September 26, 2008

Welcome to our Brand Spankin’ New Blogsite!!

That’s right! It’s a blog. It’s a website. It’s a blogsite!! And it’s been over three months in the making….or 27 years depending on when you start counting. :)

First and foremost, we just want to give a HUGE shout out and a GREAT BIG bear hug thank you to Brock & Dave over at Infinet Design for totally rockin’ our world! These guys are Ahhhhh-MAZING. A+++ plus plus plus plus plus PLUS! Seriously, we would give them such brilliant creative direction like “I dunno…could this somehow look…y’know cooler?” And they would just knock our cotton socks off everytime! They are both just such awesome guys and their customer service is CRAZY good! Honestly, even if I could round up all the gold stars from all the elementary school teachers in the WORLD it wouldn’t be enough for these guys! We love them!!!

We also wanna give a GINORMOUS thank you to our beautiful friend Shyla for training all the way down from Boston to totally rock out our header pictures and video. And also for just being such a great support through this past week and being as excited about this as we are! You bless us more than you’ll ever know!

Ok, so feel free to look around! There’s TONS to see. The header has seven rotating video clips paired with seven rotating pictures…so don’t leave until you’ve seen all 49 combinations of that. :) Make sure you check out our super fun new galleries and our new video on the “about J&M” page. And definitely, definitely, definitely don’t miss the “Stuff We Love” page. This is a page filled with…you guessed it, stuff we love! You can hover over each icon to see what it is and also click on it to link to its website. We’ll be constantly updating this with the latest movies, music, television, and simple things in life that we’re loving right now. So keep checking back!

Finally, if you’re a potential client who wants to get in touch with us, just check out the “info box” section for clients at the top of the page. That’ll get you all set up!

***But now we need your help to start spreadin’ the word about our new home on the internet!! So here’s the deal… Go and blog about our new launch with a link back to us (or if you’re a client and don’t have a blog, just tell somebody else!) and then leave a message in the comment box below telling us you did, and we’ll be picking some lucky winners at random to win some fatty B&H or iTunes gift cards!! So get blogging!

  1. Joey Tenney

    Done and done. Where’s my Itunes gift card?

  2. Joey Tenney


  3. Amanda Herzberger

    Can’t wait to check it all out – so far it looks SMOKIN’!!

  4. robin dini

    looks awesome guys! i love the "things we love" section. The fact that you have a picture of john denver up there, rocks! ha ha.

  5. Julia

    Wow guys!!!! I love it! So much to look at and play with! Congratulations!

  6. Val McCormick Photography

    Love It!!! I still have to take a look around. This blogsite definately ROCKS!!! It is so cool I blogged about it ;-)

    ~Gianormous Hugs~

  7. Sarah Barlow

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! You both are seriously amazing! This blog screams you both so wonderfully!! I’m so proud of you guys and all you’ve accomplished in such a short time!! WOW.

  8. Nancy

    This look s great guys!! I love the whole look and feel of it and the header video and photos are so fun :)

  9. millie holloman

    You guys nailed it… again!!! Lovin’ the new blog it is so YOU TWO! Way to rock it out guys. Love you both!

  10. Robert J. Trenske

    Beautiful new site guys!! The video header is great, I also like the larger picture size. Congratulations!!

  11. paul McNerney

    Rock on Guys….So proud of you:)

  12. Robert J. Trenske

    Awesome new site guys, Congratulations!! I love the video header and all of the cool new things. The new photo size is awesome. Congratulations again!!

  13. Emily Mason

    Love it! It looks beautiful!!

  14. Dane Sanders

    Pretty Pretty…

  15. Mary Marantz

    You guys are the best!! We heart all of you!!


  16. Krista Photography

    I love it, you guys! Congrats :)

  17. Dorelies

    congratulations – just great!!

  18. Paul Eaton

    Awesome stuff guys! Well done!

  19. jessica del vecchio

    looks awesome! congrats!

  20. Heather Colt

    WOAH! very cool. you guys rock my cotton socks! this is so you! congrats!!

  21. Paul Manke

    BEAUTIFUL Blog!!!

  22. Tracy

    WOW!!!!!! Awesome guys, Congratulations!!!!!

  23. steve depino

    This is so amazing guys!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!

  24. Emily

    It’s official, I want to be you!

  25. Marla Rourk

    Everything here is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best… <3

  26. carla ten eyck

    WOW WOW WOW WOW! This is so pretty and so MARANTZ!! Yes, Jus you can be pretty too!! Killer job, can’t wait to have a celebratory glass of vino with you two!! xxoo

  27. Tira J

    So love it! And it is so you! Brock and Dave rock and I am counting the days to start working with them. :)

  28. Davina

    Love it! You’ve done a wonderful job making this look so YOU!

  29. Kenzie Shores

    I LOVE IT!!!

  30. Mary Marantz

    yea TOTALLY gotta give credit to Brock & Dave for that. The tag at the top and the ribbon were both allllll them!! what can I say, they just got us. And I DIG THAT ABOUT THEM, Jerry!!

  31. Samantha Jones

    Love, love, love it!!

  32. Samantha Jones

    Love, love, love it!!

  33. Juan Carlos

    I love it! great style, I dont have the pleasure of meeting you guys but I hope I can some day.

  34. Fabuluxe Photos


  35. Kathleen Trenske

    LOVE the new site, you guys did a great job… makes Rob & I even more excited (and anxious) for ours to be done. :)

  36. Jerome Braga


  37. JC Carley

    Awesome site!! Congrats!

  38. Gina Leigh

    I am IN LOVE with your new blogsite! Those rotating headers are incredible! Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!

