August 13, 2012

Work it, Lemme Work it

On wedding days, we kind of go into the….zone. We’re focused, we’re intense, we’re testing & re-testing….adjusting and adapting.

We’re always trying to stay three steps ahead of the game, anticipate the next thing that’s coming, and do it all while not becoming too much a part of the day.

But every now & then, we remember to look up & grab a few shots of each other in action.

So today we thought we’d give you a little behind the scenes peek into us, in the zone! :)

Happy Monday friends!!

And to kick off your week right, we thought we’d run another little contest! Just leave us a note in the box below & one lucky winner is going to win a $50 gift card to Adorama! And…GO!!

  1. Natalie Syverson

    Love the last shot. What a team!

  2. nadya

    cute! love behind the scene photos :)

  3. Lisa Ellen

    Great photos!!! I love taking behind the scene photos of my "boss" …

  4. jenn liang

    the photo with mary shooting the gucci perfume says "vogue" all over it :)

    nice behind the scenes!

  5. Ashley E

    I am pretty new to photography… But can I just say… I love you guys!!!

  6. Faye Bernoulli

    I love that black and white photo of you two!!

  7. Rachel Fox

    I love when we catch shots of each other in action. There have been some pretty hilarious moments during the ceremony when our ninja moves are in overdrive.

  8. Shannon Cronin

    Love the behind-the-scenes shots!
    Hugs from Boston :)

  9. Lea Ciceraro

    These are awesome, but my favorite is the very last one… Looks like you’re sneaking away for a quick cuddle. ;)

  10. Shea

    I love the last photo. The one with Justin’s hand on your back. so sweet…..

  11. Vanessa Chupp

    yay for contests! and photos of you guys in action! : )

  12. Tiffany Bolk

    Love that last photo, so sweet!

  13. Jenn Lawlor

    I LOVE when you post behind the scenes photos. :) And I’m always amazed to see you doing it all in dresses! Lol.

  14. feuza

    You guys are so fashionable! loved Julias head piece and must know where its from and her outfit too :-)

  15. Dede Edwards

    Good Morning fabulous peeps! Hope your weekend in Miami was awesome!

  16. ronnie

    I love the last photo!

  17. Janelle C.

    I love your behind the scenes images!!!! I really admire the way you two work together!

  18. Kasey Loftin

    I find when someone takes candids of me my facial expressions are ridiculous! But I do wish I had more in-action shots. Adorama is awesome by the way. Great prize! Happy Monday!

  19. Rachel Girouard

    Great getting to see the behind the scenes action!! =)

  20. sharon elizabeth

    that last picture is so sweet!!! miss ya’ll!

  21. jamie

    that last shot is the cutest

  22. Darlene Hall

    Cute stuff!

  23. Chelsea McGowan

    Just a little note to make you feel blessed to be back east… our bride moved her ceremony outdoors for this past Saturday’s wedding. In August. In Texas. It was above 100 degrees in a sunken garden with no moving air. I got legit heat stroke and passed out. So if there were behind-the-scenes pictures of McG from this past wedding, it’d be Mack rockin’ it through family portraits while I sat behind him on the grass with our assistant fanning me and pouring water down my face… fun, right???

  24. Jane

    I loved this post! Behind the scenes stuff is always fun to see!

  25. caitlin elizabeth

    that last photo is so sweet! *i appreciate your random music lyric references too ;) hehe

  26. Jami

    Like to actually see you guys in your zone! Thanks.

  27. Catie Ronquillo

    Now I have that Missy Elliott song in my head! ;) Lookin’ good!

  28. Ryan Kelly

    Action shots! I wish I looked that put together by the time the reception rolls around. Imma hot mess by then haha.

  29. Justine Cirullo

    you two are adorable! love this:)

  30. Heather

    Love seeing the behind the scenes images! Keep up the great work guys!!!

  31. Morgan Atkinson

    my husband and I do this as well only I end up with a lot of photos of him and he ends up with a lot of video of me. haha! It does make it all a little more fun to find those gems at the end of a wedding.

  32. Alisha

    Love your work! It’s always neat to see behind the scenes shots of how you get your images. :)

  33. katie yuen

    that last shot is my favorite. Love you guys!

  34. allison bennett

    you guys remind me of my husband and I at a wedding.. so cute in the last pic!

  35. Julia Mary

    Last one is my favorite — so cute!

  36. Abbey

    LOVE that last picture. Looks like the two of you are having a pow-wow session!

  37. Natasha

    Oh my gosh you guys are too cute :D Love the last one <3

  38. Charlotte

    Love how transparent you guys are. xoxo

  39. Cate Waters

    Love behind the scenes stuff, quick question — why do you have your hand up in that shot? Are you blocking light or something specific? Id love to learn, thanks!

  40. Molly Nickles

    I love the last one! So cute :)

  41. Ryan

    Love you guys!

