February 19, 2015


I can’t believe it, but this will be our seventh time speaking at WPPI! I still remember our very first time even going to this mammoth conference- it’s one of the largest photo conferences in the WORLD with around 15,000 attendees annually- and getting lost every single time we tried to go somewhere. Anywhere, really! And now we’ll be going back to give one of the big platform talks & taking the steps up to that stage for our seventh time. And you know what? I still get scared! Like really scared. Like wake up in the middle of the night, oh gosh we only have 10 more days kind of scared! And this year that has totally been multiplied x 10 because they gave us one of the really BIG rooms. Like the can’t see the back of the room, fits 1000 people kind of rooms. And I’m definitely having those nightmares where it’s just me & Justin sitting in that gigantic room all by ourselves.

So if you’re going to WPPI this year and you don’t have anywhere else to be say around 4pm on Monday, March 2nd…..we would LOVE it (and sooo appreciate it) if you would join us in Room 319-320 to give us some friendly faces in the audience! Hey, even if it’s just 10 of us hanging out that’s better than no one! We’ll order pizza, it will be great! :) If you want to add us to your pre-board schedule & WPPI calendar you can do that by heading over HERE! (Just click on “add to planner” next to our names)


This year our talk is called “10 Ways to Make Your Work Worth More” and I wanted to take a few minutes to describe what this talk is all about….and also what it’s NOT about! Maybe we should start with that second part. This will not one of those talks where we just jump on stage and talk about super high packages, name drop a few high profile clients, and talk about how YOU TOO (in our best game show voice) can charge a ton of money and people will just pay for it! :). While we’re at it, it’s also not about duping your clients into paying more with tricky sales tactics or just hiking up your prices before you’re ready on the chance that someone out there will pay for it. We’ve sat in those talks too…and the bottom line is, I’m not interested in impressing you with name drops of what we’ve done. I’m interested in whether we actually impact you & your ability to make this business work.

So the key focus here is on that word “Worth”….on actually making your work, your brand, and what your business stands for truly worth more, so that it does eventually command a higher, more sustainable price. When people come in and sit on our couch for mentoring, three of the BIGGEST problems that they are continually facing are this:

1) They did ok booking when they were first getting started and a really low price, but now they are terrified of raising their price even a little because they fear that all of their bookings will totally fall off. So they stay STUCK.

2) They get inquiry after inquiry where clients are just looking for a good deal and don’t care anything about them in particular because to those clients a photographer is a photographer is a photographer….eh, you’ll do. And they continue to lose bookings, even at a low price, because someone else that week just happened to be lower. And the race to the BOTTOM continues.

3) So they continue to give hours and days and weeks and YEARS of their life to this business, only to reach the end of another year, run the numbers, and realize they could have been making more taking a minimum wage day job. And all that time they spent away from their family for such little return makes them ask….is this working anymore? Is this WORTH it anymore?

This talk is for anyone who has ever felt stuck. For anyone who has ever felt the fear of daring to move even an inch forward, for fear that the bottom will fall out & they’ll lose a mile. This is for anyone who has ever been knocked so hard on their face by the realities of running this business that thought about just staying there. This is for anyone who wants this dream so bad that they can TASTE it, that they would do anything to fight for it….but it always, always seems just out of their reach.

This is a talk about 10 of the most common mistakes that those photographers who sit on our couch and all over the country (us included) make at one point or another in their business on everything from the website to the inquiry reply to their pricing to lighting & posing, and why they keep them stuck right where they are. AND…..what to do about it. Specific, tangible, step by step solutions to these mistakes. And the really cool part? Some of them can happen instantly as soon as you get home from the conference (or before you even leave)….and the difference will be totally game changing.

It’s the difference between actually making a real living and making a go of this thing you love….or spending another year stuck right where you are. We would LOVE to see you there!


AND….to make it a little more interesting (it’s about to crazy up in here!!)..we have partnered with some of our favorite companies to put together a GIVEAWAY that includes something we have NEVER done before….one lucky attendee to our class is going to win a YEAR of mentoring with us! 12 months from March to March with Justin & I as your personal business coaches to see the difference a year can really make. And to see if this time next year, we can get you to a place where your work is truly WORTH a whole lot more! And you can command the kind of clients who want you in particular.

In addition to to the year of mentoring with us, we’ve also put together a “Make Your Work Worth More” prize pack to help the winner make that happen that includes: a YEAR of Showit to get your new website up & running, a $1000 (ahem, ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR!!) gift card to Tonic and a personal brand consultation with Jennifer Olmstead & Jeff Shipley to help you hit the ground running with an updated brand, Profoto lighting gear, and some other fun prizes that we are going to keep announcing as the day gets closer! You don’t want to miss this!

So how do you enter? It’s really simple: get yourself to our Platform class on Monday, March 2nd at 4pm in Room 319-320! That’s it. Be in those seats. 

You HAVE to be present to win (no sending a friend there in your place!) and we will give you all the info on how we’re picking the winner once you’re there! We can’t wait to see you guys there….in like 10 days!! Ahh! And if you want to pre-board to guarantee a seat, remember you can do that by going HERE!

xo M:)

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    I will be there!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m becoming a J&M junkie… I’ll be there, too!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

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    LOL! @Sarah Bradshaw, I love it!!

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