August 16, 2011

WPPI Road Trip 2011 Columbus

My freshman year of college, I sat in a sea of blue & gold on bleachers hot enough to fry an egg on and watched Ohio State roll over my beloved Mountaineers.

And to be honest with you, I haven’t been much of a fan of anything coming out of Columbus, Ohio ever since.

But yesterday, as we stood in front of a sea of Columbus photographers-all smiling and pouring out their best hopes for us as we started into our marathon talk- I gotta say, that all started to change. Columbus you were….endearing. Soft spoken and unassuming and so incredibly welcoming. You filled that room with love and made us feel right at home. And you even let me call myself an honorary Buckeye without running me out of town. And I want you to know that I’ll never forget that. Ever.

Well, y’know, unless there happens to be another WVU fan within a twenty mile radius. And then I’ll deny it completely. :)

We had the BEST time hanging out with Vicki & Jed Taufer who were the hosts for the Columbus Road Trip. And two of the most real, refreshing and laugh until your face hurts hilarious people we’ve met in a loooong time. We adore you guys!

  1. Nancy Mitchell

    I am so bummed I had to miss this tour! I am sure it was AWESOME!

  2. Fong

    It was great to finally get to meet you both. Your session was aweinspiring; well worth the 3hour drive fm SE Indiana.
    As mentioned, I hope to share my success story with you soon! Hugs.

  3. sharon elizabeth

    hi, my name is mary – and i always look perfect… i would love to fly down to VA and style sharon every day!

  4. Gabby / En Route Photography

    Oh how I wish I could have listened to you live in action! Come to Europe!!!! ;D

  5. Emilia Jane

    I’m jealous of the Ohio attendees getting to see you all! I’m going tomorrow here in Chicago :-)

  6. ashley barnett

    You guys look great! Justin looks like he just face palmed something out of his way in that last picture! :)

  7. Mallory

    After our brief chat with Vicki and you and Justin, Justin and I said the same thing, about what real people you all seem to be, not at all inflated by the success and attention you receive. We enjoyed being a part of the conversation and look forward to connecting again sometime in the future!!

  8. Lydia

    Just have to say, Mary, you look gorgeous in that picture!

  9. priscilla joy

    So wonderful to meet you both! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words and for sharing your story with all of us! I will forever remember the story about your grandparents and the importance of their wedding photo–amazing. "It’s why we do what we do" :) XOXO

  10. Jennelle

    If you’re still in Columbus, grab some Columbus Brewery Apricot Ale. DELICIOUS! And the only other good thing to come out of Columbus…

  11. Jennifer

    So glad I got to attend the Columbus WPPI road trip! You were amazing and you reminded us all that a great photographer needs to bring both passion and compassion to every shoot.

  12. Jeremy Jackson

    I know it’s a little belated but it was wonderful to hear y’all speak here in Columbus and to chat with you briefly. Thanks for sharing your story!

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