January 4, 2013

Win a Seat to the What If Conference-Dominican Republic !!

Good morning & Happy Friday!

And boy do we have a way to kick your weekend off right! Today we are SO excited to be able to give away not one, but TWO seats to the What If Conference taking place this February in the Dominican Republic!!! Can I get a collective WOO….HOOOOO?!! :)

As some of you may recall, Justin & I attended the first ever What If Conference in Cabo right around this time last year, and then we were super honored to be able to speak at the second one in Portland in July. To put it mildly, these conferences shook us up and rocked our world. Because something really, really powerful happens when you start asking yourself “What if?” …those what if’s start to turn into WHY NOT’S?? Purely from being challenged to think outside of our comfort zone, to question the limits we had always placed on ourselves, to get a little dangerous, to be willing to go where the path wasn’t already beaten to death, and frankly to be completely scared out of our minds…..and kind of like it a little. From all of that, I can say that SO much that has happened to us in the past year came from those first few days poolside in Cabo, daring to ask ourselves the whisper of a question…..what if?

What IF…we honored a soldier at WPPI & sent his family to Disney?
What IF….we went to Australia to visit our new friends Janine & Lauren and put on a workshop while we were there?
What IF….we wrote a book in the midst of our busiest season ever and finished it at a gas station in South Carolina?
What IF….we took a bus out on the road & went on a crazy ten city What’s Next Tour to kick off 2013?

What if….

Two very, very powerful words indeed. Scary words, frustrating words….because we don’t want to think about what we’re NOT doing. But words that will change everything for you if you’re willing to consider the possibility. I know it’s really hard as small business owners to justify spending money on education that is not strictly technical. If it doesn’t teach you photoshop actions or camera settings, it feels like something you shouldn’t be spending money on. But I am here to tell you that investing in your business and your ability to DO something about those big dream you so often ask to be quiet, will bring back just as much if not MORE in returns. Because what good is knowing your camera settings if you never have the courage to say “because one day, I would love to shoot in the lavender fields of France”?

No? Is that just me? :)

Well whatever your dream is….what good is it, if you never once entertain the idea of WHAT IF it could really happen??

If you’re looking for something that will give you that big healthy, tough love, brutal shove right out of your comfort zone…..if you’re ready to stop talking & start doing, then do this for yourself. Sign up for the next What If Conference….and get a chance to get out of the cold, work on your tan, while you’re working on building a life you can be proud of!. As an extra bonus, when you use the code “JM50” that will get you $50 off a same studio seat and “JM100” will get you $100 off a learner seat. Get on it!

For our giveaway, we are going to be doing that over on our J&M facebook page. So head on over (you’ll have to like the page to be able to see it!) and you’ll see a post pinned at the top with what you have to do. Deadline for entry is Sunday at 10pm EST. We’ll be announcing the winners on Monday! And I know the seats are filling up like crazy, so if you want to go ahead and grab your spot then it can be refunded if you win! And….GO!!

  1. Tiffany Bolk

    You two are amazing as always and I would love this! I read your blog practically everyday (so I’m a little stalkerish) but you always inspire me!

  2. Jeanine

    What if I had the confidence and training to market myself and my photography the way I know it COULD be done. To feel excited about booking a photo shoot rather than terrified that I was going to screw it up before it even happens. I would LOVE to win a seat!

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