  42. Marcie Stoffer

    Love the behind the scenes look! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Jessie Emeric

    Love the behind the scenes shots! We always forget to take those :/ thanks for sharing!

  44. Jessica Frey

    Fun! Love the intensity – and outfits, ooooolala. Wouldn’t work for us in the 108 degree heat we’re having this week! And I’ll echo everyone else, that last shot is precious :) Have a great week you guys!

  45. dawn beirnes

    you guys are so flippin’ awesome!

  46. Carrie

    I’ve just started second-shooting….’in the zone’ is so right. My brain (and feet) have never hurt so hard as after a long wedding day!

  47. amanda

    love your work! you both always look so put together on shoots! :)

  48. Shannon

    That last shot is adorable!

  49. Lelia

    What a beautiful last shot. :-) I love how well you work together. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  50. Alicia White

    You are all such an awesome and hardworking team!! xoxo!!

  51. Elizabeth

    Love this!!! Behind the scenes posts are so fun! :) You all are awesome!

  52. Stephen and Kristen

    Ah, watching the pros that we knows! Always great to see you strut your stuff. Cheers!

  53. Brandi Moore

    Love that last shot! Ryan and I always try to grab a couple shots shooting when we are working as well! Have a happy Monday!

  54. Jessica Rai

    I love behind the scenes shots, they tell your story as well as the bride’s :)

  55. Meg Ruth

    Love the sassy pose with the bride!

  56. Lara

    Love the one of Julia. (Her hair is so long!)

  57. aaron tokarz

    we all know how much the two of you love shooting weddings, it is evident in everything you do. but it is also really cool to SEE how much you love shooting weddings. thank you for letting all of us into your lives. thank you for being inspirations.

  58. Caitlin

    So fun! You guys are adorable + so inspiring.

  59. Emily K

    The last picture is definitely my favorite! I tried to convince my hubby into coming to weddings to assist me….but it got shot down pretty quick. How lucky you two are to be able to enjoy what you love together! :)

  60. Jordan Brittley

    Love love love the last photo. So sweet :)

  61. Sara d Harper

    Cute post!

  62. Julie Villarreal

    I just love your posts! Thanks for always sharing all you know. And you two are too cute!

  63. Jennifer P.

    Thanks for sharing with us! It’s always great to see how others work. I would love to win the Adorama gift card!
    :-) Have a blessed week.

  64. Jen Jar

    Holy moly, you guys need to post more behind the scenes pictures because they are awesome! I died laughing at the 2nd to last photo of Justin making that face. And look at you two love birds in the last photo…makes me smile :)

  65. Naomi Elle

    I like behind-the-scenes shots! :D

  66. rich

    love behind the scenes photos! awesome to see you all hard at work!

  67. Natalie McNichols

    Love you guys! Your talent is an inspiration to us all!

  68. Emily

    :) I like air fives, and this post deserves one. So…AIR FIVE! :)

  69. Spring McKenney

    that shot of Justin on the stairs is priceless.. that one should be on your wall somewhere in your house :)

  70. Spring McKenney

    that shot of Justin on the stairs is priceless.. that one should be on your wall somewhere in your house :)

  71. Sarajane Case

    The last one warms my heart!

  72. melodie

    These are so cute! I adore you guys and Mary, I love that you can use your skin as a natural reflector too ;)

  73. Cristal Veronica

    That last photo is precious.

  74. jennifer james

    Love the bts shots! Especially the last one of the two of you! :)

  75. Julie Munana

    You two are so cute…love the behind the Lens shots!

  76. nauheim

    I’m blessed to work with a primary shooter (I 2nd shoot) whom I respect and enjoy working alongside….what a difference it makes!

  77. Bethany McDonnell

    You two are so cute!

  78. Stephanie Stewart

    Awww, you two are so adorable! That last one is a favorite!

  79. Tricia

    I recognize that last one… And I like it! You’re so adorable!

  80. Rici

    I like the one of Justin on the stairs, but the last one of the 2 of you is just dawlin and sweeeeeeet!

  81. Rici

    I like the one of Justin on the stairs, but the last one of the 2 of you is just dawlin and sweeeeeeet!

  82. Laura Gordon

    Oh my gracious, love that last image!

  83. Erica Ewing

    In the zone, so true! Love the behind the scenes shots…esp J’s face coming down the stairs – haha!

  84. Emily

    Love the behind the scenes photos!

  85. Britani

    The last photo is perfect :)

  86. Pam Moan

    Sorry I am gonna steal a quote, but I think it stands true for the both of you.. :-)
    You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy.
    Bob Ross…
    So keep painting happy little clouds!

  87. Heather

    Fun post! I love the behind the scene shots! In your last shot… how do you keep all that gear safe while you’re running around shooting? I always only bring what I can carry, and even that gets really heavy after a few hours. I would love some advice. :)

  88. Evie Perez

    I love seeing behind the scenes pics. SUPER CUTE!!

