October 20, 2010

You Did That

When we announced the F Stop Breast Cancer auction a few days ago, I asked you to impress me.

And you did that….BIG time.

I got my competitiveness on and put out a call to have us go as the highest bidding auction. :)

And you did that.


You spread the word. You placed a bid. You sent out good vibes. And most importantly your raised a ton of money for a really great cause.

Because it’s not really about us. We all know that. It’s about the good that we’re all doing. Together. All of the mentors, and all of the people who bid on them. Together we did something pretty phenomenal. And I am absolutely BLOWN away by the generous hearts in this industry.

I challenged you, and you stepped up far beyond anything I could have imagined and challenged me right back. So thank you. From the very, very bottom of my heart. Thank you. I am truly blown away.

And you did that.

PS: we don’t know who our winner was yet, so drop us a note and let us know! So we can thank you personally.

  1. trent

    the winner has no idea how valuable those 60 minutes will be with y’all. spending a day with you two at the workshop was probably the most valuable use of my time thus far.

  2. Dede Edwards

    I was so close to being the winner, but was out bid in the last 20 seconds! You guys Rock!

  3. Spring

    Dede- i know the feeling I was bidding staying on top for a while but the last hour i had to be somewhere else and knew i’d loose it. Congrats whoever won!!!! :)

  4. Diane Birdwell

    I’m Lydia’s mom and I just wanted to send a huge thank you for your donation. You rock!

  5. jeramy

    excellent! amazing!

  6. Christa


  7. Kate Nesi

    Wow, this is an incredible idea! What great support you received for it as well :)

  8. Rebecca

    Not sure if you’ll see this so long after the post but I got the auction prize as a Christmas gift from my husband – no idea what I’m supposed to do to set it up with you! Would love to hear from you guys – I’m so excited to make the most of this opportunity. I got started in weddings by accident this past year and have so much to learn. Thank you!

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