January 20, 2015

Yale Engagement Shoot: Ariana & Ron

Happy Tuesday friends!!

Today we are SO excited to share with you our first engagement shoot of 2015, and MAN what an amazing way to kick off the year! We got together with Ariana & Ron this past weekend to hang out, do their shoot around the the Yale campus, and finish up with some hand crafted mixology at the super fun 116 Crown.

From the first second these guys walked in the door, we just adored both of them! They are so cool and laid back, and we instantly had so much in common like our mutual love of crime shows! Not to mention that they have impeccable classic style, like the coat that she wore that belonged to her mom and his Burberry overcoat!

These two got engaged while they were on a trip to Paris, and Ron timed getting down on one knee perfectly with when the Eiffel Tower lit up that night. How amazing is that? So we’re already making plans to go back over there with them for an anniversary shoot someday! :) But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Because first we’ll have the HUGE honor of documenting their multiple day wedding in New York & Vermont this July. And judging by what we’ve already heard, it is going to be an INCREDIBLE couple of days! Until then, here are just a few of our favorites from the shoot!

Ari & Ron, you guys are amazing! We LOVED hanging out with you & we can’t wait for the BIG day(s)!!
So much love,

  1. Karena Dixon

    Her coat. His shoes. The location. Stunning couple. Impeccable work, as always.

  2. Michele Ashley

    Ummm, gorgeous!!! The portraits of Ari are stunning. These two must be thrilled with the photos!!!

  3. Luke Neumayr

    So good! So, so, so good!

  4. Jennifer

    What a beautiful classy series. Love the black and whites!

  5. Rici

    Gah! So goegeous! Especially her eye-lashes <3

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