May 18, 2015

What Every One of Us Should Read About “Hustle”

This is my birthday week! (YAY!) And we are gearing up to….well, wind down I suppose! :) We are getting ready to go away for a few days to celebrate my birthday, and I don’t know about everyone else out there, but anytime we’re about to go away for a few days I always do this same thing to myself. I start by making a list. Not a normal, human, mere mortal to-do list mind you. But a super-human list of every possible thing that anyone could ever possibly need from us ever. Things that would never make it on a normal day to day to-do list and nobody ever really needs or has thought about in months, but I somehow become convinced that they suddenly have to get done in the next 48 hours before I can truly relax on vacation. Or maybe, more to the point, that if they don’t get done….that if I go away without a truly clean slate & everything to zero, then maybe I don’t actually deserve a vacation.

Now, before you judge me too much for that last statement…I’m not saying I actually believe that or that I’m not in fact going to still take the darn vacation (because I AM!). What I’m talking about is that gnawing feeling that I think each of us deals with on some level at some point that we’re just… not enough.  That the work we’ve done isn’t enough. That what we’ve given isn’t enough. That there’s always more, more, more to be done. And who are we to rest when the list is ever growing?

God has been working on my heart in this area in a BIG way this year. Convincing me, ever so slowly but surely that my worth isn’t based on how many boxes I’ve checked off. That I’m not defined by how many things I can fit into one day. That when I say silly, silly things like “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”….I’m actually missing out on this beautiful life that’s right in front of me. This life He’s given me.  I swear to you some days, He’s actually using my inbox as spiritual proof that there will always be more things that will come in to do. But there is also only ONE chance to dance in the kitchen with your husband right now, to walk on the sea wall in the morning fog because it will be gone before we know it, to hug a ten year old puppy waiting for you to not be busy. That, in the words of Cheryl Strayed in the book/movie Wild, “There’s a sunrise and a sunset every day, and you can choose to be there for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty.” Lately God has been speaking to me on this everywhere, from the movies I watch to the letters that show up on my doorstep to the books that I’m reading.

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Just this past week, I read two passages in the book Savor (that I’ve already talked about here & think everyone should get!), but these two in particular I just felt like EVERYONE needed to hear them right now. So I combined them into one post and included them below. Today, let’s choose to put down the superwoman capes, to stop being everything to everyone…and to put the first things first.

“I think I’ve been in a hurry for almost seven years. And since then, it seems I’ve been running against the clock. I’ve been stacking things up, plan upon plan upon plan. I’ve been cramming things in-pushing, hustling, scurrying. I’ve been strategizing, multi-tasking, layering commitments one upon another like bricks. ‘Frantic’ is when your mind has to work seven steps ahead instead of just being where you are, because this deadline is coming up and the laundry has to get done before that trip, and now you need to beg for more time on this project. Again.

I’m not alone. So many of us are really, really tired of the hustle. And the next right thing is to slow down, go back to the beginning, to stop. I’m done with frantic. The new baseline for me will be: will saying yes to this require me to live in a frantic way?

This is the year of more love, less hustle. When I say “hustle,” what I mean is that voice that tells you to get up off the couch as soon as you sit down for even a second. That voice that says you’re never done, do more, think ahead, plan ahead, hold it together, go, go, go. Hustle isn’t about your job, necessarily, or my job necessarily. I know people who work more than I do, longer than I do, with a lot more success and pressure, and they don’t hustle. And I know people who have very few demands on their time or very little financial pressure or whatever it is, and still….they’re always, always hustling.

It’s about your to-do list, but MORE than that it’s about what it is inside you that made you sign up for all that in the first place. 

The word that rings in my mind is anti-frantic. Present with my kids. Present to my own life.

This is the year of more love, less hustle.

Today let the fearful voice of hustle be overwhelmed and silenced by love.” -Shauna Niequist

  1. Natalie

    Oh Mary! I needed this today! After a double header weekend I feel frantic… I’m needing these next few days off more than I ever have in my life! Thank you for the beautiful reminder! Thank you for sharing your heart! See you soon!

  2. katelyn james

    love this:)

  3. sharon elizabeth

    yes…. all of this is on my heart too.. and has been for quite some time… no more hustle… more life and love

  4. Tori Watson

    yes, yes, yes, YES. i’m soooo ready to lay down the frantic hustle and just try to LIVE one day at a time. this was so timely with what i posted today, too. i guess God knows what He’s trying to teach me, too. :) thanks for sharing, Mary. love your heart.

  5. Caitlin

    Yes to this, and thank for sharing. The culture of busy, of boosting people up who check off the most boxes instead of lifting up the ones who are living the best, I wish that would shift. Reading things like this helps. Have a wonderful birthday week, Mary!

  6. Bethanne

    I absolutely love this post. You are just amazing Mary and filled with so much wisdom!
    Thank you for telling me, and everyone, that it’s okay to slow down and take life in! <3
    Happy Birthday, I hope you guys have an AMAZING week!

  7. Brenda Landrum

    Amen! Over the last 9 months God has been showing me that my ‘hustle’ and obsession over my photography business has taken me away from my family, my 10 year old girl, and my life. I had been living and breathing photography for too many years and giving it more weight then anything else in my life. God has made me realize that He never wanted that for me or my family. That instead He wants me to be present for my daughter and husband and to be in a place of love. Not stress and frustration. The word ‘hustle’ is abused and makes us feel (especially woman in my opinion) feel like we are never enough. God knows we are always enough and if we focus on Him and where He wants us to go, life will always be full.

  8. Reese

    I passed by that book yesterday as I left Barnes & Noble and I made a note to check it out because of the word Savor. Today you post about it. There isn’t enough space here to convey the timing and meaning of your post.

  9. Nikki Santerre

    Oh, friend. So often I come to this space and find exactly what my weary little heart needs to hear. Thank you for sharing this today!

  10. Sarah H.

    This is perfect! Needed this today for sure!

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  12. Rici

    Oh YESSS! Truth be spoken right here! I love it when you share your heart and your God stories! So precious! And so few know how to! You are a great example to me. So, Thank you!!! God is ever the gentlemen, isn´t he? Moving things at your pace. So beautiful. I hope He wishers every day to you, that you are truly enough. Perfect words!!! <3

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