July 3, 2013

Win The Day: Make Three Things Happen

Happy Wednesday friends!

Right about now is that time of year when things start really kicking into high gear for wedding photographers. The summer weddings are well under way and the engagement shoots for the Fall are also starting up. Plus it’s now prime booking season for next year. So there are jobs to be edited, albums to be designed, emails to send & client meetings to have. It’s enough to make your head spin. Add to that any ongoing, bHag (big, hairy, audacious goal) worthy projects you’ve been meaning to work on and it can become so overwhelming that you just don’t know where to start.

So….you don’t.

You get stuck in that place of just maintaining the business and never quite get around to actually growing it. And another year goes by in a blur and you have no idea how it’s December again already.

Sound familiar?

Yea, to me too.

But one of the hands down best way we’ve ever found to get out of that “overwhelmed paralysis” is simply to focus on winning the day. I blogged about “Win the Day” a while back and you can read the full post HERE. But basically it’s the idea of making a list of a few key things that if you can just accomplish those that day, then no matter how much is still glaring on the (let’s face it, never-ending) to do list, you can still say that you have WON that day.

Like the incredibly wise Lara Casey says, it is holding yourself to a standard of Grace, not Perfection.

And speaking of the amazing Lara Casey, I just stumbled upon these gems in her shop!! They take Win the Day to the next level by picking just THREE things to focus on. After you finish them, you might end up going on to do more things. Or they may end up taking up the whole day. But if you can accomplish those three things, then you know that that day has been a Win. AND you get to write them on this super cute paper.

Which is always a total WIN in my book!

**And I know we just did a giveaway yesterday, but what can I say? Cute paper makes me feel extra generous! :) So let’s do another contest! Just leave us a comment in the box below telling us your 3 things for today and we will pick THREE (hey it’s the theme of this post!) winners to receive your own notepads from the Lara Casey shop! And….GO!!

  1. Kare

    Today – final wedding dress fitting, pick up liquor license, pack my suitcase!

  2. Emily Kathryn Walker

    1) Go on a long walk w/my hubby
    2) Finally finish editing a wedding I’ve been working on!
    3) Start a blog calendar so I can have a blogging schedule :)

  3. Dannielle

    My Save the Day list:
    1. Mail packages!
    2. Cull down styled shoot.
    3. Order marketing material.
    (All while taking care of my 3 sweet children! Let’s DO this!)

  4. Nathan & Amanda

    1. Blog a wedding 2. Blog an engagement session and schedule it to be posted 3. Pack for an out-of-state wedding!
    Instead of doing all that, I’m reading your blog… because it’s waaay more fun ;-) Time to get to work…

  5. Stephanie Rita

    You guys are too cool! Thanks for these awesome giveaways. Today’s three things are: exercise. get through my emails. and pre-blog for the next week since we’ll be on vacation! -s

  6. Jil

    my big 3 for today are: run in the park; watch and outline the conflicts of law video; and make dinner that includes 2 vegetables!!

  7. Sabrina

    Oh gosh, just 3 things?? It’s actually probably good for me to be limited because sometimes my "Win the Day" post-its get too long… which defeats the purpose! So, for today, my 3 things are – 1. pack for vacation, 2. edit some of Saturday’s wedding, 3. photograph my friends TWINS being born today!!! YAY!

  8. Megan

    Oooooooooh…. I love her shop! Win the day’s: 1. Finish client presentation 2. Get to the grocery store! 3. Mail client gifts

  9. Katie Dickson

    My three things for today:
    1. Catch up on emails
    2. K’s headshot session
    3. Edit session

    Three things are so much easier to focus on than what is usually on my list. Plus, who can’t resist anything that Lara does!

  10. Jen Araya

    1. Get thru my full time job
    2. following up on photography emails, keep updating website
    3. enjoy life!

  11. Luc

    Install our AC :)
    Finish picking our selects from our wedding this weekend
    Bask in our new AC’s glory … Hopefully *crosses fingers*

  12. Alicia Daw

    My three things for today: 1- Finish the Simply Love 2014 blog post and plus site to announce tomorrow. YAY!! 2- Order wedding and engagement photos to hang in our CO house. 3- Collect pallets and pant them for a special DIY house project that we are working on this week.

  13. Stacey Windsor

    Mary – I needed this reminder today more than you could possibly know. Thank you! Enjoy your time in London!!

  14. Shalese

    YAY I love Lara Casey! I’m going to win today. ;)

  15. Kathy Andrews

    My three things:
    Keep looking for a JOB!
    Upload and edit some recent photos.
    Get ready for 4th of July picnic!

  16. Lelia Marie

    Oh this is awesome! Today I will… Write a blog post! Pick photos for an album design. Edit half a wedding. Those notepads are so perfect! :-)

  17. Evian

    Finish our wedding album, pass my midterms and plan our one year anniversary!

  18. Maria

    Thanks for the encouraging post – I love the idea of three things for a win versus my usual overloaded "to do" list. My three for today (beside the usual workday): 1. Enjoy a walk with our two wonderful doggies, 2. Edit some adoptable shelter doggie photos, 3. Have dinner ready on time!

  19. Laura Caroline Spell

    These are too cute! My three things: 1. Finish a few summer press releases 2. Bake for July 4th festivities 3. Call my Mema and Papa :)

  20. Christy Milhoud

    My three for today: 1. Clean my guest room for 4th of July visitors, 2. Bake a birthday cake, 3. Go for a run!

