December 13, 2012

Win a 5d Mark III or a Nikon D800!!!

Good morning friends!!!

I feel like every post I’ve been writing this month has started with a “Today we are SO excited to tell you/show you/announce….”

And it’s true. December has been a pretty crazy exciting month. And a pretty just plain crazy month. We’re finalizing tour venues and ordering things for the bus, plus putting together a TON of fun surprises for all you amazing attendees out there. Not to mention Christmas shopping, holiday orders, sending out client gifts (we are at the moment, I kid you not, chin deep in shipping boxes), and oh yea….planning a three day live event from our home starting on Monday. Where I hope to change into something other than my yoga pants.

Fingers crossed. :)

So yea, it’s crazy. But here’s the thing…. it’s also the exact same stuff that we have been waiting and waiting and dreaming for in our business, for what feels like years now. So I’m not going to think about how crazy it is or how much there is still left to do.

Instead, I’m just going to throw my arms up and enjoy the ride. And I may or may not shout “WHEEEE” while I’m at it.

And so, keeping with that theme, today we are SOOOOOO :) excited to announce that we are partnering with one of our amazing sponsors on the What’s Next Tour, Adorama, who we are so SO thankful for to give away a camera on the very last day of the tour. On January 25th, we will announce the results and one lucky winner will get their choice of either a Canon 5d Mark III or a Nikon D800!! Anyone can enter, and all you have to do is click on this link HERE & follow the instructions.

And then promise me that whatever it is you have on your plate today, you will take a second to remember to throw your arms up & enjoy the ride!

  1. Monica Justesen Photography

    Arms up…celebrating commenced! ;]

  2. Brandon

    Hi Justin & Mary,

    Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win one of these life changing cameras! What about any non-Facebook users that would like to participate? Thanks again.

  3. Christa

    A chance to win a D800!?! Eeee…so exciting! You guys are truly amazing :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Tiffany Bolk

    Arms are definitely up! I took a jump recently and I’m really looking forward to 2013!

  5. Katherine

    Thank You for the opportunity to win the D800!!! Have a wonder-filled Holiday season one and all.

  6. philan

    just wondering where you got your padding/peanuts from i have been looking for peanuts alternative and those look good.

  7. Justin Marantz

    @Philan The wood shavings came from Sylvacurl of Vermont

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