August 16, 2010

Weekend Report

Whew! Good Monday Morning.

As Justin & I attempt to ease back into the week after a very exciting but exhausting weekend at his brother’s wedding (honestly, who knew being a guest at a wedding could be as exhausting as shooting one?!), we thought we’d show you some of the behind the scenes fun Justin captured with his new toy, the Olympus ep-1!

Enjoy! And more blogging goodness coming your way soon so check back in!

Aren’t we cute? And of course my shoes had to get their very own shot (what? that’s normal!) They are purple in real life.

J rockin the self portraits

Derek lookin all dapper.

The fellas.

It’s art I tell you. Art.

  1. Eliane Filho

    You Guys looked Great and I love the Shoes :) Blesses

  2. pamela Moan

    Love that you got the sailor in the background! Hope you had a great time.

  3. Cait

    You two look like you had a blast – nice shots Justin :)

  4. maggieb

    It looks like you rocked the "innocent bystander" role pretty well…you blended right in … point and shoot Justin … follow him anywhere! I want to see him behind my "Swinger"!
    (and double "oh" on your dress and shoes!)

  5. Annette

    Having seen you and Derek "grow up" for a few years I really wanted to see MORE photos of Derek, Melinda your dad and Mom. Please post more!! Thanks

  6. Justin Marantz

    Hey Annette: We were at this one as guests, so I didn’t shoot much of the day. I’m sure the official photographer will have more to share once she’s done editing.

  7. Joanna

    love the couple shot of you two!!!…is this the Mystic H?!!!

  8. Kristin

    Lookin gooooood. LOVE your dress M and the shoes.. umm to die for. And Justin the suit rocks! Also.. in the art picture I believe you cut out the starbucks just behind those trees on the right….. just sayin!

  9. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    A lack of blog posts over the weekend led me to fear you’d been kidnapped. Glad it wasn’t so. ;)

  10. Laura

    Where did you get your adorable dress?!

  11. MM

    @Laura: it’s from BCBG!! They make the BEST dresses! So girly!

  12. Evie Perez

    You two are just too cute!!! Girl you look stunning. Great pictures I am glad Justin got to play with his new toy. Love the last shot of the sailors in the picture.

  13. Alice G Patterson

    Mary you look gorgeous in that wonderful dress and those single shot worthy shoes. Your man shines up like a pretty penny too. :) xoxo

  14. MM

    @Alice: I LOVE the alliteration!

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