September 12, 2012

Win a Set of Pocketwizard Plus III’s!!!

Ahhhhh it’s the age old debate.

Going back as far as RAW v. jpeg, Apple v. PC, Jen v. Brad….there’s always been Nikon. V. Canon.

And boy oh boy do we get passionate about it.

As for us and our household, it will always be Nikon. Or as we always like to say I got a Niiiiiikon camera, love to take a photograph. (And, for the record and because I know you’re really dying to know :), we are also RAW, Apple, and Jen all the way….well with the exception of Wanderlust. Seriously babe, you gotta READ the scripts before you agree to take them).

We love Nikon for the super sharp glass, the focal points that go all the way out toward the edge so we never have to do the head bob of the focus & recompose :), the low light capability, and the fact that everything always just works. Yea there was that problem with the hot shoe on the D700 that made all the flashes fire off repeatedly….but we just liked to think of it as our portable rave machine. ooonce ooonce ooonce ooonce oonce-oonce-oonce It was epic.

But mostly we just love Nikon because it was the first camera Justin ever picked up in high school. The camera he was holding when he fell in love with the magic of photography. And the camera that he taught both myself and now Julia on. It’s just a part of who we are.

And let me tell you, if “I {heart} Nikon” shirts existed….I’d have one in every color.

BUT, we recognize that people can feel just as strongly about Canon. And we’re always the first to say that it’s not the tool you work with, but what you do with it that really matters. So we thought we’d dedicated this This or That to the age old debate, and give you all a chance to sound off once and for all on whether it’s Nikon or Canon for you. AND to make it just a little more interesting, we’re going to be pick one lucky commenter to win a set of the brand new Pocketwizard Plus III that we are also loving these days. And no worries….they work on either Nikon or Canon. And…..GO!!

  1. Michelle

    I’m totally a Canon girl. But , I still love your blog and I’d still love to win a Pocketwizard Plus III

  2. Maggie Wright

    I was given a Canon 50D as a congratulations gift from my boss for running the 2008 Chicago Marathon. That sent me down the Canon trail!

  3. Dawn Temple

    I am Canon (don’t hate me!), but really it’s only because it’s the brand I’ve used forever. And I always say: "Do not hand me a Nikon to shoot with, because I don’t want to know what I might be missing!" Ha!

  4. Julie James

    Sooo… I’m a Canon owner, yet I’ve tried a Nikon (and it was okay…), I will love my Canon for ever and ever and ever! :)

  5. KatieB

    I’m a Canon girl too, but would love to win one of these!

  6. Lisa Ellen

    I am a Nikon girl … that is what my dear mentor shoots and therefore what I shoot! :)

  7. Laura Kaster

    There are pluses and minuses to both, but I really love working with my Nikon. The quality of the lenses just can’t be beat, IMO. Also love the increased ISO capabilities in lower light situations.

    And it’s pretty. :)

  8. Brittany Wong


  9. Skylar

    Nikon all the way!!! I love love love my D3s and wouldn’t trade it for the world!!! Its the best. Definitely Nikon forever!!!

  10. Skylar

    Nikon all the way!!! I love love love my D3s and wouldn’t trade it for the world!!! Its the best. Definitely Nikon forever!!!

  11. ashley barnett

    Canon! Because I looooove the challenge of attempting to get all my photos in focus!!! ;) Kidding kidding. I <3 Canon!

  12. Christina Wolfe

    I’m all-the-way Canon, but I’m all the way J&M too. :)

  13. Sara

    I use a Nikon.

    I started out with a Canon, however when I wanted to upgrade, I did lots of research, review reading, etc and knowing that I wanted sharp, clear photos, decided to go with Nikon. I haven’t regretted it!

  14. Nathan

    I shoot Canon but would love to go Nikon…mostly for the points you mentioned. And, apart from the D800 which decided to binge on MP’s, Nikon has played it cool in the megapixel race. The clean low light images have been the objets of my lust for a while now.

    Ultimately, what you do with your equipment is what matters. Maybe I’ll just go Pentax…

  15. Jen Araya

    I was giving a Canon point & shoot camera from my parents as a Christmas gift and was Canon all the way! So excited this is the 1st comment I’m writing that I can add my website on since I launched it today!!! :) Love you guys!

  16. Priscilla

    O sweet pumpkin!! I am finally in the process of buying my own lenses and equipment instead of constantly renting – would love to finally own pocketwizards for my canon!

  17. Suzy

    I’m a canon girl! And I’m too afraid to touch a Nikon in fear that I may fall in love…

  18. Emily

    I LOVE that you all are Nikon! Feels like everybody out there is Canon just because a few of the so-called "popular" photographers use it & talk about it. I can think of no better people to represent the awesomeness that is Nikon than J&M!!

  19. Brittany

    I’m a Nikon Girl. it’s what my dad shot with and was passed down to me.

  20. cambrie

    I’m team Nikon all the way. Buuuuut I do love the color that Canons get.

  21. stephanie

    I’ve always used Nikon! I just really love them. I tried using a Canon once but everything felt backwards haha. -stephanie

  22. nadya

    It’s Canon for me, same reason mainly the first SLR i bought and got use to the controls! I hear good things about nikon but i a creature of habit and Nikon looks too confusing control wise LOL

  23. JenniferS

    Canon! :)

  24. Seshu

    Nikon. Ergonomically, the best fit for me. Technically – great high ISO capabilities, lenses that focus quickly and sharply and speedlites that work day in and day out without issues. Bonus – Nikon Professional Services is free … FREE … free. Did I just use a four-letter word? Nikon fanboy for LIFE, yo!

  25. SarahV

    Canon, baaaay-baaaaay! Although, I won’t like, I would love to try shooting with Nikon again (used to shoot film with my trusty Nikon) just to see if it REALLY is all it is cracked up to be with it’s sweet glass and predictability ;)

  26. Ashley

    Though I would recommend either to someone new (and have before), I definitely "heart" my Nikon.

