October 19, 2011

Work It

Happy Wednesday friends!!

We are back home and back at it. And for the next couple of weeks we will be hard at work wrapping up our season. This is the time of year when we park ourselves at our desks and don’t get up until every last item is checked off. And right about now our to do lists have to do lists.

But we will be putting our heads down and getting it done. Because in getting it done, it means that we carve out that time this winter for us to just rest and breathe and be. To recast the vision. To refill the tank. To make sure that we’re the ones driving the ship. And to dream bigger dreams than we’ve ever dreamed before. To give power to them. And to say out loud maybe for the very first time, this is what I want for my life.

Because that kind of dreaming is worth the work.

But until then as I tackle this mountain of to do’s one by one, I’ll just keep telling myself what I always tell my bridal parties: Work it, work it….Own it. Yea, you got this.

And stay tuned tomorrow as we bring you a little Pancake Session all about how we handle the bridal party shots. See… it all connects. :)

  1. Abby Grace

    I love that bridesmaid dress, second from the right. So cute!

  2. Kristin Nicole

    The end is in sight!!!

  3. Bethany Cox

    for some reason, this blog post made me tear up a little bit. i am completely in line with this line of thinking… Go you for putting it into words. Thank you.

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