December 13, 2013

You Can Walk Instead of Run

I know what it is to work twelve and fourteen hour days.

I know what it is to stare at your computer so long that your eyes go bleary and you think your fingertips might just fuse to the qwerty keyboard beneath them.

I know what it is to answer fifty emails just to have one HUNDRED and fifty come in to replace them. Like the never ending army of the underworld in that Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser. I know what it is to mark item after item off your to do list only to have five more things come in to replace every one of them on the back end. So that it feels like you’re not even making a dent in the mountain that’s before you.

I know what it is to feel like you’re not making any progress. To feel stuck. To feel static. To feel like throwing up your arms and giving up altogether.

I know what it is when taking a shower and changing out of those yoga pants suddenly qualifies as “me” time. And that how, here on the eves of December, it can feel like the whole world has switched into “take” mode, when you just aren’t sure you have any more pieces of you left to give.

I’ve been there too. And I know what you’re going through.

So listen to me now. Put down that spreadsheet. Step away from that color coded to do list, the one with the matching sticky notes. And take a deep breath with me.

Because, you & me? We’re going to be alright.

It WILL be ok. And it WILL all get done. Step by step.

Maybe not at a sprint’s pace. No, this is not the time for setting speed records. And maybe we won’t be running across the finish line with our fists held high over our heads like Rocky renewing his library card. Because what we’re in here is a marathon. A triathlon. An Iron Man decathlon. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll end up crawling our way across the finish line. But we’ll get there nonetheless.

Because this race is one that’s all about endurance. About continuing to put one foot in front of the other. And celebrating the not so small fact that no matter how labored, no matter how slow….you & me, we are covering ground.

That piece by piece, step by step we are going to get there. Wherever it is we’re going.

And in the end what we’ll find, is that the journey was a lot less daunting knowing that we had some friends along to walk beside us.

Walk on friends,

**And speaking of moving forward, we can’t WAIT to share this Miami wedding with all of you on Monday. But until then, enjoy my new favorite song of the moment, “Compass” by Lady Antebellum. The lyrics say, “You want to give up cause it’s dark. We’re really not that far apart. So let your heart sweetheart be your compass when you’re lost. And you should follow it wherever it may go. When it’s all said and done you can walk instead of run. ‘Cause no matter what you’ll never be alone. Never be alone.”

  1. Sarah Nickerson

    Thank you for this, truly.

  2. Getting 2 I Do

    A wonderful reminder as we try to sprint into the weekend. Too often we forget to slow down. I often sometimes find just looking at photographs can help to slow down and be within a "moment". Love your work.

  3. Meagan

    Needed this today. So much. Wondering, questioning whether I should even be in this place has consumed more of my mental space than I care to admit. But you’re so right, its not a sprint, its not a 15-min push to the promised land – its a painfully long twisting, winding road that no one tells you contains more bumps than vistas & more dark nights than shiny sunsets. I’m so thankful for your vulnerability, your rawness. Its what drew me to you & has kept me coming back. Thank you.

  4. Rici

    This is such an incredible reminder! I had no-one e-ver tell me, you can walk instead of run/hurry/rush. SO good! Thank you!
    Have the most lovely weekend!
    ~ Saluti!

  5. Monika Eisenbart

    THank you fro sharing. I so needed to hear this today. and I love this song.

  6. ashley goodwin

    love love love love.

  7. James

    Thanks for this, I need these kind of reminders now and then.

  8. René Tate

    Now this, this I need to hear. It’s okay to crawl across, huh? *sigh*

  9. Carissa

    Yeah… Needed this. Thank you <3

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