  27. Madison

    Nikon baby!!! I picked up my first Nikon FE film camera in high school – it was my Dad’s in college – and I still shoot with it today! It’s perfection. I’m a lover of Nikon equipment for both digital and film. PS – let me know if you have find those t-shits!

  28. Terri

    I’m totally a Canon girl! And, much like Justin, b/c it’s what I fell in love with photography with. As a 13 year old, begging mom to borrow the old Canon film camera I realized that ‘this’…capturing life,was my passion. I have more pictures of silly Jr. High field trips and ‘photo shoots’ with my girlfriends than anyone should and would not change it for anything! Now, as i’ve moved on and owned many Canon cameras over the years I’ve been able to do the same for my clients….’capture their lives’. It’s surely a more emotional connection than technical but…that’s just the kinda girl I am :) Have a great day and thanks for always sharing so much of your life and your passion.

  29. Dani

    I can’t tell you how many times a wedding guest has come up to me and said when are you thinking about UPGRADING to Nikon? Omg. Canon gal here. :-)

  30. Jana Long

    I’m a Canon girl. Doesn’t really matter what camera you work with – if you can take an amazing photo, that is all that matters. I’ve seen some amazing iPhonography, and photos from P&S’s that are just amazing. Amazing I say! :-) Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Melissa

    Team Nikon here!

  32. Amy

    Canon. It is what was recommended to me before I even knew I would soon be a photographer. I love my Canon, but when I get the "what do I buy email"- I often refer Nikon. : )

  33. Kelly

    Niiiiiiiiiiiikon. :) Mostly because it’s the first thing I ever shot with and have lenses that I LOVE with it.

  34. Jen

    I use Canon, haven’t ever tried Nikon. I would love to win these pocketwizards!!

  35. Sharna Wilkerson

    I am a canon girl. Just fits right for me! Heard many wonderful things about both!

  36. Melissa

    Canon World here! I’ve tried both and something about Canon’s clarity and punch in the face color-yummy! Canon or Nikon: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it’s what the client sees that keeps them coming. Every photographer has their charm ;)

  37. Paul Rumohr

    I have owned both over 20 years along with medium and large format film cameras.

    None of them are perfect, and in truth all of them somehow get in the way of you working quickly to get the photo you want- it’s just that you have to choose your poison.

    In a perfect world, there would be no box and lenses you would have to lug around, you would simply be able to envision life as it passes by and record it as you see it- without having to lug around a bag full of metal, plastic, glass and batteries.

  38. Jordan Brittley

    totally a canon girl! that’s what i used in high school :)

  39. Lacy

    I am totally, completely, 100% in love with Nikon.

  40. Amanda Truth

    If I was a cheerleader, I’d cheer for Canon. All the time. But really, it was just the first dslr I picked up, and because my vintage film camera circa 1980 that my mom handed down is a Canon :)

  41. Jesicah Baggerly

    I shoot Nikon–woot woot! Much like you two, it is what I learned on and fell in love with photography. I love my Nikon–always have and always will.

  42. Genelle

    Canon- whoop- whoop!!! :) – always been Canon. – I don’t have eyes for any other camera company. haha

  43. Rachel M

    I am a Nikon girl all the way!! And while I loath when people say, "Wow your camera takes great pictures!" I can’t completely disagree with them,
    because yes it does.
    I’m not even ashamed to say that Ashton helped to influence my decision. Well…maybe a little :)

  44. Ginger D

    Definitely a Canon girl!

  45. Kristin Greenwald

    Canon girl here. Before I made the plunge, I read every review out there and only confused myself. At the end of the day, I went to the store and held the comparable models of both a Canon and Nikon. The Canon felt good in my hands and the path was set for the duration. :)

  46. Catie Ronquillo

    Nikon alll the waaaaay! I just love how it feels in my hand! :)

  47. Stacey Hemeyer

    Nikon all the way! Although I too fell victim to the over zealous D700 hotshoe, my loyalty remains! I love Nikon!

  48. Taryn

    Nikon! We’ve stuck together since high school too :)

  49. Alicia White

    Canon! Whoop Whoop! So glad the lighting equipment works with either one though! <3 ;-)

  50. Lacey Buchorn

    NIKON baby! Had a Canon SLR once and learned the error of my ways quickly :).

  51. heather

    Started on film as a NIkon girl and then when I decided to go digital I took recommendations from photographers I knew…they all used Canon. So Canon it was :)

  52. KFinn

    canon girl. I fall in the "it was my first camera" category and it just stuck. Both are fantastic pieces of equipment but what can I say…I’m loyal. :)

  53. Jill Bergeron

    I defn love Nikon for all the same reasons.. but started shooting Nikon way back in the film days. Still love it and the glass!

  54. Chris Saunders

    Ready to Have your mind blown?
    BOTH ARE GREAT! While I currently use Canon, I was a Nikon D200 shooter for years. When it was time to upgrade. I made the switch but I did one thing. I kept some of my Nikon glass. I have shot in manual for years and prefer to use manual focus as well. So when I switched to Canon I also purchased a Nikon-Canon mount adapter. Its been entertaining having people ask me about my gear, when I tell them its a 5D with a 30 year old Nikon lens, Their jaws drop. As someone who has shot for years with Nikon, Canon, Hasslblad, Mamiya, Phase one and more, I can say the technology is here in everything now. It just comes down to preference. :) PS. My old PWs finally bit the dust so im crossing my fingers like a mad man.

  55. Chrissy Fukushima

    I’m a Nikon girl too! It was the brand of camera I learned on and the one I’ve fallen in love with!

  56. Jeremy

    Canon – because the 50 1.2 is killer – but I totally agree that it’s not the tool, but more the one using the tool. Great post!

  57. Erin Schrad

    I’m a Canon girl, but that’s because it’s what my grandmother used and it’s what I was familiar with! I started on a Canon AE-1 program in college and later, when I went to photo school, I bought my first EOS… the Canon EOS 3 with Eye-Control Focusing. I LOVED that camera… still have it! Then I started getting Canon DSLRs… now I’m too invested to switch. :) I’m certainly not anti-Nikon (in the way I am pro-Mac and anti-PC!), but they are "backwards" to me!

