November 18, 2013

Whirlwind in Miami

Whew child. Whew.

The past few days have been an absolute whirlwind.

We left Maine on Thursday and by Friday morning we were in Miami (with just a short stopover at home to swap suitcases…Fair Isle sweaters don’t really work in Florida!) As soon as we landed, we hit the ground running and went right into shooting Indhu & Greg’s rehearsal at The Fairchild Botanical Gardens & then their rehearsal dinner. Saturday was a twelve hour wedding with these guys & the incredible team at B.Belle Events at The Biltmore Hotel (one of my all time favorite venues EVER) and The Fairchild. And boy ohhhh boy was it a STUNNER!!!! Seriously, I can’t WAIT to show you guys this one. Just take a look at this ceremony set up….ombre, rose-filled aisle for the win!

Saturday night we headed back to the hotel, finished backing up the cards, and then went straight to bed. That’s because we had to be back up at 6am the next morning to go teach at Mentors in Miami. This is their third year putting this event on & we were SO honored to be the guest speakers this year! The set up when we got there was INSANE and made that early wake up call totally worth it! They had two Rolls Royces, multiple stunning table set ups, the grounds of the gorgeous Curtiss Mansion, and three beautiful couples in dresses like the one below. Yea. I die.

We taught at MIM right up until around 4pm and then we had to hop in our car & race over to the Fountainebleau Hotel for our engagement shoot with Baylor & Larry. Luckily, we made great time & even got to grab some mojitos with them before heading out to the beach to catch THIS sunset.

As the shoot was wrapping up, I just sat there staring at the sky for a few seconds and my heart was so, so thankful. Thankful that we were there. Thankful for all the incredible things we got to do in the space of just 48 hours and how crazy that this life is really ours. Thankful that we didn’t keel over in the process! :)

I am just so, so thankful.

So clearly we have our work cut out for us before we can show you guys all of these amazing shoots. But for now, we are keeping with our post wedding- brunch tradition and heading back to The Biltmore to sit and breath and eat french toast.

Happy Monday friends!

**Almost all of the pictures above are from Instagram! If you would like to keep up with all of our adventures as they happen, you can follow us HERE & HERE!!

  1. Urška Majer

    Wow, trhat ombre aisle! Love it as much as all this other sneak peaks! Can’t wait to see more from this crazy weekend of yours :)

  2. Sarah Goodwin

    I can’t wait to see more of that incredible sunset and Baylor & Larry’s photos of course!

  3. polyana Honorato

    It was sooo nice meeting you both! The workshop was amazing! Thanks for coming to Miami and teaching such a good class! Im glad that I was able to attend! I def learned a lot from you guys! Thanks once again:)

  4. Tiffany Farley

    HOW are you two standing right now? I think I reached for my coffee mug just while reading it! Power. House. :)

  5. Alice G Patterson

    Totally in love with that ombre flower petal aisle – amazing!

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