June 15, 2011

Webb Barn Wedding: Anna & Justin (Part I)

Good morning!

Today we are so excited to be bringing you the super sweet wedding of Anna & Justin at the Webb Barn. We first met these guys because they won the “deserving couple” contest put together by Jessica Robinson of Jessica’s Country Flowers and we had signed on to be the photographers. But I’ve got to be honest, I felt like it was us who won the prize. Because Anna & Justin are two of the most kind, easy-going, loving people you could ever meet. The way that they love for one another and the way that they love & care for everyone around them is a lesson in how this life should be lived. They are sweet, and funny, and they tell it like it is. And as for me, I’ve personally made it my mission in life to turn them into my best friends…..y’know whether they want to be or not! Because they’re just that awesome.

And because of them…I feel like we are the lucky ones.

Married: Anna & Justin

Before we go any further, I have to give a major shout out to Jessica for the absolutely stellar line up of all stars she brought together to put this wedding on. And of course to all of the incredibly talented creatives who gave so unselfishly of themselves to put on one of the hands down prettiest & most authentic weddings we’ve ever seen. To Lindsay, Talia and Nicole- the fabulous ladies of Sixpence For Your Shoe– you guys rocked our world with how you swooped in and brought everything together so flawlessly. We adore you! And also major thanks to Emily’s for the delicious food (and keeping us fed!), Toria Dolce and Cookie Creatives by Jennifer for all the eye candy (in the form of real candy!), Sandra Downie on makeup and The White Dress by the Shore & Modern Trousseau on styling for making Anna look even more stunning than she already is, and Stonington Paperie and Ryan Designs for making sure every detail was absolute perfection. And finally to Jessica herself for not only bringing this all together, but for all the incredible blooms you put together. You truly outdid yourself!! And we were just the ones lucky enough to get to push the button and capture all of it.

Stay tuned for Part II when we’ll bring you all those delicious details! Trust me, you won’t wanna miss it!

  1. Royce Walston

    Fantastic work guys. You captured some perfect moments filled with emotion.

  2. Emma Sharkey

    Completely and utterly gorgeous!!!

  3. Jessica Robinson

    the images are BEYOND beautiful!! thank you again for everything. We were thrilled to work with SUCH a talented team of vendors and friends! Jessica, JCF Events

  4. Alicia Candelora

    Love!! She is so gorgeous. I thought this when you posted their GTKY shoots but your Justin and Anna’s Justin look like they could be brothers :)

  5. Alice G Patterson

    Definitely will be tuning for Part II… this is gorgeous, and I love the bride’s do, along with all of her other details.

  6. Stephanie Stewart

    Gaaahhhh! How gorgeous was this wedding?! AYKM?! Love, love, LOVE! Stunning, absolutely stunning!

  7. MM

    LOL! I’m so hip & with the times I just had to google AYKM!

  8. Sandra Downie @ Sandra Downie Event Designs

    Anna is seriously one of the kindest and sweetest Brides I have ever worked with. Her beauty shines through inside and out and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to work with such talented vendors and you all capturing the day so beautifully!

  9. Molly

    love love love love … shes so breathtaking

  10. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Wow! Simply gorgeous. What a wonderful day!

  11. Heather

    Ahhh! It’s the reception barn of my dreams! I have seen pictures of that barn all over Pinterest. There it sits, in your lovely photos…and here I sit many states away from it. Beautiful photos as always you two.

  12. Amy

    Perhpas the most beautiful bride hair-do I have seen. Can’t wait to see Part II

  13. ashley barnett

    Holy wow she is beautiful! And that barn is SO awesome. I think the rain adds so much to these photos and clearly shows the love the family has. No one even cared that it was raining! And she kept smiling through it all. :) Can’t wait for part two!

  14. Chanel

    She is GORG!!! These pictures are stunning.

  15. Sarah Danaher

    so sweet, so emotion-filled. excellent portraits. =)

  16. Kellee

    I love the details and the emotions, and the huge smile on the bride’s face despite the rain!

  17. Ray

    Gorgeous black and whites. And the last three color shots—- just have this pop—are especially beautiful. That photo of Bride Anna about to cry? AWESOME!!!! <3 You capture the most important moments.

  18. Kaitlyn (Robert & Kathleen Photographers)

    Beautiful bridal shots! I loved the images from the ceremony as well. The black and white image of Justin & Mary sharing their first kiss as husband and wife is breath taking. Love this!

  19. Katelyn James

    detail shots = perfection!

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