    I’d love to win those Plus III’s… I bought a MiniTT1 (from Sharon Hundley since it didn’t work with her Sony!), but I need receivers to go with it! If I win, then I’ll have more money for proper lightstands (right, Justin?) and a softbox to go with my umbrellas. ;)

  58. Alicia Candelora

    Like Justin, I fell in love with photography when holding a CANON. it’s what I learned on and what I grew with so, for me, it’s always been Canon. If I knew then what i know now, I’d choose Nikon. :)

  59. sasha norgaard

    I am a big Nikon girl. it was the first camera my dad handed to me 15 years ago….and why? because it was his camera for the 30 years before that. Nikon is a part of our family, my present and growing family and my love that is photography. Thanks for sharing your pick J+M : )

  60. Elizabeth

    NIKON chick here…love the quality of the pics. to each their own on which brand they use. I have never used canon so it would be unfair for me to comment on which is better.

  61. Sabrina

    I’m Nikon for pretty much the same reason! I got my N50 in high school and other than that short period of time I was with a Canon 20D (only b/c they bought it at work!), I’ve been a Nikon girl from day 1. And if you find those I {heart} Nikon shirts, I’ll take one in every color too ;-)

  62. Scott

    Grew up on Canon cameras with my Dad. First DSLR was actually a Nikon D100, and eventually moved back to Canon to a 20D and have been a Canon shooter ever since. Canon and Nikon each have their yays/nays, likes/dislikes, pros/cons…but in the end it all comes down to the operator.

  63. Meghan Stewart

    So, I pride myself on being ambidextrous when it comes to shooting. I shoot Canon and Nikon. I started with Canon but when my photography mentor passed away I inherited her Nikon D700 and some lenses. They each have their strengths and flaws. I tend to shoot with my Canon more often but my dream would be a CanKon. ;)

  64. Kristen

    Canon all the way baby!!

  65. Rosie

    Nikon rocks! It was what I held when I was ten years old, back in film days. And it was what we bought when we bought our fancy film SLR to take photos of the kids. And it is what we’ve kept using for 4 years until both hubby and I have each our own!

  66. Carrie

    Nikon! Mostly because my first "big girl" camera was a D40…and I loved it so much I’ve had Nikon ever since…..

    And p.s. THANKS for the awesome lighting workshop last week….my reception shots this past weekend were SO much better!!!!

  67. Canon

    Canon, but I think it really is an emotional thing more than a logical thing. I bob-and-weave because my father bobbed-and-weaved and my grandfather bobbed-and-weaved…

  68. Emily Crall

    Canon!! Although, to be honest, when I purchase my first camera, I didn’t know ANY photographers who used Nikon so I went with their advice. I love Canon now, but wonder how I’d feel about Nikon now that I am a photographer.

  69. Liz Hergert

    We are Canooooooon all the way. :)

    (On a completely un-camera related note – I can’t read this without envisioning rapping hamsters from the Kia commercial pointing back and fort to the two cameras: "you can get with this or you can get with that…")

  70. Michelle

    Nikon Baby!! I fell in love with my film camera back in the day and will continue to use Nikon until I leave this earth: )

  71. Dawn Beirnes

    Oh sweet baby Jesus!… canon 7D would love to have this as a sidekick!

  72. Eileen

    Canon here. Like many, started on an old AE-1 back in high school, film days. Just never left. Can’t say I haven’t been tempted–a lot–my Nikon’s high ISO capabilities and the uber-important ability to FOCUS! Sigh…hard to switch when you are this deep in gear + glass. Hoping the 5D MKIII pleases me when I manage to buy it. ;-)

  73. Sara

    Nikon!! Love it! You guys are so cool!

  74. Becky M

    I love my Nikon(s). From film to my D80. Love them!

  75. Tanya Odom

    Always have been and always will be Canon. It’s what I know and love.

  76. Randa

    I am a Canon girl !!!

  77. Steph

    I learned photography in high school on my dad’s Nikon F (SUPER old school!) that he saved up for for months when he was in college. I did the very same for my d90, and now I’m the one who’s teaching HIM on the dslr :) Nikon always, it’s just in my blood!

  78. Maddie

    I actually shot Canon exclusively up until last year (actually, up until taking the WTAW) and then switched! For me it’s an even split on which is better (I do love me some Canon glass). But being able to, you know, actually *focus* during dancing and low-light receptions makes Nikon the clear winner. :)

  79. Erin

    I’m a Canon girl, simply because my first camera was a hand-me-down of my father’s for my first film photography class in college. I’ve stuck with the brand throughout the years, though I have used Nikons as a staff photographer at a few newspapers, so I feel like I’m a little ambidextrous when it comes to camera brands. I like them both… but I’ve stuck with the Canons for sentimental value.

  80. Elizabeth Langford

    I shoot on a Nikon d700 because when I picked it up it felt right in my hands. The way my hand fits in my husband’s, my camera fit in mine. Have never looked back. <3 you Nikon.

  81. Gary

    canon for me. it just feels so sexy in the hands. i knew it the first time i set my hands on it (a canon rebel xs was my first)

  82. Jillian Tree

    YAY for Nikon!! :)

  83. Jennifer

    Oh my, I honestly don’t care what the camera is as long as I have one. If I lost all my Canon gear tomorrow and a kind person hooked me up, but it was only Nikon – I’d be so beside myself happy and grateful to be back up and running again. My camera is the most important "thing" in my life. While working as a photographer’s assistant I HAD to be verse in BOTH models and comfortable with each… give me a Nikon and Canon = no problem… does that mean I’m an ambidextrous photographer??

  84. Becca

    I’ve always been a Nikon girl… kind of.
    In high school when I was taking my first film class, I had a Canon. A week after getting that Canon, it was stolen out of my locker. It was a sad, sad day.
    My mom then gave me her Nikon FA to use for the classes. That camera is actually the same age as I am. Anyway, when I started getting into digital I rented the d70 and d100 all the time from the school. When I graduated, I received a d200 as a graduation gift. Since then, it’s been an all out love affair with Nikon and their amazing glass and focusing system. (The whole back button focus does not fly with me.)

