March 7, 2013

Workshop Recap: Cocoa & Chanel

A couple weeks ago, twenty photographers from all over the country- Maine to Minnesota- gathered in New Haven for our most recent “Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M” workshop: Cocoa & Chanel. It’s never lost on me but for some reason this time it was especially apparent, what an honor it is to sit in a room full of fellow artists and talk about this thing that we do. And about this love that we share in common. As any alum will tell you, Walk Through is not your “surface” type of workshop….we go DEEP and right off the bat. We lead with the Why behind why we do what we do and push people to think about & defend the “how’s” that go along with it. It’s a great way to break the ice! :) But what is maybe the coolest thing for me, is how we all start out on Day 1 just trying to figure out each other’s names and by around midnight on Day 2, we’re all sitting around a crackling fire telling ghost stories like we’ve been friends for years. Over those 48 hours, we laugh together (trust me, I’m WAY funny! :) and cry together (which probably has something to do with why our classes are always about 18 women & 2 men! Ha!). And we talk about real life. And honestly, it’s hard to go through something as intense as those two days of Walk Through and not walk away feeling like you have 20 new friends. I am so grateful for that.

We were talking and we realized that this workshop was probably somewhere around our 25th Walk Through that we’ve done over the past 4 years. That just blows my mind! Ever since I was 18 and thought I would be a third grade teacher to being 25 and wanting to teach law school, teaching has always just been something that was in my blood. It’s the kind of thing that gets in there & sets your heart on fire. And I’ve since realized that giving other people light bulb moments is kind of like my crack! :) Once you feel that high, you just want it again and again. So I am so, so grateful to everyone of these 20 photographers turned friends (and the 24 classes that came before them) for allowing me to live that dream of teaching….and for enabling my addiction! :) :) I adore every one of you!

Without further ado….Cocoa & Chanel

Styling: the INCREDIBLY talented Sarah Goodwin of Daisies & Pearls Events
Blooms: See above!:)
Location: Chetstone (a phenomenal venue that is available for photography workshops & shoots! CT Photographers, check them out!)
Hair Piece: miracle workers with lace, Preston & Olivia
Beauty: genius with a makeup brush, Erin Infantino
Models: the supah HOT & beautiful Ashley Barnett Mitchell & Jeremy Mitchell
Photography: J&M

Goodies for our attendees! :)

  1. Kellie Penn

    AHHH!!! So beautiful! Ashley looks stunning! I hope to be able to attend one of these some day. Holy beautifulness!

  2. Katie Nesbitt

    Oh wow these are awesome!! Ashley, you are so beautiful!!! Gah!!!!

  3. Abby Grace

    These are SO BEAUTIFUL. Way to rock it out, Jeremy and Ashley!

  4. Alicia Sturdy

    So completely 100% grateful for this workshop, the people who attended (I am convinced specific people for a specific time – everyone was amazing!) And these images are mmm mmm mmm goodness. Thank you for the 48 hours of lovely beautiful chaos and joy!

  5. Alicia Sturdy

    Also, can I just say when I saw you announced the BHLDN as the next theme I instantly wanted to take it again! If you need help – I am your girl! I will make pizza and dice up Robusto all day and night and lensdrool over ever BHLDN item in sight.

  6. Sarah Goodwin

    My sincere gratitude for inviting me to style Cocoa & Chanel. Also for providing endless inspiration and knowledge. Seeing my creations through your camera is sheer delight. It was truly a pleasure.

  7. ashley barnett

    I’m sitting at a little coffee shop in the North End of Boston watching the snow fall and I am just overwhelmed with how THANKFUL I am to have you and Justin in our lives. Thank you for everything. We were so happy and honored to be a part of this and meet the attendees. We LOVE you guys and these images! I am seriously getting to live my dream of having every type of wedding I’ve ever wanted ;)

  8. Kari

    These images are so pretty!!! They are a beautiful couple!!

  9. Emily Davis

    OMG Mary! The No 5 table number is out of control! So elegant and matches the theme perfectly – – wish I would have thought of that for my own wedding! LOVE it.

  10. Joe Atkins

    I can’t THANK you two enough for everything we learned at this ws! Justin’s knowledge of lighting is immense and I swear he is one of the nicest guys Ive ever met.
    Mary you are so great at seeing the big picture and helping ppl build a map to get there, its awesome. Yes there were only 2 guys but everyone needs a good cry every now and again, I would never ; ) See you in Vegas!

  11. Jen Jar

    Stunning, stunning, stunning as usual! Miss you guys!

  12. Stephanie Messick

    AH! Can I PLEASE do this again?!?!!? My goodness J&M, I am SO grateful for you two! Thank you for everything you have shared, even if they were tears or laughs, I respect your teachings HIGHLY. You two have such incredible hearts and talents <3 Thank you!

  13. Jessica

    Love being able to relive this experience. It was such an amazing opportunity and you both such fantastic teachers. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful workshop!

  14. sharon elizabeth


  15. Amanda Truth

    Mary, it’s a good thing you love to teach, because you ROCK at it. J&M thank YOU for your sharing your amazing talents, knowledge, and opening your home up to 20 strangers-turned-friends. We all appreciate it (and you!) more than you will probably ever realize.

  16. Rachel McCloud

    So amazingly gorgeous and fun. beautiful work :)

  17. Katie Yuen

    ABSOLUTELY stunning! And what a milestone! Changing lives errryday! You’re so good at that :)

  18. Cindy Habel

    This is beautiful! I always look forward to seeing your workshop pictures….so so gorgeous!! xo

  19. Deborah Zoe

    these are absolutely gorg! so so gorg!

  20. Amanda Hedgepeth

    I loved this, and ONE day I will attend! And of course Jeremy looks ridiculously handsome and Ashley unbelievably beautiful. Love these images and all you do for the community. MUCH LOVE from VA BEACH! <3

  21. Mindy

    Love this wedding! Breathtaking

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