September 16, 2011

Writing the Next Chapter

A couple of days ago, I was working at my desk when I heard a knock at the door. I listened as Justin’s soft footsteps made their way over and heard the latch click open. Voices came here and there as they floated through the wall, and I listened harder at what I assumed was the gentleman introducing himself. There were a few quick exchanges, Justin said things like yep, that’s still there and huh, no kidding!. And then just like that the man was gone.

As quickly as he had come into our lives, he was gone again.

I rounded the corner with eyes wide and said what on earth was that all about? As it turns out, the man’s grandfather used to own this house and he had spent all his summers here growing up as a kid. Back when Smoky Joe Wood of the 1914 Boston Red Sox lived next door. And would talk about what it was really like to play with Babe Ruth.

Huh. No kidding.

The next day we got an email with a couple of pictures of what the house used to look like, and an invitation on the back of one to the “good, old-fashioned, rowdy reunion and grand re-opening of the 1929 Grinold Summer House.” Guests were invited to stay over for the whole weekend for a Sunday swim and a bromo-seltzer. Whatever that is.

That night as we got ready to crawl into bed, pulling the giant overstuffed pillows off the top and tucking back the covers, I asked Justin if he ever thought one day someone might stumble across one of our Fourth of July evites printed out. Or find pictures of people playing badminton, and eating crab cakes and strawberry trifles. Or maybe it would be our holiday card, with garland and lights on the front. And then it hit me: we’re just one very short chapter in the long story that is this house’s life, huh? He smiled through tired eyes and flipped his pillow.

Yea, but y’know… I still like to think ours will be the best one.

And speaking of, I just want to take a second to thank all of you, honestly, from the bottom of our hearts for being here and sharing this chapter of our lives with us. After our post on Tuesday we got so many emails and notes from you guys, and it just blew me away. And I realized how much sweeter the good things are in life when you get to share them with friends. And how much lighter the burdens. So thank you guys for that. For being here. For caring. It counts. I can’t tell you how very much it counts. And I consider myself lucky to call you all friends.

  1. stephanie rita

    this is fantastic. isn’t it fun learning about history that directly relates to you? and those pictures are great!

  2. Stacey

    FANTASTIC! Love this so much, what a treat :-)

  3. elizabeth pellette

    that is just AWESOME

  4. Lara

    you know i love this!

  5. Gail

    I LOVE stories like this! And what an unexpected surprise at your doorstep!

    PS – Please tell you still have that gorgeous front porch? I could see it being a perfect spot for a swing and a book!

  6. Aliy

    I love old houses with history. You can’t help but feel like the house has a story to tell and could fill a whole book with its experiences.

    Thats really cool that someone came into your life that was able to help fill in some of the pages

  7. MM

    @Gail: We totally do! You’ll have to come visit and sit on it with us for a while!

  8. Sindy

    This is the coolest thing EVER. Awesome :)

  9. lisa cour

    Owning a 1895 home (and being just the 3rd owners!) keeps me very aware of "those who have gone before us". Like you, I can’t help but think that we are writing the best story with our little family of five. And its also humbling to know that we are a very brief chapter in all of this.

  10. Jen O

    Oh, man. That’s so cool. How neat to see your home back in the day – So rare to see the interior! And the invite! It makes you ponder about life and how some things really don’t change. Sounds like you’re making the very best memories there :)

  11. Stephanie Stewart

    Wow! That is so cool! I love that invitation! And the photos of your beautiful home, just waiting for you to start your chapter there…very cool. You’ll have to find out what a Bromo-seltzer is!

  12. Caitlin

    I’ve been reading you nearly every day since 2009 and, this is going to be a bold statement, this might be my favorite post. OK, I know I’ll have a new favorite soon, but I got actual chills when I read this: "And then it hit me: we’re just one very short chapter in the long story that is this house’s life". Whew. This is incredible. I love the handwriting and the invite on the back of the photo.

  13. ellie

    That is so cool! Great post.

  14. Abby Grace

    I love finding things like this! Anything with a date. I out the date on EVERYTHING I write, especially letters.

    You guys are awesome. I love your blog, and I love to see your personalities unravel on your website. :)

  15. ashley barnett

    SO COOL. I have a big fascination with old houses and the history behind them. Our apartment is in an old furniture warehouse and I’ve been trying to find pictures of what it looked like before :)

  16. Julia R

    So cool to discover a bit of your home’s history! Great photos!

  17. Nancy Mitchell

    LOVE you girl! What a great post.

  18. Suzy G

    Oh what a wonderful thing. Love it. Sometimes we never think about the lives that came before us or the ones that may come after. How wonderful you could get a little piece of history that was so meaningful.

  19. Christa Hann

    Why do your posts like this make me tear up!?!? Eeesh …I need to have this baby soon. The hormones are killing me….LOL :) Love the story about your house and love your own chapter of it even more.

  20. Gabby / En Route Photography

    That is seriously cool!!! I hope one day I´ll have a house and a visitor just like that! I´d love to see the picture of how the house is today! ;)

  21. Emily Heizer, Photography with Flair

    That is so fun! I love little bits of history like that! And BTW, my mother SOOOO did that to someone once. LOL She banged on the door of her childhood home, asked to walk around, and did just that. But she took her time staring at the lightswitches and doorknobs. She had a dream about them I guess. Random, eh?

  22. jeramy

    i love this!

  23. Kristin S.

    That is so cool.

  24. LeolaK

    Wow…that’s awesome! Very very awesome!

  25. Cathy Crawley

    That is so cool!

  26. Brooke Summer Photography

    I love finding the history of things that are close to us… or people. :)

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