August 21, 2011

Wedding Crashers

Yesterday we got to be guests at a wedding.

No wait, scratch that. Guests…at a WEDDING. Crazy, right??

On the drive up to Maine, in anticipation of the day, I tweeted “Going to a wedding today as a guest. Totally going to stand in the aisle with my point & shoot.” :) And while we didn’t actually go so far as that, we did enjoy this brand new role.


We sampled every passed hors d’oeuvre that came by, including the crab stuffed mushrooms. And I don’t even eat mushrooms. But yesterday, they were delicious.

We took forty seven tries to get that hand held, self-portrait “look it’s us at a wedding” shot to put up on facebook. And put it up on facebook, we will.

We shouted “CHEERS” extra loud during the all toasts and clinked glasses with everyone at our table. And we were the first ones to bust a move on the dance floor when Lady Gaga came through the speakers.

But I gotta be honest, the whole time we were there it kinda felt like we were doing something….wrong. Like we had somehow lost our minds and decided to crash a wedding we were supposed to be shooting. Like we had gone all Wilson & Vaughn about the situation and were calling ourselves Uncle Ned’s kids, while we shouting Mazel Tov and leading a rendition of “Shout.” Saying things like,

Grow up, Peter Pan. Count Chocula. Look, we’ve been to a million weddings and you know what? We’ve rocked them all.

But we also knew the night was fleeting. And moments like these are rare and far between. So we soaked it all in. And at the end of the night, we snuck off with two bottles of maple syrup from the favor table.

Y’know…so we could make the sweetness last just a little bit longer.

**Yes, I totally am wearing the same dress I was wearing the last time we had to get dressed up. You may call it a fashion faux pas…..I call it style consistency. :)

  1. Kris Rae Orlowski

    I love "We took 47 tries to get that hand held, self-portrait…" Definitely enjoying being just normal people when you can! Hope you had all the fun you deserve! We love Maine!

  2. ashley barnett

    Bahaha! This is so much like a post of mine from last week when we got to go to a wedding as a guest too. I kept carrying around my wine glass like it was my camera- it was awkward. I’m so glad you guys were able to go to a wedding as a guest and enjoy yourselves :)

  3. robyn L

    Mary, I LOVE your earrings!

  4. Graham and Samantha

    We were in the same boat as you guys last night. And yes we were the first ones with a drink in our hand, the first ones to "tear up" the dance floor, and no one enjoyed those sparklers more!!! Have fun at brunch :)

  5. Michelle Stone

    that is the most adorable picture of you two!!!

  6. Katelyn James

    YAY!!!!! You make cute guests! I attended a wedding and started shooting the cake on accident! So embarrassing!! Just habit it guess:) I hope you enjoyed your day off together and you can never wear a cute dress too much:)

  7. Gabby / En Route Photography

    HaHa that must have felt weird indeed! ;D

  8. Caitlin

    LOVE this photo of you guys. So glad you had the chance to enjoy the party!

  9. Laurie Bracewell

    You two look fantastic! What a great pic! I look forward to the next time I can be a "wedding crasher"…it’s been too long! Glad you had fun – you deserve it! :)

  10. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    It’s fun going to a wedding as a guest! I had forgotten what it was like until we went to a wedding this past May (also in Maine!). And another friend just told us to Save The Date for his wedding next year, which we referred a fellow photog for! That weekend is definitely marked off as "unavailable" on our calendar!

  11. Sophia Harcourt

    Hah I saw this title and thought you guys caught a scandalous moment at a wedding;). As for the repeat attire who cares.? That color looks fantabulous on you so rock it! Enjoy the Maine lobster (little (ok lots) jealous) and "You shut your mouth when you are talking to me":). Hope you both enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  12. sharon elizabeth

    LOVE that picture of yall!!!! one of my favorites! =)

  13. Lisa Cour

    Style consistency…I like that. Or cute-dress loyal. That color is great on you! So….how’d the photographer do?? :)

  14. sarah

    i love you guys. the end.

  15. Shefali Lindsey

    SO happy you guys got the chance to take a day off and have a little fun! You can never wear cute dresses enough. :)

  16. Katie Jordan

    You two look so good!

  17. jeramy

    i often wear the same t-shirt to multiple occasions within a small time frame where i KNOW i’ll see the same people….just to rattle their cage. i love it. i am a fashion don’t.

  18. Stephanie Stewart

    Could you two be any more adorable?! So glad you got to enjoy a wedding and dance the night away!

  19. Robert Hale

    Here’s to "style consistency" – Good for you!

  20. Christa Hann

    What a good lookin’ couple….and Mary when you look that beautiful in that dress wear it as much as you want :)

  21. Brooke Summer Photography

    Doesn’t it feel so weird?!

  22. Nancy

    Love the photo of you two, oh the sweetness. Glad you both were able to enjoy an evening out as wedding guests!

  23. Ray

    Awww, glad you got to enjoy a wedding as guests and not photographers. Although you are knock-your-socks-0ff good at what you do. ;o) You two are so cute. Love the photo. =D

  24. Hannele

    Yay! So glad you had fun and celebrate the day with us. Love you two!

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