October 20, 2009

Westport Wedding: Alison & Matt (Part IV)

And now, the conclusion of Matt & Ali’s big day!! What better place to pick up than their first dance! I love how proud Matt was to lead Ali out on the floor.

Ali’s dad kicked off the toasts

And then Matt’s brother took over.

Because he & Matt share a love of racing, he handed over to Ali a black caution flag during his toast. So she can let Matt know if he’s ever on thin ice! :P Awesome!!

And finally, Ali’s sister Val rounded things up.

Now here’s where the homework part comes in to play. Pencils ready? Remember how I told you Matt loves his car? Well it also turns out that one of the first times Matt knew he was going to spend the rest of his life with Ali was when he took her to a car show and she knew more about the cars than he did. So of course, it was only fitting that Ali surprise Matt with this killer groom’s cake shaped like….yep, you guessed it….his Porche race car!!!

Check this bad boy OUT!!!

Turning it into a Targa convertible :)

The End….but for these guys, it’s only the beginning.

  1. Casey Figlewicz

    I follow your blog every day. You guys such amazing blk & wht images. Whats the secret? Also how do you get such amazing smooth, creamy skin tones? You guys rocked this wedding!!

  2. Ray

    LOVE the black flag thing at the toast. Matt’s brother’s a smart man!! Hehe. =D I love that last photo of Matt & Alison kissing on the dance floor. Awesome! And I also love the photo of Alison and her dad dancing and how the purple is accentuated throughout the room. Also killer groom’s cake. So cool when it ties in to the things that the couple loves.

  3. Erica Velasco

    One thing I love about your photography is that it’s always so crisp and the lighting is amazing at the receptions! How do you do that so well!

  4. Lisa H. Chang

    What an incredible wedding! I’m drooling over these photos … :)

  5. imthiaz houseman

    wow, what a beautiful wedding. i love all of the posts…great job!

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