  85. Spring

    I start with a Pentax… and when digital took over I knew that wasn’t going to cut it so I went Nikon and loved that camera for years! Once I started shooting weddings in TX with another studio they had Canon 5D’s so I was shooting with those rather then my (already outdated) Nikon because the quality was way better… by the time I was starting on my own I knew I had to upgrade and when I held the new Nikon I was LOST! So I switched to Canon because after shooting with them for 2+ years in TX I was comfortable with them and thought it made sense. I personally don’t have a lovemark with either one- I like my cameras but they are not what I love about photography it’s the images I love not the tool. To be honest there are days when I just want a roll of b&w film, a dark room and my K1000 again.

  86. Dallas Curow

    Though I covet Nikon cameras’ amazing abilities to take beautiful, luminous images in low light, I’m Canon girl mostly out of habit, and because my mom (who’s also a wedding photographer) handed her old gear down to me. I learned to shoot with Canon from a young age from her and have so many good memories shooting on the equipment throughout the years. Also, Canon does have excellent customer service!

  87. steve depino

    you know me an old canon shooter and will probably always be :)

  88. Tony

    NIKON…i would always sneak into my dad’s closet and snap some shots with his Nikon film cameras. The reason I use Nikon is the same as why I’m a yankess and ny giants fan…I never really had a choice!

  89. Judie

    I am definitely a Canon girl. My first DSLR camera was the Canon XSi and I fell in love. I then upgraded to the 7D and now the 5DMKII and I am in love! I must admit though that I hear nothing but wonderful things about the Nikon. I however, am completely loyal to Canon.

  90. Jessica Frey

    Gotta love this debate – so excited we’re on the same team! Team Nikon baby! It was what I had when I started and I just grew with it – love my sharp and beautiful lenses and if you find those "I heart Nikon" shirts, hook a girl up! :)

  91. Martha Compton

    I am a Canon girl all the way… for a lot of the same reasons you all use Nikon. It was my first camera, and I am a marketing person’s dream – brand loyalty tied to emotion. ;) I also have teeny tiny hands with short fingers, and the Canon was just easier for me to use. Plus, for me, there is just something about that red ring around an L-glass lens. le sigh

  92. Rebecca

    Definitely Nikon! Love the color, the sharpness, the accuracy, just can’t beat it. ALso love my pocketwizards, and would love to try the new ones!

  93. Stephanie

    Is it sacrilegious to say…both!? My first (film) SLR camera was a Nikon, and I still have it, though it’s been a while since I’ve shot with that. My DSLR is Cannon. If I were to upgrade my DSLR I would probably stick with Cannon because it’s what I "know" now. But I have nothing against Nikon. :)

  94. Paul Manke

    I fell in love with photography when I was given my first camera, a Kodak 120. My parents put a limit on how much film I could use per month. Even then it took the FOREVER to get it developed. I still have the B&W portraits I shot with that camera. Then life got in the way.

    When I was dating, I was given a brand new Canon Elan 7. Now I had to put a limit on how much film I used! I was also given not just one, but a set of Canon lenses.

    So, I don’t have a beef about either. I just had great Canon glass and have stuck with it ever since!

    And Apple! We LOVE Apple! We have one MacPro, one MackBook, one MacBook Air, one Mac Mini, 2 Apple TVs, 3i Pads and 2 iPhones that we have accumulated over the years!

    We are a happy Canon-Apple family. But gotta go with Brad cause, face it, he’s HOT!

  95. Vanessa Chupp

    NIKON!!! : ) it was the first camera i ever picked up and fell in love. We now use Nikon D700 and our love for them truly knows no bounds! they are AH-mazing! : )

  96. Cate Waters

    Nikon… LOVE the sharpness and accuracy… just LOVE>

  97. Tony Rotondaro

    You can’t really blame anyone for rooting for Canon or Nikon. A camera is a big investment and everyone wants to feel like they made the right choice. At the end of the day, it’s the photos that matter and a good photo can be made with any camera.

  98. Nicole

    I LURVE my Nikons and can’t imagine shooting with anything else. While i adore my D700s, I have been secretly drooling over the D4. One day it will be mine :)

  99. Amanda Watson

    I agree with you both, it’s not the tool you work with but what you do with it. I also agree that most people just stick to what they know and if they accidentally picked up a Nikon to begin with, then I can forgive them :) Canon for me…but it’s what I started on and am comfortable with. I think both are fabulous pieces of photographic technology and great art can be created from either.

  100. Jamie Illian

    When I first got started, all of my Canon equipment was stolen. This gave me the opportunity to "start over" in terms of gear. Nikon or Canon? Oh and how the researching began…I thought it would never end (I tend to be a bit obsessive about product research). For my budget, Nikon actually had the leading edge in terms of functionality, but I still couldn’t seem to tear myself away from being a ‘Canon girl’. Even my old 35 mm DSLR in high school was a Canon, and I felt strangely committed. Funny how emotional attachment plays into these decisions. So today I’m still a ‘Canon girl’…will likely always be. The fact is, they are both incredible brands. I’m sure I would be equally as thrilled had I decided to go the Nikon route.

  101. Rebecca Zenefski

    I enjoy my Canon. It’s the camera my dad first gave me. Although I don’t have too much experience with a Nikon, so it wouldn’t be a fair comparison.

    Honestly, I love the feel of any SLR in my hands. The weight of the camera with the lens – something of substance. If a friend hands me their point-and-shoot to take a quick shot out and about – I always get a little shaky for fear that I won’t be able to actually grasp it!

  102. Lara Kimmerer

    My family has always been a Canon family. The first "real" camera I used (like many people) was the AE-1. Mine is special though…My Papa worked in Brooklyn and picked this specific camera up off the back of a truck down by the docks. I have a hot camera…and I love it.

