January 3, 2010

We’re Back!!!

Well after nearly a week of falling off the face of the planet while we finished our move, I am happy to say that WE’RE BACK!! This past week has easily been one of the most trying & difficult times of our lives. At varying times we went without water, internet, food, my hairdryer broke, and yes we even slept on our infamous deflating air mattress a few nights. Let me just say that the fact he is still married to me is just a testament to how loving & amazing Justin actually is. He must love me. I mean reeeeeeeallllly love me to put up with me this past week. Because to say that I’ve been a raving maniac would be the understatement of the YEAR!

But today we turned the key on a clean & totally empty apartment, as well as that chapter of our lives. Right now I feel like we’re sort of hanging out on the “Part II” page of a really good book. Not quite ready to turn the page to the next chapter yet, but definitely finished with the previous one. But hey, Part II ain’t so bad. Right now we’re chillin’ at the Hyatt Place Suites, where when you walk in the door their front desk is a STARBUCKS counter. No I’m not kidding. For a second there, I thought I had actually died & gone to heaven. I guess there is some part of me that imagines that when I get there, the pearly gates will come with your own personal angelic barista. Is that just me?

So we finally have all the amenities of life again. Internet. Water (in hot tub form, no less), a bed with a real mattress, and a new hair dryer. And we’re ready to get back at it. First on the agenda is *finally* announcing the winner of our ornament contest! But I have good reason why it was delayed! See I had this whole grand plan where I was going to take a picture of our new nautical ornaments as a nice lead in to this post. But then I found out our cameras were already packed up. So plan B, I decided to take a picture of the ornament with our point & shoot (with on camera flash & all!) and I was going to talk about how we had to resort to primitive means to take said picture. But THEN I found out the card reader for the p&s had already been packed up. Soooo we tried to go & buy a card reader, because finding it in that stack of bins would’ve been like the great hunt for a needle in a haystack. But we couldn’t find one. Which, as it turns out, really didn’t matter because somewhere in the mean time of looking for the card reader, the point & shoot got packed up too! Oy.

So there you go. I’m reduced to just pulling a picture off the internet of what our ornament would’ve looked like if we hadn’t boxed up our entire lives and put them into neatly stacked, color coded bins. Can you see where the raving maniac part comes in??

So without further ado (and before my computer gets packed up right in front of me), the winner of the ornament contest is Katie for her entry:

My favorite is a ballerina ornament with one leg broken off. I’ve had it since I was six, and it’s a great reminder that Christmas isn’t about being perfect, it’s about just being there and appreciating what you have.

Oh Katie, if you only knew how true this is for us right now in our disheveled state! Thank you for the reminder. And if you’ll kindly send us your address to justin@justinmarantz.com we will gladly thank you properly with a Crate & Barrel gift card!

In other related news, Christine Pobke was recently our lucky number 9,000th commenter & the winner of a $50 iTunes card!! Christine, if you could shoot us your addy too, that would be awesome! And as always, thank you to ALL of you for sharing the ride. The ups the downs…the missing items. It makes my heart happy knowing that you’re out there rooting for us. No matter how disheveled we might get.

With so much love & appreciation,
the temporarily homeless J&M

  1. Alice

    Moving is NEVER easy, but add moving your business, and a two to three month working trip on top of that… it’s no wonder you’ve been on edge! Then you take the time to share with your readers plus sending out prizes…that is the kind of stuff super heroes are made of! Maybe slightly disheveled, but super none the less! xoxo

  2. Jean Marie

    Those are from Crate and Barrel, right? :D I actually received one for Christmas this year. Positively adorable. :)

  3. MM

    @Jean Marie: Yes!! Love that place! :)

  4. Jody Gray

    RIP little airmattress… RIP

  5. Brent Pilgrim

    Talk about bad luck with the cameras! Isn’t that always the way it goes?

  6. Feuza

    temporarily homeless, you crack me up and by the way if you ever want to do a post without a picture, no worries we love your writing just as much! glad you made it and will be on road soon, see you wed

  7. Cathy Crawley

    Welcome back! Can’t wait to see photos of the house when it’s all finished!

  8. Jil

    welcome back & happy new year!!

  9. maggieb

    welcome home on all fronts!!!

  10. feuza

    oh I and I stayed at that hotel in Nashville, was impressed not only by Starbucks but by their killer branding

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