mind.

Yesterday as were hanging out at the beach, some storms clouds started to roll in. And right away, J jumped into action. Quick, do you have the Weather Channel app on your phone?

The what, now?

The WEATHER CHANNEL app, woman! Do you have it or don’t you?

Oh totally. It’s right here next to my app for the periodic table. Let me get that for you.

It was right about then that he started shouting out words like cumulus nimbus, cirrus stratus and shelf cloud. Then he grabbed my hand and pointed to a particularly dark cloud in the sky, and he yelled out they’re known for producing level F4 tornadoes. As we ran to the car, two entire rain drops fell from the sky and landed on our windshield. Followed by a torrential downpour. Safe inside the car, he looked at me with a knowing Bill Paxton worthy wink and a smile. Saved your life.

Yes J, it’s true. You are the weather MAN.

And on the plus side, at least we didn’t hit any cows on our way home.

  1. Abby Grace

    Wait… you mean it’s not normal to have the periodic table app on your phone? What about an automatic electron/neuron/proton calculator app?

    No? Crap.

  2. Chelsea McGowan

    <— is now singing the "I’m Your Weatherman" song from Groundhog Day. Thanks! :)

  3. Val McCormick

    If you had to drive a few towns over through Orange, hitting a cow would of been a strong possibility ;-) My 11 year old should be a weatherman too. He does the same thing with clouds and storms. Justin is such a hero ;-)

  4. Susan

    This is so funny! I can totally envision the wink and the ‘Saved your life’ comment. He just wants to be your hero. :)

  5. Alice G Patterson

    This is seriously one of my favorite personal posts ever… so awesome!

  6. Holly

    GREAT story!!! ha!

  7. Caroline Ghetes

    I so LOL’d reading this. Your husband and I must be twins in another life. For about 9 years of my life that was all I wanted to be. A stormchaser/weather-lady. I would check out every book in the library on weather and make weather instruments from scratch. Total weather nerd. And I think your husband is awesome for that. That is all.

  8. Regina Marie

    OMG! This sounds like my honey! We just move to FL, every time we get a storm (every day or two) his little head is out the companionway, (the door of our boat… we live aboard)… He checks the weather on his iphone at least 3 times a day and is downright JOYFUL when it looks like we’re going to get slammed! May not have flying cows here, but he’s waiting for our first hurricane gleefully.

  9. Alison

    Near the top of my husband’s bucket list is going on a storm chasing trip in the mid west. I vote that is great- as soon as he quadruples his life insurance policy! In the mean time, he is psyched he figured out the directTV/weather channel abilities. This so made me smile!

  10. Lauren Wakefield

    Hahaha…that totally made me laugh out loud.

  11. jeramy

    THAT is a good story. we (men) all have to be good at something, huh?

  12. amy

    Loved this post and LOVE the Weather Channel app! I need it every day here in Seattle. Have Justin check out Weather HD for the iPad. It’s mezmerizing. :)

  13. Realtor Dad

    Mary, you are right! When the weather channel first debuted, he would spend hours watching it. His mom and I thought him a little odd for it, but obviously it paid off, since we sure are happy he saved you life yesterday.

  14. Alexandra Hunt Photography

    Maybe Justin should get together with Mike from (Bobbi and Mike)! Apparently, last month or so, Mike’s app-watching ways actually saved a whole wedding from certain death – a tornado blew through the reception tent just minutes after he told everyone to run for the barn! Yikes! Thank goodness for weather MEN! :)

  15. Nancy

    There you go being all cute and stuff. Love it! xo

  16. melania

    not only is this post great … it’s even greater since his dad commented it on it. :)

  17. regina holder

    j is so frickin’ adorable and the MAN! plus, who doesn’t love a good chin dimple.

  18. robynL

    My husband put a weather app on his phone because of ME. We get severe t-storm/tornado warnings a lot in the summer. And if we’re asleep, and the tv is off, how will we get the weather alerts? :)

  19. Brooke Summer Photography

    Oh MY what is it about guys and weather?! Tom is the same way! How funny, good thing he was there to save you. :)

  20. Chase Williams

    WOW!!! J looks like we have even more in common!!! Growing up in Oklahoma I have always loved the t-storms coming through and my friends have always teased me that I could read the weather because I have Indian in me.. haha. J do you have Indian in you!?! Maybe all weather men are Indian!! :)

  21. Christa Hann

    LOL….too cute :) And Twister is an awesome movie!!!

  22. Ray

    Funny, I was telling my aunt today that she should have become a meterologist. She’s always telling us family members that she heard on the news, "It’s going to rain." =P Sweet photos.

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