February 12, 2010

Women and Business

Last night as we sat over our super glamorous whole wheat pancakes and hash brown potatoes at the Denny’s restaurant next to our hotel, my feet throbbed in time to the beat of a Jay-Z song in my head. Finally freed of the pressures of standing six hours in heels, each and every aching toe cried out in unison ” Who’s gonna run this town tonight?” My feet do pretty crazy things when they’re exhausted.

I collapsed into the side of Justin and rested my head on his puffer coat, as we split a fountain Coke. One glass. Two straws. We bantered wittily across the table with Julia G about world politics and celebrity gossip, as my eyes batted longer and longer blinks into blurs. Heavy eyelids… but not a heavy heart. Quite the opposite actually. It was a heart so full, in fact, that you would’ve sworn it had just gorged itself on super glamorous whole wheat pancakes and Denny’s hash brown potatoes.

Because we had just come from our Seattle Spread the Love. Where we met some of the most amazing women ever (don’t get me wrong, you fellas were really great too…but see this is a post about Women! ;) Women working 90 hour weeks and then coming home at night to run a business. Women who had just lost their day jobs and were now being tossed into the deep end of running a business on their own. Mothers. Wives. Daughters. People who hug the sick kids, kiss their tired husbands, stretch a dollar until it yelps…and then go and do the hard work at night to build their dreams while the rest of the world sleeps.

These are the Women in Business.

And I stand in awe of them. Of the miracles they accomplish on a daily basis. I honestly don’t know how they do it all.

My friend Davina is one such woman. Between a happy family, a husband who loves her more than anything, and a booming business….I have no idea how she does it all. And that in all that she still finds time to build other women up with her “Move it Mondays” and “Women and Business” series.

I am incredibly honored to say that I am being featured this week on “Women and Business” on Davina’s blog. Honored, but to be honest feeling pretty humbled. See, I don’t have kids. I don’t work a 90 hour day job. At most, I work magic tricks not yet miracles. :) And yet there I am. Because a woman who is in the business of building other women up allowed me to be.

Davina, I love you so much! Being friends with you is one of the great honors of my life. And it makes my heart feel full.

Like whole wheat pancakes and hash brown potatoes. Yea, full like that.

  1. Jil

    great interview Mary! such good advice :o)

  2. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Great job, Mary. Once again, thanks for being so honest and supportive!

  3. Kayla

    I loved the interview! Thank you for sharing so much!

  4. davina

    mary, You have such a beautiful way with words. You also have a way of making people feel lifted up, encouraged, believed in, and like they can do things they previously thought were impossible. You are a lovely and wonderful gift to so many women…so many people. Your reach has gone much farther than you realize. Thank you again for this post that makes me miss you more than ever…
    Love you, Davina

  5. Katie Brase

    Mary & Justin, THANK you for a GREAT evening in Seattle. I’m so thankful that I got to attend! I have taken so much away from it and can’t wait to share my learnings with my husband (over a nice dinner out – no kids or distractions – just time to really share). Thank you for inspiring me with great business savvy & marketing ideas. AND, thank you for backing up what I already felt …that it is okay to have boundaries. I feel even more confident with the truth that boundaries in this business are necessary. In fact, they are good -providing the highly coveted ‘balance’ I aim for. By having some boundaries I can lead a more prosperous life overall while being blessed with an even more fruitful business. (You know, sometimes you just need that extra person so say, "It is okay.")

    Hope to see you again! Wish I could have had a one on one time to pick your brains. Enjoy your time in my home state – Colorado.


  6. Macy R

    I left a comment on Davina’s blog, but wanted to tell you on your own blog that I really enjoyed the interview. And that a month later, the stuff I learned at the Boston Spread the Love is having a huge impact on the way I’m doing things and shaping my business.

  7. Joey

    OMG! That was an awesome interview with Davina! And YOU are amazing, how lucky am I to have you as my best friend? :)

    Miss you and Jus!

  8. Lisa H. Chang

    Congratulations ~ and you deserve it! You’re an encouragement to the rest of us!

  9. jenberry

    um, duh. you deserve it. no brainer. you rock

  10. Ray

    Congrats on being featured. You rock (as well as all those other women out there trying to make it)! ;o)

  11. Stef

    Congrats, Mary! You’re an inspiration to all us women out here!! xoxo

  12. fEuza

    thanks for the tribute to women Mary, made me cry, will check out Davina’s site

  13. cassandra m

    AWESOME….congrats on being featured. You rock!

  14. MM

    @Macy: You are so awesome!! Keep Rockin!

  15. Paola

    Totally inspirational! I sometimes wonder if I’m able to pull this off with a day job, being a good wife, raising my daughter & taking her to work during the daytime, and then coming home to edit, blog, etc.. this really lifted me up! Thank you for posting this!!

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