    Gina Leigh

  39. Alissa

    The site is beautiful. It looks SO GOOD!! Congrats!

  40. Sarah McCoy

    I don’t win anything, but you can’t win if you don’t play :)

    Love the new site guys. Looks terrific :)

  41. Sarah McCoy

    By the way…Mario Kart rocks my world too!

  42. Anne

    Congrats!!! How juicy are those headers?! HEllloooo NURSE! ;-) I totally hit refresh like 10-15 times before I even started reading- it was hot! I have to ask you about the Inn in VT – thinking about an anniversary getaway there. ;-)

  43. Talia

    LOVE the new site guys. Looks incredible!!

  44. Andrew Bryant

    LOVE the new blog/site… it’s totally you guys in every way!!!! Classic and timeless with a bit of an edge. :)

  45. sofia negron

    LOVE the new site!! It looks amazing! The photos are awesome too. You Rock!

  46. Raw Photo Design

    Daaaaaaamn….this friggin’ kicks some serious ass. And I thought my new site that is on its way was cool. You just put me to shame!

  47. Seshu

    What a sweet looking site! Congratulations. And I bet it was quite a thrill working with Brock and Dave. They are superstars in my book!

  48. Detra Dowling

    I love that you can give out just one address for your web and blog! How cool are you? Congrats on your new site!!! :-)

  49. Eileen Broderick

    Whoa. I am floored! I can’t wait to explore all the nooks and crannies! This baby is spectacular! Congrats!

  50. Ryan Rowell

    Once I got over the jelousy factor of my initial impression, and the design being so damn close to what I was designing for my own site. I stopped and thought, wow, you guys did this right, and the execution is wonderful. I would say this site wraps up the two of you in a nice bow, but there is only ribbon no bow here. :) all the best guys. I am off to revamp my ideas now.

  51. Wayne Toshikazu

    Love it, guys. Waaaaaaaay awesome job!

  52. Brian Khang

    Nice blog guys.. fancy fancy. Congrats and keep the good times rollin’!

  53. bill keane

    Always so creative and thoughtful! Great new site. Phenomenal step forward.

  54. Mary

    Hey Bill!! Omigosh! Thanks for stopping by!

  55. Natalie & Chris

    Whoopsie, late to work today and you know what? I totally blame you both! Here’s the deal-e-o, I’m just doing my thang this morning, putting "my face" on for work…when Chris starts scoping out the new site in the background and when I see all this fun and flashy stuff going on in the mirror I became totally distracted and duh…useless! What, something new & shiny?! Admitedly yesterday we scoped it out too – & Chris quickly became side-tracked himself playing one of the linked games! =) What can I say, you guys (& your super cool blogsite) are addictive! Love it! Can’t wait to explore more of it. Work Shmork, I’m still on honeymoon mode! SMOOCHES!!

  56. erich camping

    Bravo!! Beautiful blogsite! Simple, clean..sure to be packed full of amazing images!! All the best:)

  57. Mel

    I LOVE this new site. It’s so awesome. We wanna get together with you guys soon. Let us know what your schedule looks like for the next couple of weeks. Hope to hear from you guys soon!!!

  58. Audra

    Awesome site! I rocked a blog post about you guys:

  59. Erik Maziarz

    Looks GREAT guys! Love how it’s your blog and web site all rolled into one. Super colors, branding, and of course photos! Really, this is just killer!

  60. Erin Harvey

    Ohmygosh, I LOVE all of this! I totally got a kick out of the "Stuff we love"… some of those things are so random, and random is totally my thing! =) Is that a wig??

  61. Mary Marantz

    hmmm….do you mean the Michael Myers mask? It’s from the movie Halloween!! You can hover over all of them to see what they are and then if you click on them they’ll link to its website. pretty cool, right?! :)

  62. Tara Sharma

    Love the new look and that searching tag at the top! Great look and love the rotating images of you guys….did infinet design your new logo as well? very nice. Congratulations!!

  63. Jasmine*

    Perfection. To the Nth degree. Multiplied by two. This is THAT cool. Love you guys! :)

  64. dawn & bob davis

    Love, LOVE, Love your new blogsite! We’re on the list to begin working with Infinet… SO EXCITING!!!! I’m incredibly happy for you both to have accomplished such an amazing way to showcase your work and who you are! Many blessings!!!! ~ Dawn

  65. Cheryl Cronin

    Love the new blog!!! I’m scheduled for february with Infinet design – Now that I see how cool yours is I can’t wait. You Marantz’s are awesome!

  66. j. shipley

    i love your new blogsite. awesome. so fun. and beautiful. but most importantly, you! love it!

  67. Armin

    Blogsite looks great! Infinet does some great work! Congrats =)

  68. Tina

    Awesome new site!!! I LOVE it and the movie clips are killer! You two are just too clever! Exceptionally beautiful job!

  69. Ed Lopez

    Absolutely beautiful shots guys… I LOVE the depth of field usage. My favorite pic is the one where Chris and the boys are just walking towards the camera. SUPER SHOT! I cannot wait to see what Justin & Mary do for our family photo shoot. A+

  70. Sherrie Pasko

    What a great blog and beautiful images!! I found your blog from your post on the [b] school and I look forwarding to continuing to read it!

  71. laurie Crutchfield

    so I know I’m a dog for just know checking it out but wow!!!!!! your blog is amazing now the only thing left is to go to see more of it!

  72. Joan Solitario

    WOW! So infinet designs did your site too!? I’m definitely considering them to do ours next year. THANKS for introducing yourselves to me by commenting on my ever so humble blog heheh:-D

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