January 23, 2009

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

On Wednesday, Justin & I had the MOST amazing of all the amazing opportunities when we were invited to speak to the entire student body of the Hallmark Institute of Photography. I really can’t tell you how much these guys touched my heart. EVERYBODY….from the students to every last faculty member…they were all so good to us and made us feel so welcome the entire day. The AV staff they have there is INSANE…they met us at the door, took the computer, and we didn’t have to worry about a single thing the rest of the day. As you can see from the post before this one, they have a killer set up going on up there and these guys really did everything they needed to, to make us look good (and let me tell you…that’s a LOT!). So we just wanted to take a second to send a HUGE thank you to everyone up at Hallmark, especially the man himself Mr. Vern McClish, for totally rockin’ our world and making us feel so loved! We love ALL of you guys!

We also want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Miss Leia Jobe, Hallmark student extraordinaire, for snapping these shots of us in action!!

I am clearly doing the “mannequin” in this shot…it IS a killer dance move afterall.

Check this out! Someone snuck out and left this message on our (extremely dirty!) mini….logo and all! How AWESOME is that?!

Not long after we started driving home, the iPhone started blowing up with some of the nicest emails I’ve ever gotten in my life. no seriously, EV-ER. (evah, evah) But I guess it makes sense….I mean the place IS called Hallmark after all. Cause, y’know… that’s when you care enough to send the very best. :)

In all seriousness though, when someone does something like this for you, when they go out of their way to make sure that you know what it means to them. That what you do counts . Well, that particular brand of thoughtfulness deserves to be recognized. So we grabbed a few of our favorites and we’re going to post them here. But, let me be absolutely clear: we aren’t posting these here to show you just how awesome we think *WE* are….quite the opposite…but rather to show you just how awesome we think THEY are.

And let me tell you…they really are.

“Justin & Mary,

I wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks from the Hallmark student body for the time you spent with us yesterday afternoon.  There was an obvious enthusiasm and wit to your presentation which I found endearing.  The rush of people to the stage at each break was evidence enough, but it could not go without mentioning.

For me personally, you were very relatable and I often found myself saying “are they talking directly to me”?  We appreciated your candor and freedom in sharing the ins and outs of your business.   It’s very exciting to see success through the eyes of two people who have given their all.

Having left a software engineering job to attend Hallmark, I can relate to the feeling of having “sold out”.  I’m working on changing that though!  I will be returning to Dallas in June and would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’d love the opportunity to work with you between now and then.  I’m willing to travel on my own dime for the chance to shadow, assist, or just spritz your “clients turned friends”  with Evian!   All humor aside, I admire your work and how you choose to carry it out.”Monika M. Shepherd

“I enjoyed your talk yesterday at Hallmark so much, it was awesome.  It was just filled with hope and inspiration and there was so much love – it was just the best.  I loved that there was feeling in your talk, we’ve had other speakers but this was the only time where it didn’t just sink into my head, but also my heart.  Thank you so much for coming to talk to us!” – Lily

“Just wanted to say I loved your guys lecture yesterday at Hallmark. I got a ton of good info out of it and you guys are marketing geniuses in my opinion. Definitely an inspiration. I’m looking to start my own wedding photography/portrait business very similar to the way you guys run yours so I took a ton of good stuff away from it.” -Chris Pino

“First of all, you guys really touched me. I loved your entire business, and a lot of us did. We were talking that now we want to get married (I was not the only one). And specially because you work as a great couple, and that shows that there is hope after the party!!! I just wanted to say thanks, I loved it!!!

Thank you Justin, Thank you Mary”. – Tiare Gonzalez

” I feel both intellectually and emotionally overwhelmed, and it is an awesome feeling. It makes me feel all motivated and determined.  We have had some really  awesome and talented guest speakers thus far, but ya’ll were my favourite.

I shot weddings for a few years before coming to Hallmark and I LOVE photographing them.  Seeing how your business is set up (people first) kind of blew me away. It is VERY refreshing to hear of a successful business that puts people first.  I really feel so dang inspired right now!  Thank you!! You were both dazzling today. Thank you so much for coming here and sharing with us.” Sara Renee Murray

  1. Dad M

    Wow!!!! Add to this the call I got from one of my clients whose wife was there, she was raving to him about you, it makes a parent feel mighty proud!

  2. Amanda Herzberger

    Well we already knew you guys rocked….now more people know :) Can’t wait for Spread the Love!!! xoxo

  3. Gwen Tundermann

    That is awesome! You two have a special gift, and it goes far beyond photography!

  4. Candice Dowling

    Sounds like so much fun! I’m really looking forward to Wednesday!!

  5. Erik Maziarz

    Sounds like you guys are truly "spreading the love"! :-) Way to go! Can’t wait for next week . . .

  6. Dennis Bullock

    Wow it sounds like you guys had a great day and touched may!

  7. Betsy

    I was really looking forward to Spread the Love, but now I’m really, really, REALLY excited to go! I can bring my camera, right? :) See you on Wednesday!

  8. Katie Lewis

    I’m so happy that your experience at Hallmark was a great one. I knew you’d be treated amazingly! It’s nice to know that you were such an inspiration to the students!

  9. pinky

    thats so awesome!!

  10. Christopher

    That must have been so much fun to do!

  11. Deyla Huss Photography

    HOW FUN!!! I so wish I was there listening to you both, what a great opportunity!

  12. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  13. Robin Dini

    way to go guys! that’s wonderful! Spread that love all over the place!

  14. Pascal

    Whoa! That must have been a great experience. I hope you had loads of fun guys!

  15. Emily Grangrade

    Your lecture was the best so far in my book. I check out your blog almost every day to see what’s new! Thanks again for coming. I loved it!

  16. jenniferL

    wow… that’s awesome!

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