  103. Courtney Styers

    I am a Canon user! I love my Canon lenses and I think my Camera is very easy to use! I have high appreciation for Nikon as an aspiring wedding photographer that I almost want to be a Nikon user. ;) I also have a lot of friends who use Nikon which would be very helpful when I’m doing photo-shoots with them. :)

  104. Amanda B

    I love Nikon, too!!! I just love the feel of the camera… I have shot Canon for work before and it just is not the same! It’s probably the same reason… Nikon was my first camera and it represents the love!
    Here is a I heart Nikon shirt

  105. sharon elizabeth

    Oh this is an EASY one… SONY… I mean c’mon!!!! SONY SONY SONY! hehee! They just announced their AWESOME new camera too!!!! a99!!! If they had a tshirt that said.. Canon vs Nikon on the front…. and SONY on the back… I’d totally get that one in all different colors! hehehehe =)

  106. Marcie Stoffer

    I always try to act all diplomatic when people ask me which brand is better ("they are both great!!") but I secretly cheer when I learn that photographers I admire use Nikon and I become strangely annoyed when people talk about their Canons! Funny how emotionally connected we become to our cameras…..

  107. Heather Beach

    Team Nikon! Woot woot! I have nothing against Canon. Nikon was my first DSLR and since I know where most of the buttons and settings are located I prefer to just stick to what I know. That, and there are still so many things my camera can do that I need to learn! I’m getting great results from my Nikon and still feeling challenged enough by the unexplored possibilities that I am happy for now. :)

  108. JamieY

    Nikon baby! It was actually the first camera I bought after reading reviews that they were a little more user friendly. I have never looked back since that decision. Love everything about my Nikons and whenever I have played with Canon it just feels totally weird.

  109. Natalie Syverson

    Love my canon even though it is bound to go to the repair shop soon : (. Yes to pocket wizards! Thanks

  110. Stacey Hemeyer

    I haven’t seen your comment on the new Pocketwizard Plus III, are they worth the upgrade?

  111. Holly C

    Nikon! My first year of teaching I decided my "You Survived" present would be a DSLR. I went to the store and the Nikon/Canon decision came down to the fact that the Nikon took SD cards and my computer had a SD card slot. Simple as that.

  112. Sarah McLachlan

    We are Nikon all the way :) And as far as other debates, we take Apple over PC, coke over pepsi, dogs over cats, and cupcakes over everything else :)

  113. Michelle Burke

    It has always been Nikon for me…and I think the greater the debate the more it inspires my loyalty to one side, haha…really my nikon has never let me down. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  114. Amanda Mohinani

    Woohoo for Nikon!!! I’m in love with them. :)

  115. rich

    it’s canon for us but because it was what we started on =). it would be cool to be able to try a full nikon system one day though! we’ve always wondered what it’s like!

  116. Alison

    The beat up Canon 35mm with a 50m 1.8 lens my father passed on to me sits on the wall of my studio next to the pentax my grandfather carried with him through wars and back again. I learned on Canon and still shoot Canon & love it. That said, my husband shoots Sony. We recently played with the newest model and I have to say, I was very very impressed! My heart is apple, my budget is not!

  117. Emily

    I’m a Canon fan! I’ve just always had Canon cameras. But I used a Nikon in school and it took amazing pictures. So really, I think they’re both great!

  118. Girish

    I have been using my very first dslr since a year now with he 50mm 1.8 & Canon 550D and it has become a perfect buy. I did look into Nikon but taking Canon felt so right. It’s like Harry Potter, the wand chooses the wizard, similarly the camera chooses the photographer ;) Within few months I got my first photoshoot and since then it’s a been a fantastic ride. For me the lens & the camera have been a great buy at the price that I got them. The hd-video in 550D is truly brilliant. The 50 1.8 is a killer lens as well. It’s wonderfully sharp and accurate. I found it better than the 50mm 1.4 at times. With a combination good flash the 550D is amazing in performance even in low light situations.
    My next purchase would 5dmk3, am slowly saving for the same.

  119. Joanna H.

    About to buy my first DSLR, I am still in debate on whether I will chose a Nikon or a Canon. Although, I may be slightly leaning towards Nikon now… ;)

  120. Joanna H.

    About to buy my first DSLR, I am still in debate on whether I will chose a Nikon or a Canon. Although, I may be slightly leaning towards Nikon now… ;)

  121. Joanna H.

    About to buy my first DSLR, I am still in debate on whether I will chose a Nikon or a Canon. Although, I may be slightly leaning towards Nikon now… ;)

  122. Paul

    So many thoughts come to mind in answer to this questions. Sarcastically, I want to say Canon because of the ‘white’ lenses that stand out in a crowd. But I know that’s ridiculous and holds less than no water. I have been a canon user for 6 years in a digital capacity, and long before that with film. Honestly, I’ve used canon because of the gift of an AE-1 in high school that originally got me into photography. It was an easy transition to digital after that and staying with the same company. What do I love about Canon? Their body designs fit my hands very well and feel more comfortable than Nikon. I like the ergonomics of their grips and the layouts of the various buttons. I find the IR function on the lenses effective and helpful, and the 1-series bodies auto-focus at ‘light-speed.’

    However, what really gets me with Canon is that they constantly innovate new products and improve on old ones. They might not always be the quickest out there on the market (see their recent entrance into the mirror-less world), but they create quality gear at competitive prices.

    Finally, their customer service and service centers have always treated me well.

    That being said, I have used a number of Nikon’s and have to say I love the sharpness of certain lenses, the difference in color rendition offered by the bodies, and the options offered with off-camera flash triggering.

    What I really wish is for the two companies to come together and create the ‘perfect’ camera :)

  123. Debi

    I’m a Canon gal, but when I look at your beautiful pictures, a part of me always wonders if I’m missing out on something.
    What a great opportunity! I would love to win that set of Pocketwizards!

