October 6, 2010

You Might Be Too Busy If…

It’s like when you go to pick up your dry cleaning, and they tell you you dropped it off in May……and it’s now October.

You might be too busy.

Or when you plan to take a picture of said dry cleaning for awesome blogging purposes, but opt to just use not-so awesome clip art instead.

You might be too busy.

So tell me, what are your favorite signs that you might be too busy. Go on, make me laugh. I need it today! :)

  1. Kristin Conk

    You might be too busy if you take your daughters 10 year old birthday pictures when she’s 11!!

  2. Amy Clifton

    I have had a comforter at the dry cleaners since June. I hope they still have it! If not, it’s probably time to redecorate anyway. :-)

  3. spring

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. love clip art.

  4. Grandma Ina

    I thought I was too busy the day I arrived with my covered dish at 6PM for a 4 o’clock pot luck supper–after all the food was gone!

  5. Jessie Emeric

    you might be too busy if you decide buying new socks is easier than having to do laundry!

  6. Kristin Guynn

    You might be to busy if…..haha, just kidding I’m not busy!

    I do have a suggestion, go to Starbucks, get yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte, find a good book and sit on your porch and read it! A little down town is good for everyone once in a while!

  7. Amy Dawson

    I did this exact same thing reference the dry cleaner ! Brought in my nice wool trench style coat for a cleaning in April, totally forgot it was there, went to put it on last week cause Oct’s chill has hit the Pacific NW (Seattle!! :) and ummm, where was my coat ? I paniced…raced to dry cleaners and it was THREE DAYS from being thrown in the trash !! I said "hello ? Why didn’t anyone call me?" Know what they said ? "It’s not their job to remind me of my pick up duties" !!!!!! I got my coat, and left with my tail between my legs… but ya know what ? I can laugh about this now, cause really .. like picking up dry cleaning is a priority in my life… my family, my job and my health are, soooooooooo there mr.dry cleaner!!!

  8. Kristin

    ….if you haven’t gotten your thank you gift to your photographers over a month after the wedding/a year after your gtky!!! (it’s in the works we promise!) hehe love you guys

  9. Kristin

    and b/c you said you need a laugh…. if you stop to buy underwear because laundry just takes way too long (true story. sad, but true!)

  10. maggieb

    You might be too busy if you buy the special perfect anniversary card for your husband 3 months early and find it 3 weeks late!

  11. Caitlin

    you might be too busy if the movie Date Night you rented on netflix for date night three weeks ago is still sitting unopened on the tv stand! Good luck tomorrow!

  12. Ali Green

    Your air conditioner is still sitting in the window, but you are lighting the fireplace at night.

  13. linda kuo

    the tumbleweed fur balls rolling around my house. The grand torino DVD from netflix unopened from 6 months ago. Just sent in our taxes at the 11th hr of the extension deadline!!

  14. Chelsea McGowan

    You might be too busy if your son calls the name of ALL FOUR OF HIS GRANDPARENTS before he finally settles on "Mom". Sad, but true.

  15. jackie g. photog

    my own wedding dress was hanging in our garage from May to December…waiting to go to the cleaner after my TTD session!

  16. Amy Clifton

    I have to post twice, b/c this actually happened this evening…. You might be too busy if you kick your shoes off at work to be comfy, and then you rush out the door to meet a friend for dinner…barefoot.

  17. Lacy Dagerath

    hahahah!! LOVE IT! LOL You can look on the bright side…. Now you have a whole new wardrobe because Its like you went SHOPPING for FREE!! ;) LOL
    You might be too busy when you promise yourself a pedicure when you "have more time"…and then you just have ugly toes because really…. WHO HAS MORE TIME?!! :P love you guys!

  18. Rebecca Timberlake

    You might be too busy if…cooking dinner is reduced to popping a bag of Lean Cuisine in the microwave because 1. it only takes 5 min. to cook 2. clean-up takes approx 10 seconds.

  19. Cathy

    I was just at the cleaners last week…and they pulled an item from LAST OCTOBER! Talk about too busy? (Or forgetful, ahem?!)

  20. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    when you put your underwear on inside out. No joke.

  21. Michelle

    You might be too busy if…you never have time to iron your clothes in the morning, so you throw on something wrinkled, and then when you get to work, complain about how the subway ride over must’ve made your skirt/jacket/shirt SOOO wrinkly!

  22. Heather Corporan

    You might be too busy if you have to re-wash your wash . . .FIVE times, because you keep leaving it sitting in the washer – only to get musty, and need another cycle to rinse the musty out. And then, re-dry it 3 times in the dryer, since the clothes are now oober wrinkled, from sitting in the dryer, looong after being initially dried LMBO. This seems like a perpetual ‘cycle’ if you will, in my house. Hmmm, maybe I should get off the computer and check the laundry lol. ; )

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