July 1, 2018

You Can Spend Your Whole Life Chasing Currents

One of the bravest things you’ll ever do is to set out on your own and chart a brand new course. To gaze off in the opposite direction of where everyone else is always running to so fast… and allow yourself the quiet and wonder of a solid, silent minute to go curiously and willfully wherever which way the wind draws you… calls you… beckons you home.

You can spend your whole life chasing currents, you can spend your whole life chasing trends. You can wish away your sails and long to be something faster.

You can chug along somehow always in last place in a race you never signed up for, wondering why you can never seem to pick up speed. Or you can turn around, lift your determined face to the light, strike out boldly for a brand new horizon. And realize that the second you are willing to turn away from what everyone else is chasing… that last place position suddenly puts you first in line for exactly what God has planned for you.

It’s a big ocean. There is more than enough wind for everybody. And the most beautiful vessels, the kind people will remember? You’ll know them when you see them out there doing exactly what they were created to do.

Mary Marantz

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