September 9, 2012

Webb Barn Wedding: Jenn & Karl

They stood together in a field of green, green grass against a backdrop of gray. And the skies threatened to open up at any second. In the distance, the thunder rolled and announced its impending arrival. An uninvited wedding guest, who didn’t even bother to pick up a gift on the way in. But to them, it did not matter. They held on tighter to one another as the first drops fell. Laughed when her veil wrapped around them in the wind. And when the rain came down, they just danced in the storm. Found shelter, together. And when all seemed dark outside, they just followed the light from within.

They stood together in a sea of friends and family against a backdrop tradition. And the tears threatened to open up at any second. In the distance, they talked about a future they had not lived yet. The uncertainty of the twists and turns in the road ahead. But to them, it did not matter. They held on tighter to one another as the first drops fell. Laughed when the first wave of bubbles wrapped around them in the wind. As they promised a life together where they would always find a way to dance in the storm. Find shelter in one another. And that when all looked dark outside….

That they would always have, the light from within.

Married: Jenn & Karl

Jenn & Karl were married at the Webb Barn on a day that ran the full spectrum between dark & stormy and golden sunlight. When the only thing that didn’t change, was how happy the two of them were. Together. They laughed and danced and hugged. And let nothing dampen the love they had for each other….and every single person there in attendance with them. J&K, my hope is that you will love like this always. Holding on to one another. Weathering the gray skies, and celebrating the blue ones. And no matter what, always finding a way to dance through the storms. Somehow, I already know that you will. It was truly our honor to be there with you at the start of it all!

So much love,

  1. Graham

    Ohhhh this is one of my FAVORITES EVER!!! Love that one running from the rain! :) Brilliant!

  2. Davenna Trahan

    Beautiful…..I have a barn wedding next year…this makes me excited! Really excellent work!

  3. Life with Kaishon

    I love barns! What a beautiful day!

  4. heather

    So beautiful J&M! She had so many great details that you guys captured so well!

  5. Katelyn James

    I agree with Graham! :)

  6. Liz and Ryan

    This is GORGEOUS!!! Love everything about it! Most especially- that pic of them running into the barn from the rain! AMAZING! xoxo

  7. ashley barnett

    That photo of them running into the barn from the rain is AMAZING. It made me smile and laugh- so good. This gets me even more excited (if that’s possible) about our wedding next year!!!! Yay for barn weddings! :)

  8. caitlin elizabeth

    this is going to sound totally dorky. but that picture of them holding the mr. & mrs. signs is my favorite – simply because you caught the brief flicker of a smile before they actually kissed (which in my humble opinion is heart stopping) – beautiful!!

  9. Carissa

    oh my WORD!! i love this wedding so much!!! amazing captures j&m. AMAZING.

  10. Lauren Wakefield

    Beautiful!!! The getting ready shots are amazing! You guys told their story perfectly. I feel like I was there. :)

  11. Kari Jeanne

    Those getting ready photo’s?!?! I DIED. Unbelievable. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this couple is GORGEOUS!!!

  12. laura marie duncan

    Holy. Moley. GORGEOUS.

  13. Stephanie Stewart

    Wow! I just LOVE this wedding! The story, the images, all so perfectly beautiful! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

  14. Jessica Frey

    wow!! Absolutely stunning images full of love and laughter! The bubble exit at the ceremony was gorgeous and the photos are perfect rain or not!

  15. Girish

    Fantastic photographs. I love the use of light, specially in the early photographs.

  16. Lem Lynch

    Beautiful photography! What an amazing place to get married.

  17. Rici

    I know I say that about every wedding but SOOOOO beautiful! I truly adore your story telling and the fell your images have!! The running away in the rain pic is awesome! Would like to have it as a print!! ;) Saluti.

  18. sharon sutton

    This is my son and daughter-in-law. The tears are rolling un-checked down my cheeks. Thank you for capturing the magic so perfectly.

  19. Rachel McCloud

    Gorgeous so gorgeous. I love the cake and her dress and everything about the day. beautiful :)

  20. Tracy Worthington

    Outstanding tribute to a beautiful couple ~ felt like I was there in person ~ Congratulations Mrs. & Mr. ~

  21. Laura Gordon

    Love everything about this! Fabulous job!

  22. laura gutt

    These pictures are so beautiful.
    I felt like we were at the wedding sharing your joy all over again.
    There is so much happiness and beauty in these photos.
    "priceless" memories that we can look at again and again.

  23. Karen Blanchard-Foster

    The photos are amazing. We are so sorry that we had to miss it, because it looked like such a fantastic day. congrats to both of you xxx

  24. julie anne turner

    Just beautiful..xx

  25. jackie carroll

    the pictures r beautiful i just wish i could of been there to have celebrated it with you xxx

  26. Sindy

    SO so beautiful!!

  27. sharon elizabeth

    seriously.. the one of them running back into the barn while raining… PERFECTION…. what a gorgeous wedding!!!!

  28. maggieb

    Your photo perfection always sets the tone and tells THE story so beautifully. Fabulous.

  29. Michael Moore

    As the father of the bride it was all a blur. So happy the photos captured the moments again. Beautiful job!

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