  21. Lauren

    my 3 things:
    1.not zone out when I get home. Interact with the husband!
    2. Call my parents & tell them I love them.
    3. Take Penny (my dog) on a walk instead of just letting her out in the back yard.

  22. Mary

    Blog a session
    Edit a session
    Pack for our trip to DC for the 4th!

    Love Lara Casey!

  23. Mary

    Blog a session
    Edit a session
    Pack for our trip to DC for the 4th!

    Love Lara Casey!

  24. Cathy

    :-) That "Win the Day" post totally changed my perspective on to-do lists! I just finally went to Lara’s shop two days ago and fell in love with these and her "Making Things Happen" Powersheets! Definitely need to order some in the next couple weeks! We’ve got a 4th of July wedding tomorrow and a wedding on Saturday too so my 3 wins for today are 1-review and make a solid plan for success for both those weddings with Jeff (my partner), 2-scout out locations for shots for tomorrow’s wedding (1st time at a new local venue!), 3-mail out client products that arrived this week. Super excited to win the next few days!!!!

  25. Jessica GC

    My three things for today: Bake cupcakes for the 4th, sketch invites for JR’s 2nd birthday, give JR lots of snuggle time.

  26. Stephanie Stewart

    My 3 goals for today: Take 9 month photos of my baby boy! (Done!)
    Take photos of a stained glass window installation at our church this afternoon! And edit, edit, edit!

  27. Pam Butler

    I believe it was Tamara Lackey that talked about picking three things to accomplish each day when she was on Creative Live. When I remember to do it the day seems more stress free. Thanks for the reminder and I really need to buy some of these notes to help me stick with it. For today: * pick blueberries * make blueberry muffins from scratch *photograph an old tin building that I have been wanting to photograph for months

  28. Jolie Churchill

    This paper is so cute! OK, JUST 3 things huh?
    1. cull and edit family shoot
    2. Put together a blog post
    3.Make dinner

  29. Melissa

    I love this idea and it’s so simple, too, which makes it easy to do! Thank you for such great advice. The three things I want to make happen today are (1) finish reading a book, (2) take pictures of my son, and (3) prep for tomorrow’s dinner. Here’s to making these things happen!

  30. Jessica Higgs

    LOVE Lara Casey! :) My three things that I’m making happen today is:
    1) Get an A on my anatomy & physiology exam to continue in nursing school.
    2) Make my room more organized so I can spend less time cleaning and more time doing what matters.
    3) Put up my first for-sale item in my new Etsy shop!

  31. Kim J Martin

    I love that notepad, so cute!! Definitely a great visual way to win the day :) My 3 for today are 1) Blog my most recent wedding 2) Get date night gifts/welcome packets out to brides 3) Spend some time in the kitchen doing food prep so I’m ready to eat healthy for the rest of the week :)

  32. Lydia

    I love Lara Casey and her products! My three things: workout, reply to emails, and prep blog pictures.

  33. Terri

    3 things?! what a novel concept…accomplishing anything gives me the warm and fuzzies to accomplish more so I’m totally on board with this concept. (1) leave work on time :) (2) call appliance repair guy (3) stop all ‘other’ things by 7pm and spend time with my sweet family. :) You guys are an inspiration….thanks for sharing your life with us.

  34. Paige

    My three things: Go to Trader Joe’s, drink pink lemonade, and finish reading my book!

  35. Natalie McNichols

    ok…1. I will FINALLY get the clothes out of the dryer! 2. I will give my kids a hug before bedtime. 3. I will make a yummy family dinner.

  36. Sandra K

    1) Pick up birthday gift for upcoming party
    2) Scrub my kitchen floor
    3) Read to my kids

  37. Dallas

    Great post, Mary :) Three things I’m making happen today are 1)Travel from Toronto to Montreal 2) Finish editing an engagement shoot 3) Prep for this week’s three shoots!

  38. Jackie Lam

    oooh pretty paper! 1. Took the TOFL to teach English in Mexico; 2. Went to the church to ask when catechism starts; 3. Ate lunch so I can edit the rest of the afternoon! Love this contest!

  39. Justine

    2)Make a blog schedule
    3)Determine my business ‘why’ and start game planning to make my business what I want it to be

  40. Elizabeth N

    1. Get dinner prepared
    2. Rest
    3. Make a phone call I keep putting off

    Hope you are enjoying your trip.

  41. Mia Bjerring

    Edit a few photos, make dinner, read through and send my corrections for a friend’s story.

    Happy Wednesday!

  42. Christy

    1. Get a good workout in at the gym 2. Drink some Starbucks iced coffee – it’s what I look forward to on on my days off.
    3. Make a blog post!

  43. Bridget

    Thanks for the great advise.My three things I would like to accomplish for today 1. Write a blog post 2. Work on my new web site 3. Edit edit edit…

  44. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Love these! I’m a little late to the party, so my three goals for this holiday are to cull our engagement session from last night, step away from the computer and do something fun with the family, and make the perfect burger :)

  45. Becky

    I love that idea! 3 things to check off a list would make any girl happy! :)

  46. Courtney Cook

    Sooooo It didn’t say if there was a deadline, so hopefully I can sneak this one in because time management is my achilles heel …
    #1 Run in the Sun with my girls.
    #2 Finish processing and PASSing Allison & Derek’s wedding.
    #3 Wash windows.

  47. Caitlin Gerres

    Today’s big three are a wedding PASS gallery, a final details email, and celebrating my 2 year anniversary!

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