December 16, 2015

What December Looks Like


Well, one thing is certain. Our December this year does NOT look like this! At a balmy 60 degrees and sunny, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s less than ten days to Christmas & I keep feeling like maybe we’ve lost our minds and accidentally decorated the house in May instead! :)

And yet in other ways, this December is exactly what I’ve always wanted it to look like. We have space to breathe. An unhurried pace is starting to settle in around our house and we are getting used to what it’s like to not be in perpetual motion for once. There are mugs of tea and cozy blankets and the smell of pine (both in real wreath and candle form) filling this house. There are more puppy snuggles than I’ve gotten to have in months and an abundance of Christmas movies and homemade soup. I don’t know about you, but I could use a LOT more December. And so in honor of that, here are just a few glimpses of our life we’re loving lately!

* We love Christmas movies AND save the world movies. When you combine these two, you get my favorite Christmas movie of all time…Die Hard 2!

*Just kidding. My real favorite Christmas movie of all time is It’s a Wonderful Life. Every year I save it until Christmas Eve, and every year I cry like a baby.

*I have a mild sweater obsession and have bought no less than 5 just since December started. Even better if it’s fair isle.

*The wind blew so hard in off the water the other night that it ripped the plug prongs out of one of our lit wreaths on the house and left them lodged in the extension cord. When I went to fix it…I got electrocuted! Seriously, WHO gets electrocuted from Christmas decor?? Me and that cat on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation would be good friends! Raaarrrrrr!

*We have this recipe for White Bean, Sausage, Kale soup and it is AMAZING! Even more amazing? Eating it together side by side at our new kitchen island. I know that sounds simple, but we have waited MONTHS to be home long enough to actually cook & eat things at the new island and I’m LOVING it.

*We have been doing lots of calls with the music venue The Fillmore to put everything together for The Event on Jan 5th outside of DC and it kind of makes me feel like Rayna James on Nashville talking to our sound crew. Now if only I could sing!

*I’m realizing that I have a real problem with over-scheduling and thinking I can do all the things. #allthethings. So Justin has put me on a strict “don’t add anything to the calendar” detox for all of December. And I have to tell you….all those empty white boxes on my iCal are like water for my soul!

*I’ve been reading through “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it’s kind of making me want to get rid of everything and become a minimalist. Well, except for fair isle sweaters. You can never have to many of those! :)

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Jessica Frey

    Yea for empty white boxes and dinners around your new kitchen island!! Sending hugs and christmas prayers to you guys, thank you for giving so much this year of your time and talents! Love you!

  2. Amanda Jackson

    Mm! Mary, I want that recipe! :) Homemade soup is so heartwarmingly delicious!

    Oh no! Jeremy recently got electrocuted too, but it wasn’t from Christmas decor. Haha! Glad you’re ok!

    I too have been reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it has been a game changer! Lately, I have been getting rid of so much and it is so freeing. I actually feel lighter somehow.

    Hope you two have a lovely Christmas! I just love this time of year; it’s full of time to breathe and recoup for the coming new year. Love you guys!

  3. Alexandra {Heart Love Always}

    Oh, I love It’s a Wonderful Life! And sweaters! I keep starting off my day in a sweater, having to change midday, and then throwing it back on at night though!! hahaha! This weather is cra-zy!! I don’t hate it though ;) Merry Christmas, Justin and Mary! xoxoxo

  4. Spring

    that book changed my life! it sounds silly but I read it on vacation and now that we are FINALLY in our house i’m working on getting all my clothes in one spot so i can ask myself if they bring me joy or not. I mean really what better question to ask yourself when it comes to anything in life. and i’m with you fair isle sweaters are defiantly in the “yes they bring my joy” pile.

  5. Amanda Manupella

    Ahh… can I admit I’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life from beginning to end ??? And you’ve just made my Christmas eve night a better one!! Putting it on the list.

  6. Brooke

    Love this! It’s a Wonderful Life is my most favorite holiday movie of all time and I watch it every year too – and ALWAYS cry! This year I decided to gift it to my clients, as they’re a part of the reason my life really is wonderful :) Hoping they can take time from the bustle of the holiday season to sit down together and have a feel-good moment watching it!!

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