  124. Patricia

    I currently use Sony+Nikon flashes however if I have to pick I’d say Canon and for the same reason. It’s the camera I had that I learned on in school. :)

  125. Sara Adams

    Nikon for me! It was the first DSLR I ever picked up and I’ve had phenomenal luck with them ever since. Actually, I’ve never had an issue with mine – ever (knock on wood). They’re great cameras!

  126. Shauna

    Well, it only confirms everything else I knew about photography. The best photographers choose Nikon! Tee hee! Okay so the canon folks shouldn’t feel bad. They can always switch to Nikon like Ghionis did. Just a thought :) Me, I’m a nikon shooter too and love it!

  127. Stephanie

    Thank you for always providing a great read in the morning and the chance to win something I couldn’t budget for this year. Cheers!

  128. Dawn

    Canon for me! Mostly because it’s the camera I learned on when starting out and never saw a reason (well, maybe until your post, ha!) to try a Nikon.

  129. Ryan

    Nikon Baby! Goes back to the first camera I ever had —- My mother’s Nikon. Never once have switched away from that Brand – love everything about it, the look, the feel, the logo, the distinct click of the shutter – everything!

  130. MartaV

    Canon baby!! Really though just for the same reason as Justin, it was the first camera I held when I fell in love with photography.(It was actually a gift for my husband but I kind of took it over….Ooops)
    My father-in-law just gave me his Nikon a couple weeks ago so we will see what happens with that though. :) Maybe I will switch to the dark side. :)

  131. Julie Munana

    I’m a canon girl, but only for the same reason as Justin- it was an old manuel AE-1 that was my grandfathers, I picked it up, started shooting and have been in love ever since. I’ve just stuck to what I learned and now know.

  132. Karen Bonar

    CANON. Started with my dad’s old manual on B&W film and have NOT looked back! :)

  133. Lindsay Wynne

    I have been Canon since I was 9 years old, when I got a Canon Rebel G, a film camera that advanced the film for you (which I thought was genius). That camera has been to 18 countries & I still have it & still shoot with it on occasion.

  134. jackie g. photog

    wow…my D700 just started doing that! does Nikon fix it?

  135. Stéphane Lafrance

    I have been a Nikon lover for all my life… Last year, I was considering renewing my fleet when I got my hands on a Canon 1DMarkIV. I just loved the way it felt in my hand. It was something else… from my D3… Then, two months ago, I tried the 5DMIII… I just loved even more than my big shot 1D.

    The funny thing about switching name’s gear, is all about the new learning curve that you cant omit to do. So, I even swith my pocketwizard from Nikon to Canon.

    Even today, with the new beta firmware for my 5DMIII, I am just happyer than before!

    You do so great stuff! Love you Pocketwizard.

    I own 4 flashes and got the TTFlex to go with it! Would to discover your new Plus III. Make me a winner!

  136. Sarajane Case

    I have soft spot in my heart for Nikon. It’s the camera I started shooting on and the brand that I first fell that rush of excitement at getting "the shot." However, I eventually fell into sync with Canon. The buttons seemed to be where my fingers wanted to go. My heart connected with the sound of the shutter, and it’s the brand that I built my business on. It’s like choosing my high school boyfriend that never really did me wrong- we just grew out of each other. Or my husband, the one that has stuck with me through the hard times and the great times. The one that has allowed me to soar when I thought I’d never get out of my cage.

  137. Lelia

    Canon girl! But again, it’s just because that was my first camera. They are both amazing cameras. And I wear a cute camera strap so it’s hard to tell what I’m shooting with anyway. :-) (Unless of course you know)

  138. Debi

    I am a nikon girl ALL THE WAY! I love your blog and your work. I have always been a nikon person since I got my f80. Nikon just makes since and is easy to use. NEVER WILL I SWITCH :) and of course I would love to win!!!

  139. Shelya Quimby

    Of COURSE I’m a Nikon girl! Do people really question whether they should be???? :)

  140. Melanie Atkinson

    Although I just started with my camera, I’ve been a huge Nikon fam for years!

  141. Melanie Atkinson

    Although I just started with my camera, I’ve been a huge Nikon fam for years!

  142. Asha

    I actually had canon first but when it came time to upgrade to the 5d mark ii, I decided to switch to Nikon instead. I love the super sharp quality and allll those focus points! I’m in love! Never. Switching. Back. I <3 Nikon.

  143. Meredith

    CANNON! CANNON! CANNON! And honestly, that’s because it’s the camera that my hubby gave me that started this love of photography… had he purchased a Nikon, I would probably chanting that! :)

  144. Emma R

    I’m a Canon girl but the ‘head bobbing and refocusing’ is an issue-it’s driving me bonkers, but, it’s like any baby-you forgive it it’s faults when you produce images you’re proud of.

  145. Cynthia Michelle

    My first "real" camera was a film Nikon in high school. Loved that camera… even though I only ever shot in auto! lol Eleven years later, I’m still loving Nikon – except I’m no longer shooting auto! I’m working super hard and trying my best to get my photography business off the ground with my beautiful D700! And I would SO love to have an I <3 Nikon shirt!! : )

  146. angel

    I love canon cameras, I love the colors of their images :)

  147. Jackie

    I’m a Nikon girl, of course! I love it!

  148. Gabrielle

    142 comments and counting!! I’m a Canon girl, simply because grandpa was so dad was so when I asked for a camera, their exact model showed up under the Christmas tree (35mm ae-1). My first dslr was a gift from family as well so it was also a canon…and once you start investing in lenses, youre committed :-) but DEFINITLEY also an Apple girl!! What photog isn’t? Course I always assumed smart ppl who picked Apple would also go for Canon but hey, guess there’s always exceptions ;-)

  149. Emma Hampton

    Canon!!! My first ever camera was a Canon, it was given to me and I just loved it. I used it until about 5years ago until I updated to digital. Just resently I bought a second hand 5d mark ii, from a fellow Canon lover Janine Kaye. She loved her now I get to love her. But I have to say, I’m not really good with change so it would be a really big deal for me to change over to Nikon. But Nikon does feel mighty nice too…

  150. Sara

    I love my Canon Mark2 and my beautiful L lenses!! So i totally vote team Canon! However, I will say I am always so impressed with the sharpness and clarity from Nikon images!!

