January 27, 2011

Winter Landscape

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’ve been outside shoveling for the past TWO hours. And let me tell you, Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels- they can’t even COMPARE to snow shoveling! I. Am. Exhausted. Phew! But despite the stinging cheeks and frozen fingers I have to admit, there is nothing like an arctic morning to set your mind at ease. I stood outside for a brief moment before I began to work and soaked it all in. It was so quiet the only thing I could hear was the whir of birds flying to and from the feeder. The sun was peeking through the trees and the fresh snow was bursting with light. And I stood, my breath suspended before me, in awe.

Is there anything so wonderous as freshly fallen snow?

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!


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  4. Heather Corporan

    The picture is gorgeous!!! But bah-hum-bug to the snow, the brown slippery icky snow. LOL We’ve had one too many snow days already, which means no school for the kids!

  5. mike

    I love how peaceful it is when it snows! That picture is really awesome!

  6. maggieb

    Glitz!…au naturale!…inspiration for man’s desire to capture the wonder of creation.

  7. ajira

    Hahaha! That confused me… I saw the post said ‘by Justin’ but when I read the text it seemed different from the way he usually writes… then it was signed &J2. That made more sense. Love that shot of the snow. Sounds bracingly beautiful.

  8. Michelle

    I had very similar feelings this morning as I stared at the driveway covered in over a foot of snow. It *was* pretty. Until I started shoveling it. 3 hours later, I’m flippin exhausted and ready to curl up on the couch under a heat blanket.

  9. GrandmaIna

    We had new snow today, too. We’ve had more so far this year than in any 3 years in the past! But is does look beautiful.

  10. Kare

    Um, yes – the sounds of waves crashing on shore. In fact, that trumps your wonderous freshly fallen snow. A lot. *not enjoying winter in Halifax, NS* :-)

  11. amanda thiessen

    so gorgeous!

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