October 4, 2016

Yale Engagement Shoot: Jess & Dan


Happy Tuesday friends! This is going to be an extra fun day here on the blog, and that’s because today we are sharing the retro-inspired Yale engagement shoot of Jess & Dan! Ohhh these two….add in the classic 1940s vibe that Jess absolutely rocked (can we TALK about that sparkly dress and those pin curls!) and how sharp Dan (a brother of one of our amazing past J&M Grooms, Matt!) looked in his suits, plus one graduate student Yale bar  where these guys first met (Gryphon’s Pup)….and this was pretty much the makings of a super iconic J&M engagement shoot!

We LOVED getting to try something a little different (spending most of the shoot inside the bar) and getting to rock some editorial light on an engagement shoot…something we haven’t gotten to do in a while! But most of all we just loved meeting & hanging out with these two, and then getting to grab burgers at Prime 16 after! We say it all the time that we have the BEST couples on the planet, and these two are the perfect example of that….we just adore them! And now we can’t WAIT for the big day next year! Here are just a FEW of our faves! :)


yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_002 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_003 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_004 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_005 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_006 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_007 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_008 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_009 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_010 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_011 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_012 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_013 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_014 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_015 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_016 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_017 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_018 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_019 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_020 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_021 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_022 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_023 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_024 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_025 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_026 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_027 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_028 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_029 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_030 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_031 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_032 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_033 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_034 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_035 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_036 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_037 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_038 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_039 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_040 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_041 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_042 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_043 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_044 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_045 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_046 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_047 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_048 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_049 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_050 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_051 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_052 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_053 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_054 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_055 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_056 yale_engagement_justin_mary_photo_057

  1. Brynley

    Oh. My. WORD. You guys!! This is AMAZING!!!

  2. spring

    that second to last shot- made me gasp… out load… wow!

  3. Abby Springmann

    Oh I LOVE this session so much! She is absolutely stunning and TOTALLY killed that 40’s look. This is gorgeous!

  4. jamie

    Always so in love with your black and white photography! It fits all of your couple so well!

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