  89. Lydia

    I love peeks into behind the scenes!

  90. Kimberly Chau

    J&M, you guys are adorbs! Love these images of you two on the job! So focused on #bringinghometheGOLD from every wedding!

  91. Emilia Jane

    Awww you all are so attractive!! Even while you work :-D I love it.

  92. MM

    @Cate: Great question! In that shot I was shooting the perfume with light coming in from behind (one of the very FEW cases where we would use backlighting rather than directional lighting because we want the light pouring through the glass…glass doesn’t look as good directionally). But the logo was metallic & opaque so the light wasn’t lighting it up. It turns out I’m Irish & lily white. :) So my arm makes a great natural reflector to bounce light back into the logo so I can light that up & focus in on it where I want to. Hope that helps! M:)

  93. René Tate


  94. Ashley B

    LOVE the last shot of the two of you! Great moment in the life of a photog couple!

  95. Heather H.

    LOVED seeing you guys working behind the scenes! Thank you for sharing with us! :)

  96. sonya verblaauw

    You guys are so cute as a team duo! Can’t wait to hang out with you both at Disney!!!!

  97. Lisa Keeney

    I love the last shot!

  98. Meghan Stewart

    3 years ago my photography mentor passed away after battling stage 4 metastatic melanoma. She was 29. After her passing I went searching for "behind the scenes" shots of her. Most had been deleted. NEVER again will a photograph of a fellow photographer that was taken as a test shot be deleted. Every moment is priceless. Now I own a good many silly pictures of my second shooters and myself. I always loving seeing these "outtakes" of you guys.

  99. Jackie Seus

    I have a jar by my bed filled with extra change that says, "J&M Photography for my future wedding." So you two better still be rockin’ your cameras five years from now. Otherwise, I’m just going to buy myself a lot of gumballs…

  100. Jackie Seus

    I have a jar by my bed filled with extra change that says, "J&M Photography for my future wedding." So you two better still be rockin’ your cameras five years from now. Otherwise, I’m just going to buy myself a whole lot of gumballs…

  101. Ashley Scobey

    Love this!! Especially that last one :)

  102. kara abbey

    i love when people post behind the scenes photos!! SO fun :D shows the world that ya’ll actually are humans behind those incredible images :P

  103. Karie Murray

    You two are so cute! I hope my husband and I look that cute when we are shooting a wedding! :)

  104. annette elliott

    Love this post! My favorite pic is the one of J& M standing together and what looks like M showing J the back of her camera. :)

  105. Eryn Kesler

    I love it so much, that you guys keep it real and show us the other side of the camera :)

  106. Sarah Wamuhiu

    Such cute photos. Behind the scenes shots are so cool. Hubby and I have been working on taking more of them when we are shooting :) Thanks for sharing

  107. Kristin S.

    These are fun with the last one just being adorable! ;) Hope you two have had time to breathe. Hugs!

  108. Melania

    You guys are too cute. :)

  109. Becky

    I really like seeing these pictures because I’m always curious what other photographers wear to weddings lol. Oh and the one of Justin on the stairs is great =)

  110. Gabrielle

    Thanks for sharing these! Have to chime in with everyone else and agree- the last shot is my favorite!

  111. Christy Tyler

    haha! I was just prepping a post similar to this for James and I – and I’m happy to know James isn’t the only one who makes crazy faces when I try to get a shot of him working! lol! :) And that last shot – so sweet! :)

  112. Grace

    I just love the final picture. So cute!

  113. Nadine

    THank you for sharing. You guys are a great team.

  114. Rachel McCloud

    I love seeing you guys at work :)

  115. Tasha Prescott-Wilson

    This is the tough part when mostly stuck solo shooting! Never any photos while working :(

  116. Ashley Cochrane

    LOVE that last photo!! And I love when my second shooter secretly grabs shots of me in action. These are so much fun :)

  117. Evonne & Darren

    Woohoo to another awesome husband and wife team! My favorite photo is the very last one when you both were looking at the photos in your camera. What a tender moment between the 2 of you, even if you were "working"! :)

  118. Jennifer Willard

    Thanks for the give away!!!! You guys are the best!!!

  119. stephanie

    love this post! Thank you for sharing!! I especially love the last photo! :)

  120. Jackie Lamas

    awe! I especially love the last image!

  121. Jamila

    Love the last image, :) Love it

  122. Scott

    Looks like you are having a great time, thanks for the give away!

  123. Kate

    Oh my that last image makes my heart smile. Beautiful moment.

  124. Michelle

    Love the last image!

  125. Rebecca

    Adorable! And thanks Mary and Julia for inspiring me to wear dresses on weddings days…Ive been converted!! xoxo

  126. Joel and Amber

    I love getting all those behind the scenes shots! We keep a collection of them for us to look back on :)

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