  151. Caroline

    We are also Nikon, RAW, Apple and Jen! As well as Coca Cola & Dogs :)

  152. Jami Carroll

    Canon, but have used both and learned to love each as their own!

  153. colleen

    I was SO excited to learn you were Nikon folks after I first fell in love with your work because my hubby had given me a Nikon D300 (and then 700). I thought YES, THAT’S what a Nikon can do!! Now I’m working to get to that point, too! Your posts ALWAYS help….thank you!

  154. Linda D.

    Nikon all the way. Was my very first camera and have never strayed (upgraded, but stayed brand-loyal).

  155. Realtor Dad

    Nikon for me. Of course it is because when I decided to buy a real camera I asked Justin what to buy. Now if I can only get him to teach me how to use it.:-)

  156. sally

    nikon. it just felt right in my hand.

  157. Kristin Serna

    Nikooooooon! My first DSLR was a gift and the gift-giver choose Nikon for me. It was a good choice! I’ve stuck with it ever since.

  158. Shawna

    Canon baby, but I respect your preferences : )

  159. katie yuen

    I’ve been a Canon girl since forever for the same reason- it was the first camera I picked up when I fell in love with photography. But working with you two so closely has actually made me consider Nikon! So now I’m a lover of both!

  160. emily kiel

    i have a canon 5d mark ii, but i DO have a nikon film camera. my answer to the debate is: buy whatever your friends have so you can share equipment. :)

  161. Kara Abbey

    I’m a Canon girl all the way :) Not even sure why either, my college had Nikon equipment and so did my internship.. so why choose Canon? Well, all my fav. photographers at the time shot Canon so obviously it had to be the best :)

  162. LEOLAK

    Nikon!! I’m patiently waiting to be able to get a D700. I remember being excited to see you and Justin shooting with Nikon when I first met you guys and I thought – Cool! I had the opportunity to try out Canon and Nikon at school before I purchased my own, and Nikon just felt right for me. Love!!!

  163. Jessica

    YAY! I will be rocking my Nikon, or as you say, Niiiiikon forever. It is a part of me. :)

  164. Wendy

    Canon! I own and shoot with Canon since the beginning. However, when I was starting out one of my mentors was a Nikon man and insisted I shoot several weddings as a second shooter with it so I have given both a fair shot. Canon has always felt more natural to me and I love my 5d. But I do agree, in the hands of the right photographer the camera is secondary.

  165. Whitney Gray

    I’ve always used CANON. I love my lenses (especially my 85 1.2!). But if I’m being completely honest, the focus issues with the Mark II almost drove me to the dark side… Thankfully No probs with the Mark III! I sure would love some of those new pw!! You guys are awesome!

  166. Kim

    Oh, we all do fall in love with the first camera that we get to hold in our hands. Mine was a Pentax K1000 full manual film that my grandfather used. It really wasn’t Canon vs. Nikon as much as it was Fuji vs. Kodak. All in all, it is the love of photography that goes beyond everything. Whatever qualities or characteristics one may prefer in a brand, camera is just a tool to make photos in ways one wants them to be. I still own all my film gear, but did make a jump to 5D Mark II a few years ago. And sometime down the road, if what I want in a picture isn’t possible with a Canon, I would switch without thinking twice about it. Canon for now, and I just love photography.

  167. Heather Holleger

    I am a Canon user! :) Its what I learned on, and I LOVE it!

  168. christy

    i shoot canon. but don’t tell anyone i said this, but i think nikon is better. i made the switch after years of shooting nikon when it was time to upgrade a few yrs ago, since my bf shot canon we wanted to be using the same equipment. canon’s grown on me, buuuut (&he hates to hear me say this) i miss my nikon. :)

  169. Megan Lesley

    Wahoo – I’m a NIKON girl! My D700 is my baby. Love the glass, love the body, and my partner and I have never had a problem with a Nikon EVER – we have found them to be so reliable. xx

  170. Eryn Kesler

    I feel totally stuck in the middle! I currently shoot with a Canon 5d (original) and am ready to upgrade. I was pretty much ready to commit to Nikon for all the reasons you mentioned…and now I’m thinking Canon 5d mkii, so I can keep my other 5d as a backup. But…now you have me doubting again!! AGH. Good think the PW’s will go either way for this girl struggling with commitment!

  171. Emily K

    Canon lover here! To be completely honest, I have no clue how I chose Canon. The photographer I did my first internship for shot Nikon and I remember wanting to kick myself when I found out how many focal points her Nikon had compared to the 5d mark ii. But luckily my hope was restored when I discovered the L-series lenses :)

  172. Sarah Wamuhiu

    My love affair with Nikons has an interesting story behind it. I fell in love with photography using my Dad’s Canon Rebel (my dad is just a camera man…he worked for Kodak back in the day design the back "door" that you open to put film in and is well versed in darkroom skills and all sorts of photography related stuff). After falling in love with photography I managed to get the Rebel stolen (the joys of living in a 3rd world country). A good friend of my parents heard about it and offered me a Nikon D70 he just happened to have laying around. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He even threw in a SB800 (I didn’t even know they made such things :), the 24-70mm kit lens and a few odds and ends. My hubby and I still shoot with that same old D70 (I don’t know how I will ever adjust to another camera) and have invested in one more and a D3000. Can’t wait for the day we can get a D800 :)

  173. Cindy Habel

    What a great contest Justin and Mary!! I’m a Canon girl, and love my camera, and am very happy with it, BUT….to be fair, I’ve never used a DSLR Nikon so really can’t compare!!
    I always say the camera is just a tool and it’s the artist that makes the picture :)

  174. Jessica C

    Ugh, I can’t stand when people ask what I shoot with and proceed to spout off all the reasons why I shouldn’t. Like you said, they’re both equally good tools and have their strengths and weaknesses. I shoot Canon because, just like Justin, that’s they brand I was using when I fell head over heels for photography. It was simple as that. Have a great day!!!

  175. Kristin Cooley

    I’m a Canon girl for sure, but my story is just like Justin’s. Canon was the first camera I picked up and have always used. I’ve never used a Nikon, but have friends who swear by them. I also have friends who’ve switched to Canon and tell me it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. It’s all subjective I guess. Coke or Pepsi? Ford or Chevy? :)

  176. Val

    ‘I got my Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph, please don’t take my Kodachrome away" I think that’s where my love of Nikon started. :)

  177. Julie Flores

    I’m a Canon girl… but mainly because I’ve never tried a Nikon. I’d love to shoot with one some day! I’ve heard the sharpness is to die for! :)

  178. Emma P

    Ahhh… the Nikon vs Cannon debate… will everyone ever just agree to disagree? I think that they both are great tools and brands, though I find that Cannon just feels right in my hands!

  179. Jenny McQueen

    Your post made my heart beat a little faster- that’s just how I feel about my D700. And it’s for richer for poorer, in low light and in sun till D5 do us part kind of love. You’ll have to pry my nikon from my cold dead hands.

    and if I had those pocket wizards I could really make the rave go big :D

    Also, wanderlust was awful.

  180. Rachel McCloud

    I love my Canon but I also think that Nikon is also a great brand too. The menus and controls on my canon just make sense to me. I guess it was love at first sight :)
    So mine would be canon.

  181. Stephanie Stewart

    Nikon all the way! I would also rock an "I {heart} Nikon" shirt!

  182. Tia Goodnight

    I’m a Canon girl myself, I learned on Canon and still shoot Canon & love it . . . but I have complete respect for Nikon and all they do. With that said, I’m off to search out an "I heart Canon" tee :)

  183. maggieb

    Justin was/is a phenominal teacher! Look at his girls go.
    Nikon in our realm too.

  184. Banafsheh

    I am definitely a Canon girl. It started with the Canon SLR that my grandfather gave my parents when I was young. I used that same camera to learn about photography in highschool and I have basically been Team-Canon ever since (including with my newest edition…my markii). :)

  185. Lisa Keeney

    Thanks for the giveaway! Ya’ll are awesome!!!

  186. Mia Bjerring

    I am a Canon girl all the way to my bones! BUT I must admit I have thought of trying Nikon too just to see if I’d like them better, but naah then again Canon is awesome LOL Canon rocks so of course i’d pick Canon for this one! (Sorry Justin and Mary!) ;)

  187. Graham

    C A N O N Baby!!! But I love you guys anyways! :)

  188. Dawn

    I’m a Canon girl but only because it’s the camera I first learned on and never saw any reason to switch (although your post does make trying a Nikon tempting!)

  189. Ashley B

    "Nikon, NiKON, NIKON"- Jan from Brady Bunch

  190. Mandy E

    I’m a canon girl – but I have to admit that I’ve never tried to go Nikon. I’ve always wondered how I would like it…

  191. Joanna H.

    About to buy my first DSLR, I am still indecisive on whether to go for Nikon or Canon. I keep looking up camera specifications for both. Maybe I could give into Nikon though… ;)

  192. Alisha Kistenmacher

    We are NIKON all the way!! :) I think this post actually had my correct email address as well!! :)

  193. Lissette Q

    I love all my CANON gear. I started with a Canon way back in the film days and it served me well. I have had the 5D, 5DM2 and now ADORE my 5DM3.

  194. Karie Murray

    I’m with you all the way!… Nikon in hand. Where is the t-shirt?!

  195. John

    This age-old debate will rage on as long as Canon and Nikon exist, but there can be peace in the world, and it does not require switching to Sony or Pentax. I bought my first Nikon in 1973 and now have a closet full of Nikon film bodies, lenses, and accessories. When it was time to go digital, I went to the local camera store (Milford Photo) on a slow day and spent an afternoon evaluating those two top brands, fully expecting to continue the Nikon tradition. In the past, I enjoyed even the machining quality of the old metal Nikons. I would open the back when removing a roll of film and marvel at how anything could be manufactured so precisely. I was, honestly, never a Canon fan but many photographer friends were. I didn’t appreciate the advertising and I felt the quality and finish were not as good, but that day changed everything. Nikon was famous for keeping the same lens mount for decades and most lenses used the 52 mm filter size, but when I found that none of my film camera lenses were useful on a new Nikon digital body, I became more open minded. After switching back and forth between the two as long as the salesperson could endure, I concluded that the Canon just felt better in my hands, the controls were more intuitive, and I expected the results to be comparable. I am still using the Canon exclusively, and once tried selling all the old Nikon film equipment. In the end, I just could not part with the fine finish and beautiful “clack” sound, so in the closet they will remain except for those rare occasions when I take them out to be examined like museum artifacts.

  196. Joel and Amber

    Canon! I just love the glass that they make, especially the L series. That red ring just makes it all the better for me.

  197. Megan

    Canon because I started with the Rebel T3i and just upgraded to the Mark II! I spent sooo much time researching the two though! Both are amazing!

  198. Jason and Amy

    We are Nikon all the way and always will be! Do you two still shoot with D700s or do use use the D3s or the newer D4? Would love to hear your thoughts on your nikon camera of choice!

  199. Tiffany Bolk


  200. Charissa

    Niiiiiiikon! I love my D800 and its low light capabilities! I would so benefit from the Pocketwizard Plus III! Thank you for the opportunity!

  201. Kathy

    It’s Canon for me. My first camera was a Canon and it’s just what I’m used to. :-)

  202. stephanie

    I’m definitely a Nikon girl! I was given my grandfather’s Nikon 35mm from the early 70s, and that’s what I learned on. It’ll always be a sentimental thing for me to stick with Nikon!

    Ever since yaking the Lighting Intensive, I’ve been dying to purchase the setup, so I’d looove to be the winner of that pocket wizard so I can start trying it out at home! ;)

  203. Brian

    Nikon 4 me … :-)

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